How to shop your closet for fall 2023

how to shop your closet for fall 2023

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It is that that time of year again when fall starts hitting store shelves! This means you may have the urge to start stocking up on all the shiny new fall merchandise popping up everywhere. Before you dive right in, make sure you aren’t duplicating what you already own! The first thing you need to shop for fall is your closet!

If you are wondering how to shop your closet for fall 2023, you have come to the right place. Shopping your closet can be just as much fun as shopping in a store. You never know what you might find! So, block your calendar, make sure your air conditioner or fan is hitting your closet and get to work.

The first thing you want to do in your closet is empty out anything you don’t wear. If this seems overwhelming, do it in steps. I also sort my shoes first, then my clothing. This seems to make it easier. If you have any shoes which hurt your feet or you are wondering why in the world you own them, decide if they have resale value or if they should go in the donation pile. Then, start pulling the shoes forward in your closet which are hot right now and in style for the fall season.

What to look for in your closet when it comes to shoes. Western style footwear is still hot, so bring them back out from the back of your closet. Also pull out your Mary Janes, Ballet Flats, Classic Loafers, Lug Sole Boots, Classic Pumps, Street Sneakers, and utility style boots. Everything else can be stored in the back of your closet for a future season.

Now let’s sort clothing! Again, pull out anything that doesn’t fit correctly, or you don’t like anymore. Sort them into a donation pile and resale pile. Then, let’s rotate your closet!

If it seems daunting, go in this order. Start with your denim collection. Rips, tears, and heavy distress are over. Pull forward your wide leg jeans, flare jeans, straight leg jeans, and trouser leg jeans. You can keep your favorite skinny’s but put them at the bottom of the denim pile or store them in the back of your closet. Looser denim styles are still trending for fall 2023. Autumn colors are trending too. If you have shades of brown, black, or burgundy, pull those jeans out too.

Talking about pants, let’s keep going! For your non-denim pants, look for classic cute, straight leg, and wide leg. Again, skinny styles should get stored. Trousers paired with a blouse or sweater are hot for fall both in the workplace and on casual days paired with street sneakers. Pull those styles forward!

Speaking of sweaters and shirts, they are both hot for fall and well into winter. You can wear cropped sweaters, oversized sweaters, cardigans, turtlenecks, all of the above! If you have sweaters which look worn or were discovered by moths, recycle them, otherwise, pull forward your favorite sweaters and rock them this fall. Button down shirts worn loosely and oversized are also hot for fall. Pull those shirts forward too!

Powersuits are still hot. Keep your power suits and keep rocking them this fall!

Also, tweed blazers over jeans are still hot this fall season, so keep those in the front of your closet to wear instead of outerwear when the weather is mild or cool. Love them!

When it comes to outerwear, look for trench coats in your closet, peacoats, and the jackets you wear on the ski slope. Outerwear is being shown in both fun colors and neutrals, so enjoy!

Handbags are staying anonymous and when it comes to size, anything goes. Look for high quality investment bags, hobo bags, shoulder bags, totes, and Lady Bags in your closet. Pull them forward and store your logo bags.

One of the big trends coming up for fall is the pencil skirt. You might have some in the back of your closet, if so, bring them forward! Denim pencil skirts are hot too!

Look for the fall IT colors in your closet as well. In addition to neutrals and black, look for shades of red, green, and pink.

There you have it! Found any holes in your wardrobe? Start your shopping list and stay tuned for my fall 2023 trend report coming up soon!

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What is Investment Dressing

what is investment dressing

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What is investment dressing? You may have heard people talking about investing in a handbag or a piece of jewelry, but have you heard of investment dressing? This is something I have toggled back and forth with since I entered college and started shopping on my own. Investment dressing is purchasing clothing and accessories to create a long-term wardrobe. It transcends trends and seasonal pieces allowing you to build a full wardrobe you can wear for years and years.

The concept of investment dressing allows you to build a timeless wardrobe which avoids fleeting trends, and helps you save money in the long term. Instead of buying trendy items every year, you can wear the same trousers, blazers, shirts, sweaters, etc. for years and years without spending money on new items. This also allows you to invest in higher quality items since you will have more money to spend on one item instead of an entire wardrobe.

