Swimsuit cover-ups for summer 2014

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Summer 2014 is upon us; and that means it is time to think about finding a fabulous swimsuit cover-up! Let’s face it, summertime brings us pool parties, beach excursions and other opportunities to wear the swimwear we have worked out in the gym all winter long to wear in public.  Unfortunately, it isn’t proper to prance around in our swimwear and show off those rock-hard abs earned from countless hours in the gym, therefore, we are all in need of a cover-up. 😉

Swimsuit cover-ups for summer 2014 are being shown in varying styles. There are graphic prints, classic tunics, crocheted tunics, and dress-like cover-ups which are perfect for making us decent as we walk from the pool deck to the locker room; and also for hiding the fact that maybe, just maybe, we didn’t really spend hours in the gym, and our abs are far from rock-hard. 

Graphic prints were a huge trend on the spring/summer 2014 runways in New York last September. To find a swimsuit cover-up for summer 2014 in a graphic print is to find a little piece of the New York runways that can easily be worn on the pool deck; which can feel like a runway when being in a swimsuit feels a little daunting! Wearing the perfect cover-up at the beach or on the pool deck will not only keep things decent, it will make you feel like you are the muse on the runway. They can also cover the fact that maybe you didn’t make it to the gym during the winter season after all. Love that!

Another huge trend is crochet. Our Grandmother’s favorite past-time is cool on the streets. A crochet cover-up in a solid color such as white, cream, black or blue is hot off the street and right on trend for summer 2014. Crochet swimsuit cover-ups are perfect for showing off all the hard work you have done at the gym over the past year. They leave little to the imagination and are anything but understated. Ready to show off your fab figure? Invest in a crochet cover-up for summer 2014.

Of course, if looking like you just walked off the catwalk in New York is not your thing, and crochet is a little too immodest for you, a classic tunic cover-up will be the way to go for summer 2014. There are many beautiful classic tunics on the market for summer 2014 which will make you look sophisticated while walking by the pool or on the beach. Classic tunics can also be worn as tops; making them easy to wear over a pair of shorts or jeans just in case you need to stop at the market on your way to the beach or pool! Love that!

Whether you are looking for a runway-ready graphic print tunic, a hot-off-the-street “notice-me” crochet swimsuit cover-up, or a classic tunic, there is a large selection of swimsuit cover-ups for every style this summer 2014 season. I found a few fabulous swimsuit cover-up in every category for the summer 2014 season and assembled them into the shopping widget below. I hope you love them!

Happy shopping, stay fabulous, and don’t forget your sunscreen 😉

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