Tom Ford Blackout nail polish review

tom ford blackout nail polish holidays 2015 tom ford blackout nail polish review

Pictured: Tom Ford Blackout nail polish. Both photos taken during morning golden hour. Top photo taken in direct sun, bottom photo taken in the shade.

Tom Ford Blackout is a fabulous new nail polish color from Tom Ford for the winter, and holiday season. This edgy hue is not your average, flat black color! Noooooo, Tom Ford upped the black nail polish game by adding sparkles, and dimension to Blackout. The result is fabulous!

Tom Ford Blackout nail polish is a cream polish, littered with millions of dazzling sparkles. The sparkles are a cool, subtle silver, and they add dimension to the black hue. This makes Blackout a must-have in anyone’s nail polish wardrobe. After all, black is a edgy yet neutral version of classic nail polish.

Throughout the years, black nail polish has drifted in and out of fashion. Although it has it’s popular moments, black nail polish is a classic color which is considered both neutral, and cutting-edge. This makes it an easy shade to wear with any color palette, in any season.

Blackout by Tom Ford is an excellent black nail polish to own. I have noticed Tom Ford nail polish has a strong shelf life. His polish maintains it’s texture, color, and composition while sitting on a shelf, for an extended period of time. One of my pet peeves is when a nail polish has been sitting on a shelf for six months, and it goes bad! Tom Ford does not. It maintains a long life, which is nothing short of fabulous!

I tested out Tom Ford Blackout nail polish with one base coat, two coats of color, and one coat of top coat. The polish applied evenly, without streaking. It also lasted  a full week without chipping. Love that!

I have fallen in love with Tom Ford Blackout nail polish, and I look forward to wearing it throughout the winter 2016, and holiday 2015 seasons!

Tom Ford Blackout nail polish can be found online here.

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