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Tom Ford Viper nail polish for fall 2015

tom ford fall 2015 nail polish

Pictured: Tom Ford Viper nail polish for fall 2015

Tom Ford nail polish is one of my favorite nail lacquers. It is long lasting, and comes in the most amazing colors. So when Tom Ford released his fall 2015 beauty collection, I had to get my hands on his fall 2015 nail polish color, Tom Ford Viper.

Tom Ford Viper nail polish appeared to be a deep, dark purple when I looked at it in the bottle. When I began applying the first coat, Viper by Tom Ford took on more of a deep, pinkish burgundy hue. A chameleon nail hue! Love that!

I applied one base coat, two coats of color, and one top coat. I have noticed that Tom Ford Viper nail polish looks like burgundy in artificial light. In the sunlight, it has more of a purplish-burgundy hybrid look, and under florescent lighting, it has a dark, pinkish purple look. Very cool 😉

Tom Ford nail polish is very strong. It is chip-resistant and scratch-resistant. I was able to wear Tom Ford Viper for eight days before removing it. I removed it because my nails grew and I don’t like the look of growing out nails.

I have to credit my favorite top coat for helping this nail polish last so long. You can shop it here, or read my review here.

With Marsala as the color of 2015, nail polish hues which blend well with shades of red, burgundy, and traditional autumn hues, are the ideal colors for nails. Tom Ford Viper nail polish fits this bill with it’s burgundy and purple undertones. Love that!

Tom Ford Viper nail polish will also transition well into the winter season. The winter season has the same color palette as the fall season; with the exception of the holiday season which will feature more bright red than the rest of winter. Tom Ford Viper will blend perfectly with the holiday red’s, and winter’s shades of red, neutrals, and winter whites.

To shop Tom Ford Viper nail polish, please click here, here or here.

Tom Ford Dominatrix nail polish review

tom ford dominatrix nail polish review

Pictured: Tom Ford Dominatrix nail polish

Tom Ford’s line of nail polishes are high quality, long lasting, and offer fresh colors not seen from other nail polish brands. Since I first fell in love with Tom Ford’s “Black Jade” for spring 2015, I was eager to test out another one of Tom Ford’s fabulous nail polish hues. I found “Dominatrix” in his line-up and instantly fell in love with the shimmering purple hue in the bottle; a must try!

Dominatrix by Tom Ford is a beautiful, medium hued purple nail polish with fabulous sparkles. The nail polish shimmers; picking up light both from the sun, and indoor lighting. Love that!

I tested out Tom Ford’s Dominatrix nail polish with two coats of color, one base coat, and no top coat. Tom Ford’s nail polish is long lasting, and did not chip, for seven days! Talk about fabulous 😉

Dominatrix is the perfect purple for both the summer season, and the upcoming fall season. The color blends perfectly with summer’s “shades of blue” trend and also works as a classic purple for the autumn season. Love that!

I have fallen in love with Tom Ford’s nail polish, and look forward to trying out more colors from his nail polish portfolio in the future. To shop Tom Ford’s Dominatrix, please click here or here.

Tom Ford Black Jade nail polish for spring 2015 review

tom ford black jade nail polish review spring 2015

Pictured: Tom Ford Black Jade nail polish for spring 2015. Picture taken during golden hour. Shown with one base coat, three coats of color, no top coat.

Nail polish for spring 2015 has a dark side; and it is Tom Ford’s Black Jade nail polish hue. This deep, dark, sparkling forest green will trick you into thinking it is a fall color. Yet, when set against spring colors for 2015, Tom Ford Black Jade nail polish compliments the spring 2015 color palette by adding an unexpected feeling to any ensemble. Love that!

This was my first Tom Ford nail polish purchase. I have one lipstick by him, which I love, so I decided I should test out Tom Ford’s nail polish. I love it! The application brush was easy to use and the nail polish went on smooth. The dark nature of Black Jade soon made me realize the nail polish needed three coats for full coverage. With three coats, Tom Ford Black Jade offers streak-free coverage and a slight sparkle underneath the deep, dark color of the polish. It is definitely fabulous.

I tested out Tom Ford Black Jade nail polish with one base coat, three coats of color, and no top coat. I did receive one chip within twenty four hours, but the chip was small; although surprising. I continued to wear the nail polish and it did not receive any additional chips for seven days. I had to take it off when my nail growth was starting to show on my nail beds.

Tom Ford has a large selection of colors, and for spring 2015, he also has a beautiful blue hue named Indigo Night. I am looking forward to trying out more Tom Ford nail polish colors in the future. For spring 2015, I am thrilled with Black Jade!

Tom Ford Black Jade nail polish, and his spring 2015 nail polish collection, can be found online here, here, and here.