How to shop your closet for fall 2022

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Fall 2022 outfit idea from top left: cozy ivory sweater / nail polish / large golden hoops (under $100) / dark wash jeans / G buckle belt / neutral bucket bag / western boots /

How to shop your closet fall 2022. I know, I know, it’s about a hundred degrees outside, your air conditioning is cranking, and I am showing you pictures of boots, sweaters, and jackets. Well, I am doing this because the stores are starting to stock fall merchandise, and in doing so, they are cranking up the air conditioning, and as soon as you walk into one, you will feel the chill and desire to purchase something cozy you can’t wear for another three months. Yes, it’s that time of year already!

If you shop your closet for fall before you walk into a store and get trapped into shopping for something you already own, you will be empowered to tell yourself, you’re already set in that department! Love that!

Cozy sweater outfit online:

OK, let’s get down to business. Fall is approaching, and your closet still holds everything you love from last fall. The first thing to do is look at your fall clothing and anything that looks like it has unremovable stains, damage, bad color fading, or just never quite fit right, should either be donated or sold on consignment. This will create some space in your closet. Love!

Secondly, look at your classic pieces. This will be blazers, layering tee’s, jeans, trousers, and anything else that is a classic to you. If you still love them, fabulous! Make sure you are all set in this department. Blazers, both professional and tweed, are still hot and on trend. Keep those in the front of your closet. Trousers can be skinny, wide leg, or classic cut for fall 2022.

For jeans, be aware the trends are changing. Fall 2022 denim trends include flares, bootcut, wide leg, very wide leg, drown yourself in wide leg, cropped, and classic cut. Although I am showing skinny jeans in these photos, skinny jeans are no longer on trend, but they are a classic. I would recommend keeping them as they are great for throwing on and they always look good, but if you want to be trendy, they should move behind your other denim styles in your closet. If you have enough other styles in denim, you can store your skinny jeans. Or, if you are short like me and wide leg pants make you look like a potato sack, keep rocking those skinnies. I plan to!

Third, look for colors. You can use this fall color trend chart to help you decide what to move forward in your closet, and what to store. Also, any shade of green is hot for fall as well as bright pink. There is a Barbie movie coming out in the near future and people are going crazy for what’s being dubbed “Barbiecore.” This is streetwear with Barbie flair. Think pink, and ask yourself, “Would Barbie wear this?”

Fourth, your handbag collection! Work totes are always on trend, and for fall 2022, look for vintage bags being hot, bucket bags, small bags, box bags, small totes, hobos, anything metallic, and shoulder bags. Sorry guys, the cross-body bag is on its way out. You can still wear your cross-body bags, just adjust the strap and wear it over your shoulder. There isn’t an on-trend strap length, so wearing a cross body bag as a shoulder bag could make it long, that’s OK. It’s very 1970s to wear a long shoulder strap and since denim has a 1970s vibe, this works! Groovy.

Fifth, jewelry is trending towards understated and classic. This means hoops and anything not too crazy will work. Also, your logo belt is still relevant and cozy scarves will return as we inch toward winter.

Lastly, let’s chat footwear! Western boots and anything golden is hotter than hot this fall season. Lug soles are still relevant, and toes are trending back to being pointed; but your square toes are still good! Mary Janes are trending upward, so if you have a pair from back in the day, bring them forward in your closet. If not, these are a fun alternative to pumps or block heel loafers. Look for a block heel on your Mary Janes and a neutral color.

how to shop your closet for fall 2022

Fall outfit idea from top left: tweed blazer / large golden hoops / dark wash jeans / black tote bag / G buckle belt / golden boots /

Everything shown in these fall outfit idea photos will be in my fall capsule. The black tweed blazer is from last year, but still on store shelves and hot for fall. The two pairs of boots are new, and the cozy sweater is new. My sweater from last fall didn’t make it, sadly. The jeans are from my closet and the belt is from last fall too. The hoops are a few years old, and they are classic; also, still on store shelves.

If you shop your closet for fall 2022, you will find you don’t need to buy as much as you thought for the new season. This will save money and that is always a good thing! Love!

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I hope you have fun shopping your closet for the fall season!

