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New York Fashion Week color trends for fall 2020

Cho Cheng fall/winter 2020/21 New York Fashion Week

Pantone has released the top ten colors, and top four neutral hues, for the fall/winter 2020/21 season straight from the runways of New York! They are vivid, happy, and uplifting. Three cheers for a bright fall season!

The fall/winter 2020/21 season is returning to simplicity. As trends move towards a more sustainable fashion industry, and consumers look to a more minimalist lifestyle, the color trends for the fall season have moved towards simple, common hues which you could easily find in the least expensive crayon box.

While brighter hues may not instantly scream “minimal” to you, they are being simplistic through their uncomplicated pigmentation, and easy-to-identify shades. This is a clean, and easy, color palette to incorporate into any wardrobe. You may even find you already own many of these colors! Love that!

Top ten color trends from New York Fashion Week fall/winter 2020/21
Top four neutral colors from New York Fashion Week fall/winter 2020/21

While not listed as a top ten color, fuschia and bright pink were also spotted frequently on the runways for the fall/winter 2020/21 season at New York Fashion Week. Designers such as Cho Cheng, Ulla Johnson, and Self-Portrait, showed this happy and bright hue in their collections.

Without further ado, here are a few examples of the top colors on the runways of New York! I included the bright pink, because I kind-of love it!!

What do you think of the new fall 2020 color palette from New York Fashion Week? Do you have a favorite hue? Mine, of course, is blue!

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Carolina Herrera NYFW FW20

Climbing rocks and keeping cozy

casual winter outfit idea how to wear faux fur casual winter outfit
chloe kurtis purple
winter outfit idea

Wearing: bold green earrings (on major sale!) / MAC Lipstick / blue and navy scarf / faux fur striped jacket (on major sale!) / Chloe Kurtis / black long sleeve tee / gold sculptured ring / Diorific Golden nail polish / black flare jeans (old, similar here) / cozy heeled booties (on major sale!)

Earlier in the month, we took a mini family vacation to the Lake Tahoe area. It was our first foray of the season into winter temperatures which felt crisp, cool, and fun! Despite the lack of snow to play in, we did find some ways to enjoy the outdoors, sans powder.

We decided to have a fun outside play day! Despite the 40 degree temps, we spent time at King’s Beach on Lake Tahoe. We took a walk along the beach, enjoyed the view from the pier, and then found some rocks to play on. A pile of rocks, plus my kids, equaled an hour of fun! My husband and I even joined in and climbed the rocks. It is amazing how a few boulders can create a fun time.

We took these pictures throughout the day as we enjoyed King’s Beach, followed by lunch at Jake’s on the Beach. After lunch we rested at the cabin and then headed to downtown Truckee where we walked around. The kids found an outdoor, giant chess set where my son and middle daughter engaged in a fierce game of chess. When my son’s Queen was compromised, the game got really tense and we had to speed the kids up! You know how siblings can get in times of competition! Yikes! Sooooo. . .on that note, we headed over to Jax Truckee Diner where I enjoyed lobster and crab macaroni and cheese (oh yes, it was fabulous and worth every calorie!). All of us enjoyed our food, it was a fun night!

This warm and cozy, faux fur jacket was perfect throughout the day. It was really comfortable to wear, and kept me warm. It was also easy to climb rocks in! Imagine that! haha If you are looking for a fun and cozy jacket this winter season, definitely check it out, on sale, online here.

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