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Shop your closet for summer 2021

shop your closet summer 2021

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Summer officially starts on June 20, 2021, but the season always begins Memorial weekend. You may find yourself already putting together summer outfits from your closet, and rocking them on the streets. I know I am!

Last summer, there were trends, but did anyone really wear them? You may have purchased a handful of clothing and accessories last year, but did any of it get worn? Most of us didn’t get out much due to the shutdowns. Chances are, your summer clothing from last year is in pretty good shape, and can be re-worn this summer. Of course, some of the trends have changed! That’s ok, you can still make those pieces work. Let’s chat about what to keep for this summer, what you can store in your closet for the future, and what you should just clear out.

Here is a recap of last year’s trends, and which ones still work, and the ones that are over.


              All-white is a common trend during the summer season, but did anyone wear their all-white looks last year? Chances are they barely got worn. Pull them out, and place them front and center in your closet. This is a hot summer look you can pair with your square toes and pouch bag. Love!

              Bold lines were everywhere last year, but not so much this year. I would place these to the side in your closet. They may return soon, and can be worn if you have nothing else to wear. Otherwise, bold lines didn’t seem to hit the streets this year.

              Power Suit: The power suit was huge last summer, but did anyone have a chance to wear it? Probably not. We were all working from home. Rock that power suit this summer! You can also split it up and wear the blazer with jeans or shorts. The pants will look great with an understated summer top, square toes, and a pouch. Love that!

              Lace and eyelet fabrics are still hot! Keep those pieces front and center. If you don’t have any, invest in at least one eyelet piece or lace trimmed piece. They add a fun texture to your look.

              Puffy sleeves are a huge trend this summer! If you started wearing this trend last year, keep it up! No flat and boring sleeves allowed! Only puffy, or you can’t sit with us.

              Bermuda shorts appear to have bombed. Where did they go? How did they last only one summer? I miss them already. Ugh, keep them in the back of your closet. Let’s all pray they return soon. I am not a huge fan of shorty-shorts. If you are like me, we can all find solace in a pair of cut-off denim shorts this summer. Those can be any length above the knee; thankfully. Also, shorts which hit mid-thigh are on trend for summer 2021 too. So not all is lost.

              Wide-leg pants are still here! Keep those flowing trousers from last year, and rock them again this summer. This trend is here to stay! Yay!


              Phone case handbags: Keep these for amusement park outings, the county fair, and events where you want to lighten your load. The trend is over, but they are still functional. I would place this style in your closet where you can reach them, but not front and center.

              Oversized bags had a moment, but no-one actually wore them. I assume you don’t have one, but if you do, store it in the back of closet. I have a feeling this trend will re-emerge soon, and you can pull your oversize bag back out.

              Straw bags are still hot! If you bought one last year, perfect! You can rock it all summer long. If not, what are you waiting for? This is a hot summer bag trend you will want to be a part of, and invest in.

              Soft pouches: this trend is still heating up! If you didn’t invest in a pouch last year, grab one this year! You have plenty of choices which range from large pouches, to mini pouches with straps. Pick one to suit your lifestyle and taste. Love them!

              Chain details were just getting started! If you notice, chains are everywhere this summer on handbags! If you didn’t jump on this trend last year, and you love an edgy little chain, jump on it now! I did. I couldn’t help myself! Chains are a little bit rock n’ roll, a little bit Chanel-y, and a little bit edgy. Love that!


              OK, by now you own at least one pair of square toe shoes. Last summer the square toe really started to make it’s debut as a serious shoe trend. This summer, your toes must be square! If you bought some square toes last year, rock them now! If not, buy at least one pair! They are waaaaay more comfortable than round or pointy toes. Seriously, square toes are everything.

Sneakers: Are sneakers really a trend? Well, they are! If you bought designer sneakers last year, you can still wear them now. Sneakers aren’t going anywhere; and some would argue fashion sneakers are a classic look which is here to stay. Don’t be afraid to buy designer or fashion sneakers, they are a classic look which transcends season. Invest in a pair you love and rock them all the time!

There you have it! Last year’s summer trends which are still relevant this summer. Hopefully you have some great pieces from last year, then you don’t need to buy as much this year! Love that!

Enjoy shopping your closet, and stay fabulous.


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Mansur Gavriel : How to get your hands on a Mansur Gavriel handbag


Mansur Gavriel’s handbags have become the hardest to come by handbags on the market. Although some stores have waiting lists, many stores release their stock of Mansur Gavriel handbags on a given date and allow them to sell out within 24-48 hours on a first-come, first-serve basis. This makes the Mansur Gavriel handbag more elusive than the Hermes Birken. At least the Hermes Birken has a waiting list!