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How to replace your wardrobe after weight loss

how to replace your wardrobe after weight loss

Pictured: (photo-left) Gucci cross body bag / (photo-right) sunglasses / sparkling earrings / grey scarf / black top / dark wash jeans / faux fur boots /

Are you wondering how to replace your wardrobe after weight loss? While it might sound fun to buy a whole new wardrobe after losing a significant amount of weight, but buying that many pieces of clothing all at once can be costly! When I lost over thirty pounds last year, I found out quickly just how much replacing the clothing in my closet actually costs; it’s not cheap!

Thankfully, we don’t have to break the bank when replacing the large sizes in our closet with smaller sizes. After all, this is part of the reward of losing weight! I mean, don’t we all look for excuses to buy something new? This is a really good excuse! Plus, it’s a necessity. No-one wants to walk around in pants that fall down, or clothing that looks like a potato sack. Alas, this can easily happen; especially when you don’t realize how small you have become!

In order to easily replace your wardrobe after weight loss, and not go broke or end up in debt, here are a few tips which worked for me!

First, make a list of the items you reach for most often. Those are the things you will need to replace first. This could be pajamas, workout clothing, jeans, and/or office attire.

Second, make a budget. How much money can you spend each month on clothing? This will help keep you in line budget-wise. The last thing you want to do is spend more than you have in your bank account or can afford. Don’t sacrifice the rent to buy a new pair of jeans.

Third, don’t replace things you don’t need right away. That cocktail dress? Wait until the next invite you receive to a cocktail party. You don’t need to run out and replace something that will hang in your closet for months. Only replace what you immediately need, then the rest will naturally turn into your normal shopping habits.

The first thing I replaced were my pajamas! Yes, it’s true! I found the most annoying thing was having my pajamas fall down; and they were falling down! I purchased pajamas which were inexpensive, and still had plenty of cash for a few must-have items. What were my must-have items? Two pairs of jeans, and two tee-shirts. I hit my low weight in August, so I bought jeans and tee’s because they could easily flow from summer into fall.

My husband instantly noticed I was shopping more than usual, so he told me to buy a belt instead. haha, this is actually genius! Instead of buying new shorts, (it was the end of summer), I used my new belt on the old ones to get through those last few weeks. Next summer I can buy new shorts. Boom! Saved some cash right there! I recommend find a fabulous belt, I probably saved close to a $1000 by buying a belt instead of several pairs of shorts, pants, and jeans. The belt even helped keep a skirt with an elastic waist in place, so I didn’t have to replace the skirt. You can see that outfit here.

Depending on where your weight loss is most significant, will influence what you replace in your closet first. I replaced bottoms first because I carry my weight low, so when I lost it, it was most noticeable in my legs. My pants and skirts were horribly huge! I went down three sizes. I replaced my jeans first and then slowly started on pants and skirts. I still have a small number of tops in my new size. Those are easier to replace later.

Another trick, which works well in the colder months, is to replace your jacket and/or coat before your tops. After all, when it is cold your tops are hidden by your jacket or coat, so having outerwear that fits properly can hide the larger tops or layers you have on underneath.

Well, that’s it! Stick to your budget, and slowly replace items in your closet on an as-needed basis. Use a belt, and a jacket/coat to make larger items still work as you slowly replace them. Replace the items in your close that you need the most first. If something is falling down, or is super annoying, replace it first too. Make a list of what you need and prioritize it. This way, you can replace parts of your closet each month and stay on budget. Don’t replace items from a different season yet, wait until that season to replace them. You only need clothing from the current season in your closet. Lastly, be sure to recycle or donate the larger pieces in your closet. You don’t need to keep them because you plan to stay at, and maintain, your new weight!

Feel free to ask me any questions! So far, I have replaced my casual wardrobe for the fall and winter seasons. I still need to replace wardrobe staples for spring and summer, which I will do in those seasons. I am waiting for dressier events before purchasing clothing for those types of occasions. I have an event in March, so I am waiting until late February to get my new little black dress for it! Stay tuned!