You may have noticed bloggers and online magazines talking about capsule wardrobes; both seasonal and classic. Even I have jumped on the capsule bandwagon! The capsule itself is a concept which helps you trim down your wardrobe to basics which can be used over and over again, season after season. It is a lesson in mixing and matching so you can create countless outfits out of a few articles of clothing. Of course, when you read about these capsules, they always show new items, including my capsules!

The point of a capsule, as well as investment dressing, is not to purchase new items every season, but to be able to reuse what you have in your closet. Shopping your closet is part of investment dressing! When you see a capsule, look at what is in it. Is the writer showing straight leg jeans? Wear the pair you already own, you don’t need to purchase the new pair pictured in the article. Are they showing a black blazer? Use the one you already own, if it’s vintage, even better! So on and so forth, you get the idea.

It can be tricky to stick to investment dressing. When I started this blog, I was still a faithful investment dresser who concentrated on building a timeless wardrobe. Once I started to get more into blogging, it was really hard to stay timeless. I fell into a trendy trap and started overbuying items which did not stand the test of time. Now, I look at my closet and I am sad to see things I cannot wear anymore. So, I took a deep breath last spring and decided to go back to my wardrobing roots and stay on course with investment dressing.

What if you like trends? You can still invest in your wardrobe and reflect certain trends. One of the easiest ways to stay on trend while building a timeless wardrobe is to look at current color trends. You can invest in a classic sweater for fall which transcends time yet purchase it in a current color. Stay away from overly trendy colors such as lime. You will see colors in the color palette which transcend time and can be worn during the year. Those are the colors to invest in each season.

When it comes to colors, don’t be afraid! I know some people live in a beige and white world, please don’t! Colors keep things interesting and can even evoke emotions! For example, yellow makes people happy and blue creates calm. Red keeps you moving and green evokes feelings of peace.

Sometimes it is fun to add a trendy item to a classic wardrobe. When you do this, don’t spend a ton of money on it. Look for something on sale or at a reasonable price. Try not to succumb to a trend and overbuy it. Remember, you want to build a wardrobe with classic pieces, not cycle through it every season or two.

Investment dressing is also a fabulous way to build a wardrobe when a recession is looming. Yup, I said it! While we may not fall into a big one, we are experiencing inflation and a rise in interest rates. This is a good time to invest in a timeless wardrobe so you don’t feel the need to spend on clothing and accessories if we do head in that direction. Love that about investing in a timeless wardrobe!

What is your current style mood? Are you feeling like trends are your thing? Or are you in the mood to create a timeless closet?

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How to keep your jeans from shrinking

how to keep your jeans from shrinking

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How many times have you purchased the perfect jeans, with the perfect fit, and the perfect length? Then, you go to wash them, and they shrink! My hand is way up! Thankfully, I have found a solution to the incredibly shrinking jeans; and it isn’t rocket science. Love that!

So, without further ado, here is how to keep your jeans from shrinking. It is quite simple. Although the instructions on the label of your jeans may say warm water is OK, or a low dryer temperature is OK, trust me, it is not. When it comes time to wash your jeans, you should always, without fail, wash them in cold water. The instructions on the jeans will lead you astray; unless they say dry clean only. If that is the case, you have some fancy fabric, and I would not mess with it; take them to the dry cleaners.

After washing your jeans in cold water, never ever, and I mean never ever, throw them in the dryer. Immediately flatten your jeans and hang them to dry. The best way to allow your jeans to dry is to hang them in a place where air can get around them. A shower curtain rod or door hook is typically ideal. You can also drape them over a towel rack; not the rack attached to the wall, the free-standing rack you can move around. I would place the towel rack in the bathtub so the jeans can drip and also get 360 degrees of air.

The downside to air drying your jeans, is that they will be stiff and possibly wrinkled. You can solve this by putting them on for a few minutes and walking around the house. Do a few shallow squats, and voila! Your jeans will be ready to wear.

Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping your jeans from shrinking when you wash them? Please share in the comments below!

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