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Wearing: sunglasses / sparkling earrings (use code BayArea15 to save 15% off site-wide) / grey scarf / black top / G buckle belt / small ivory bag / fall nail polish / dark wash jeans / water resistant boots c/o Sperry /

I love these chilly temperatures, because it means I can snuggle up in these winter boots! The faux fur is super soft, and they have great foot support; something I need after my hip injury. I also love that these boots are water resistant. Love!

Have you stood in line for ramen? If not, you might not realize what you are missing out on! There is a ramen restaurant at Valley Fair, in San Jose, named Ramen Nagi, which has a consistent half-hour to forty-five minute line to wait for seating. They do not offer to-go, so if you want to enjoy their yummy ramen, you need to be prepared to stand in line for it; trust me, it’s worth it.

ramen nagi valley fair san jose

The menu is really simple, there are four ramen flavors, and then you can customize your ramen bowl. Normally I order the “Original King” ramen which is a classic broth, but this time, I decided to venture out and try the green ramen, which is a basil broth. It was a fun choice! I felt like I was eating an Italian-Japanese fusion bowl of ramen. Two delicious cuisines! Yummy! If you haven’t tried Ramen Nagi yet, I highly recommend going during the week and wearing comfortable shoes. These boots were perfect, by the way.

It was really fun to be able to enjoy the new holiday decorations around the mall, and indulge in a yummy bowl of ramen. This is such a fun time of year to shop! Although, the only thing I purchased was ramen, haha.

Are there any restaurants you are willing to stand in line for? If so, please share in the comments below! I have always found that if everyone is trying to get in somewhere, there is a reason; it must be good!

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BAF Weekly IT List

summer street style trends handbags shoes nail polish clothing

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: Puff sleeve tee (under $50) / sparkling red nail polish / sparkling summer nail polish / sparkling golden summer nail polish / white drop earrings / summer knit top / basket bag (IT bag under $500) / yellow puffy slides / IT bag of 2021 /

Is it really June already? Where does the time go? Now that the summer season has kicked off, we are all ensuring our summer wardrobes are set! Of course, the calendar summer season will not begin until June 20.

The easiest way to get your wardrobe summer-ready is through nail polish! It’s under $50, and so easy to apply at home. While this sparkling red hue from spring is still wildly popular, these neutral hues inspired by desert sands are gaining momentum and proving to be popular on the streets. Which color do you prefer?

Do you have your summer IT bag ready? This small straw tote, and the IT bag of 2021 are selling like hotcakes; don’t miss out! Which one are you picking up for summer?

Puffy shoes, and slides in general, are hot for summer 2021. This puffy pair of yellow slides features a block heel, and they are soft enough for daily wear, and walking around. Love!

I go through so many tee’s during the summer months! I love this puff sleeve tee priced under $50 for summer. I own it in this coral color, as well as stripes. It is easy to wash, and hang dry. The fabric is soft and super comfortable. I love how the sleeves elevate it from a basic tee, into a fabulous summer top. It’s definitely my favorite tee of the year!

Shop the BAF Weekly IT List online:

Shopping for Father’s Day? Or just for men in general? Sperry’s is having a fabulous promo right now! If you purchase a pair of shoes from their men’s “Gold Cup Collection,” you will receive a free shoe repair kit. I am a huge advocate for shoe care, and home shoe repair. If you don’t already have one, this is a must-have! You can check out the promotion at Sperry’s website. Here are my favorite men’s shoes from the “Gold Cup Collection.”

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Spring sneakers trends 2021

spring sneaker trends 2021 sneakers

Spring sneaker trends 2021 pictured: grey canvas sneakers c/o Sperry (under $100) /

Sneakers for spring 2021 are here! Athleisure has become more and more important in the world of fashion as it has taken over the streets over the past decade; and some would argue the last two decades! With the current pandemic, people are finding themselves wearing sneakers more and more as athleisure becomes the dominant street style we have all been rocking as we increasingly stay home.

Since outdoor activities and comfort are at the forefront of fashion, and personal style, right now, a comfortable and fabulous sneaker is a must! Street sneakers are important, since we all want to save our serious sneakers for sports and fitness. With a street sneaker, we can enjoy comfort while walking around, running errands, etc., yet still express our personal style on a daily basis.

Last year we saw a rise in white sneakers, platform sneakers, and wearing two different sneakers; yes, that last trend fizzled and died within one season, haha. Now that we are in 2021, we are all wanting a little bit more fun and pizzazz in our footwear.