The drawstring bag and open tote bag by Mansur Gavriel have been steady sell-outs since they landed on the map in 2012. The simplistic style and effortless nature of the Mansur Gavriel handbag, combined with the moderate pricing, has launched the brand into “IT” bag status. Not only is the Mansur Gavriel handbag the most sought after handbag of the moment, it is the ultimate “IT” bag of the moment!

Thankfully, there is a method for buying a Mansur Gavriel drawstring bag or tote by either getting your name on a waiting list, or being first in line when a store releases their stock. Here are a few ways to find the Mansur Gavriel handbag of your dreams:

1) The Wait List. One of the most stress-free ways to purchase a Mansur Gavriel handbag is to get on a waiting list. Every store is different in the manner they handle the wait list. In some cases you may pre-pay the full price of the handbag, in other cases you may put a down payment on the bag. Some stores will simply charge your card upon shipment. If you would like to put your name on the wait-list for a Mansur Gavriel drawstring bag or tote, here are a few online shops where you can sign up for the waiting list:


Steven Alan

2) First-come, first serve: The other way to purchase a Mansur Gavriel drawstring bag or tote brand new, is by stalking a few online stores who sell them, and then pouncing on the computer the day they release their stock. This means you need to diligently check email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to ensure you know exactly when the shop will release their stock. This will enable you to be by the computer the day their stock is released for sale. This is definitely the way to purchase a Mansur Gavriel handbag if you like an adrenalin rush! Here are a few online stores to stalk:


Mansur Gavriel

Moda Operandi

Bergdorf Goodman

3) Resale: There is always a secondary market for Mansur Gavriel handbags. You can find gently used handbags on eBay, or, if you are lucky, in a local consignment shop. Be careful when purchasing second hand. You want to make sure the item is in good condition, priced fairly, and is authentic. Try not to support resellers who horded the original sale stock and then slapped them on the internet with a price mark-up. You can pay the correct retail price by using patience and persistence.

There you have it! Always remember, “where there is a will, there is way.” You can, and will, find the Mansur Gavriel handbag of your dreams with a little diligence and persistence. If you find out about other shops who carry Mansur Gavriel, please feel free to share in the comment section below. Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉

Swimsuit cover-ups for summer 2014

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Summer 2014 is upon us; and that means it is time to think about finding a fabulous swimsuit cover-up! Let’s face it, summertime brings us pool parties, beach excursions and other opportunities to wear the swimwear we have worked out in the gym all winter long to wear in public.  Unfortunately, it isn’t proper to prance around in our swimwear and show off those rock-hard abs earned from countless hours in the gym, therefore, we are all in need of a cover-up. 😉

Swimsuit cover-ups for summer 2014 are being shown in varying styles. There are graphic prints, classic tunics, crocheted tunics, and dress-like cover-ups which are perfect for making us decent as we walk from the pool deck to the locker room; and also for hiding the fact that maybe, just maybe, we didn’t really spend hours in the gym, and our abs are far from rock-hard. 

Graphic prints were a huge trend on the spring/summer 2014 runways in New York last September. To find a swimsuit cover-up for summer 2014 in a graphic print is to find a little piece of the New York runways that can easily be worn on the pool deck; which can feel like a runway when being in a swimsuit feels a little daunting! Wearing the perfect cover-up at the beach or on the pool deck will not only keep things decent, it will make you feel like you are the muse on the runway. They can also cover the fact that maybe you didn’t make it to the gym during the winter season after all. Love that!

Another huge trend is crochet. Our Grandmother’s favorite past-time is cool on the streets. A crochet cover-up in a solid color such as white, cream, black or blue is hot off the street and right on trend for summer 2014. Crochet swimsuit cover-ups are perfect for showing off all the hard work you have done at the gym over the past year. They leave little to the imagination and are anything but understated. Ready to show off your fab figure? Invest in a crochet cover-up for summer 2014.

Of course, if looking like you just walked off the catwalk in New York is not your thing, and crochet is a little too immodest for you, a classic tunic cover-up will be the way to go for summer 2014. There are many beautiful classic tunics on the market for summer 2014 which will make you look sophisticated while walking by the pool or on the beach. Classic tunics can also be worn as tops; making them easy to wear over a pair of shorts or jeans just in case you need to stop at the market on your way to the beach or pool! Love that!

Whether you are looking for a runway-ready graphic print tunic, a hot-off-the-street “notice-me” crochet swimsuit cover-up, or a classic tunic, there is a large selection of swimsuit cover-ups for every style this summer 2014 season. I found a few fabulous swimsuit cover-up in every category for the summer 2014 season and assembled them into the shopping widget below. I hope you love them!

Happy shopping, stay fabulous, and don’t forget your sunscreen 😉