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5 things we all need to work from home

Let me guess, you were told in March to work from home for a few weeks. You started to pull out your laptop every morning, and take over half of the kitchen table for the day. Then, around 5pm, you cleaned everything up and used the table for dinner. You found yourself finishing up a few things on your laptop while sitting on the sofa, or perhaps you sat at your kids too-short white desk, or you sat under a tree in the sweltering-hot backyard. Yup, we have all been there!

If you are not fortunate enough to already have a fully set-up home office, you have found you needed to put one together. When companies here in Silicon Valley realized they would be keeping employees home through the New Year, they offered them budgets to help purchase a desk, privacy screen, chair; or whatever people found they needed. Not everyone was able to foresee exactly what they would need long-term back in early April when these budgets were offered. So, you may have found you scored one item on your company’s dime, while still needing more items to create the ultimate work-from-home space.

Here are a few things you can use to make your workspace at home more comfortable, and professional; without breaking the bank. After all, you will be working from home for awhile! My guess is, we will all be working from home until we have enough people vaccinated to warrant a return to normal. That could be long ways off! So, without further ado, here are a few things most people need to create the ultimate work-from-home space.

Privacy Screen / Proper Background

Are you taking a lot of video conference calls from home these days? Yeah, I thought so. One of the first things we realized when my husband starting working from home everyday back in March, was that we didn’t have a comfortable place for him to sit and work with a non-distracting background. The door to the room where we have a desk for him to comfortably work has a door in the background made almost entirely of glass. That’s right! It’s a like a window into our dining room. This was very distracting as a background on his video conference calls. So, to solve this problem, we purchased a screen which blocks the view through the door, and also offers him additional privacy while he works.

Fabulous desk chair

OK, raise your hand if you have a desk paired with a kitchen table chair? In our case, we had two desks, and one desk chair we moved back and forth. If we needed two chairs at the same time, we grabbed a folding chair from the garage. We never needed two desk chairs in the past because I was the only one who really worked from home. Now that my husband was working from home full-time, we found he needed his own desk chair. He liked the one we had, so he kept it and I purchased a new chair for my desk.

I’m so glad I am the lucky one with the new chair! Look for something you can sit in all day, and also feel fabulous on. This one was priced right, and offers great back support while looking amazing in my little office. Love!

A proper desk

Many people were suddenly told to work from home until further notice in March. When this happened, many workers discovered they didn’t have a place set up at home for work. Everyone works from home occasionally due to a doctor appointment, kid event after school, and the like. That being said, occasional work from home days don’t always warrant an actual workspace within the home. Many times it is OK to work one day here and one day there from the kitchen table or the sofa. That temporary type of workspace doesn’t cut it when you are working from home everyday; indefinitely.

If you are lucky enough to have a home office, you are probably all set, if not, you need a dedicated workspace. This could be a corner in the dining room or guest room. It just needs to be a space away from the television and the room where your family hangs out all day making noise. You may even need a desk! While a kitchen table is convenient, it isn’t conducive to a long-term workspace. You need a desk.

Look for a desk with drawers for supplies, and enough space for your laptop, notebook, mousepad, a personal photo, and a coffee cup. A little extra space on your desk will make your day much more comfortable!

Coffee maker

OK, I know you were used to buying coffee every morning, or relying on the free coffee at work. Now that you are working from home, you are rushing out every morning to grab coffee to go, and then sheltering in place at home. You don’t have to do this-plus, you can save money making your own coffee. Pick up a coffee maker and start making your own cup at home. You will save money in the long-run, and you will find it much more convenient.

Curtains or window coverings

If you have converted a guest room, or other room, into your new workspace, the window coverings already in place might not be what you need. Sometimes in rooms not meant to be an office, we have lace curtains, or window coverings which filter in too much light. You might find the sun hits you every morning at 10am when you are giving an online presentation. Or, it hits you in the face everyday at 3pm when you are feeling sleepy already; causing you to feel even more sleepy! If this is the case, you will need window coverings which offer you ample comfort. Look for blackout curtains or coverings which actually block the light so you can control your environment. They are inexpensive, and can really help your workspace become exactly what you need.

That’s it! Those are the five things we have discovered are much-needed to ensure a comfortable work-from-home environment long-term. What are some things you have discovered you need while working from home?

Need more tips? Check out my Work From Home Tips article published in March.

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