Spring 2021 is all about vintage inspiration, bright colors, metallic fabrications, and a bit of “look-at-me-I-am-out-of-the-house.” With inspiration from the 1970s through to the early 2000s, spring 2021 sneakers are taking on a flashy vibe. We are looking at platforms, chunky soles, metallic hues, groundbreaking florals (so shocking for spring right??), wedge sneakers (yes, these toe stubbers are back from the dead), preppy boat sneakers, slip-on skater styles, and canvas sneakers in general. If you wore it in high or college, it’s time to wear it again. So pop some TLC into your CD player, and buy some funky and fun sneakers for spring! Unless you are planning to rock the nautical and preppy ’80’s trend; then pop some Rick Astley into your cassette deck and rick-roll yourself.

Without further ado, here are the four biggest trends in sneakers for spring 2021.

Chunky and platform sneakers spring 2021

spring sneakers trends chunky platform sneakers

Chunky and platform sneakers for spring 2021 from top left: Gucci platform sneakers (I own these and love them!) / metallic wedge sneakers / paint inspired chunky sneakers / Flash chunky sneakers / platform metallic sneakers / chunky plaid sneakers /

Platform sneakers and chunky sneakers are a continuing trend which has taken on a bit more flash than before. For spring 2021, look for platform or chunky sneakers in trendy florals, designer logo prints, stripes, metallic hues, cartoon prints, and painted patterns.

Have some fun with your platform sneakers or chunky sneakers, this is not a serious trend, it’s lighthearted and enjoyable. Isn’t that what we all need right now? Love!

Canvas sneakers spring 2021

canvas sneakers spring 2021

Canvas sneakers for spring 2021 from top left: Gucci slip-on sneakers / floral sole sneakers / grey boat-style sneakers (I own these and love them! Under $100) / Gucci canvas sneakers / floral slip-on sneakers / denim sneakers /

Canvas sneakers is a catch-all for three separate trends we are seeing emerge for spring 2021. Nautical and boat shoes are having a moment as the preppy ’80’s reemerge. If you long for the days of a convertible red BMW and a pink polo shirt, this is your year. Look for boat shoe inspired sneakers to round out your look.

Are you a sk8ter? Grab your skateboard from 1991 and pick up a pair of canvas slip-on sneakers. You can go traditional with Vans, or mix things up by snagging a pair with 2021 florals, logos, and more. You don’t have to look like you walked out of 1991, just take some inspiration, slip on some canvas sneakers, grab your skateboard, and have fun!

Remember the days of white Keds in the 1980s? The style is back, but with some flair. Instead of only being allowed to wear white canvas sneakers, for 2021, you want anything but white canvas sneakers. Look for Keds-inspired styles in denim, floral prints, logos, cartoon prints, and more fun looks. Have fun with your canvas sneakers; it’s not 1988 anymore, so you don’t have to worry about being caught in a pair of canvas sneakers that aren’t white. Loving this!

Groundbreaking floral sneakers spring 2021

floral sneakers spring 2021

Floral sneakers for spring 2021 from top left: floral slip-on sneakers / Gucci floral sneakers / floral sole sneakers / high top floral sneakers / high top floral and stripe sneakers /

OMG this is so groundbreaking! Are you sitting down? Big news!! Get this, florals are big for spring 2021. Isn’t that crazy? Who would have thought! Well, at least we can narrow down which type of floral prints are big this spring as opposed to past spring seasons. For spring 2021, look for smaller floral prints, no big giant flowers. Floral print sneakers are a huge trend this spring, so have fun with it; it really is groundbreaking.

I’m eyeing the slip-on pair. I love how the floral print looks on the slip-on sneaker styles. Which style do you like?

Metallic sneakers spring 2021

metallic sneakers spring 2021

Metallic sneakers for spring 2021 from top left: silver and glitter platform sneakers / glitter vintage inspired platform sneakers / classic adidas metallic sneakers (I own a rose gold version and love them!) / golden sneakers / gold and white platform sneakers / metallic and white sneakers /

Metallic sneakers come and go, as far as sneaker trends are concerned. They are currently huge as we see the return of the metallic mirror trend from the turn of the century. Why not have glitter sneakers, or metallic sneakers to pair with your mirrored silver handbag? Yes, those are back too, but I digress. . .

Look for glitter, metallic accents, mixed metallics, and solid metallic sneakers this spring. These are definitely “notice me” kicks, so have some fun with the pair you pick.

Shop spring 2021 sneakers around the web:

What is your favorite sneaker trend for spring 2021?

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