Summer beach bags 2021

summer beach bags 2021 straw totes

Summer beach bags from top left: small straw tote (IT bag under $500) / large beach bag (under $100) / designer IT bag / classic straw tote (under $300) / stripe straw tote / popular designer straw tote with shoulder straps /

Beach season is here! I love a fabulous straw beach tote this season since straw totes are hotter than hot; plus, when they get sand inside, they are easier to clean than a canvas tote. Love that!

Summer beach bags come in various sizes depending on what you need it for at the beach. A smaller tote can handle items such as a book, sunscreen, and baseball cap. Whereas a larger tote can fit a towel, lightweight sweatshirt for when the fog rolls in, a book, sunscreen, and snacks. The size you get depends on what you like to bring with you to the beach. I also like to look at my beach tote as something which can work at the pool too. So that is something to keep in mind if you are looking at the beach bag to work at the pool too.

I tend to carry two beach bags because I have kids who like to bring extra items to the beach. I normally will have one large beach bag filled with multiple towels and sweatshirts, and also a smaller beach tote with a book, snacks, and sunscreen. Yes, I am one of those bag ladies at the beach. haha

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Which type of beach bag is your favorite?

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Pool slides for summer 2021

pool slides summer 2021 beach trends pool shoes

Pictured: blue and white stripe pool slides /

Move over flip-flops, summer 2021 is all about pool slides! Don’t worry about that peice of plastic rubbing between your first two toes, flip flops are so last year. This year, the beach and the pool call for a hearty pair of plastic slides; and I am here for it!

As street style trends towards more comfortable footwear, beach styles and pool styles are no different. Summer 2021 is all about comfortable footwear, and the pool slide fits the bill as the perfect shoe to wear to the beach or the pool. Love!

Pool slides are super comfortable. They have a thicker sole than your average pair of flip flops, and that sole is generally cushy and comfy. The sole is so comfy, you may find yourself using your pool slides as a summer slipper at home! I know I have already been wearing mine around the house on warm spring days!

You can find varying styles of pool slides to fit your personal style. Personally, I love all of the styles by adidas, but there are luxury versions too. You can rock pool slides any way you wish! Look for metallics, floral prints, designer logos, and more! You can also look for seasonal colors, or classic hues such as black or navy. There are pool slides for every taste this summer season.

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What are your favorite pool slides for summer 2021? Mine are blue and white striped!

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Spring 2021 swimwear

swimwear spring 2021 swimwear beach pool

Spring 2021 swimwear from top left: one shoulder one-piece suit / bikini top (bottoms not shown) / jumpsuit cover-up / cover-up pants / straw tote-great for the beach! / poolside slides (avl in many colors) /

The weather is starting to get better! This means it is time to start thinking about pool and beach wear!

As the economy continues to open up, and more people are vaccinated, it is safe to start going out more. This means, the beach and pool parties are calling our names! Time to get our outfits ready!

The 2021 swim season has a few new swimwear trends for us to fall in love with. We are looking at swimwear which is easier to move in, so we can play in the pool, and at the beach. Another trend this swim season is the one shoulder one-piece. I love this one. It really looks high-fashion by the pool or at the beach. That blue one shoulder suit above is calling my name; and it’s in my shopping cart!

The bikini is the two-piece of the year. Look for tank style tops, one shoulder tops, and twisted fabrics. For the bottom of the bikini, we are reliving the 1980s with higher hips cuts, and waistbands up to the belly button; if not covering the belly button. The backs of suits this year are a bit cheeky; so don’t cheat on your squats and lunges! Work that bootie!

Since spring can be a little cooler than summer, look for cover-ups which can cut the wind or keep you a little bit warmer. I love these jumpsuits, long cover-up dresses, and these cover-up pants. This time of year, it’s a good idea to carry a lightweight cardigan sweater or sweatshirt with you to the pool or the beach. You never know then the wind will kick up, or the fog will roll in!

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