Mansur Gavriel : How to get your hands on a Mansur Gavriel handbag


Mansur Gavriel’s handbags have become the hardest to come by handbags on the market. Although some stores have waiting lists, many stores release their stock of Mansur Gavriel handbags on a given date and allow them to sell out within 24-48 hours on a first-come, first-serve basis. This makes the Mansur Gavriel handbag more elusive than the Hermes Birken. At least the Hermes Birken has a waiting list!

The drawstring bag and open tote bag by Mansur Gavriel have been steady sell-outs since they landed on the map in 2012. The simplistic style and effortless nature of the Mansur Gavriel handbag, combined with the moderate pricing, has launched the brand into “IT” bag status. Not only is the Mansur Gavriel handbag the most sought after handbag of the moment, it is the ultimate “IT” bag of the moment!

Thankfully, there is a method for buying a Mansur Gavriel drawstring bag or tote by either getting your name on a waiting list, or being first in line when a store releases their stock. Here are a few ways to find the Mansur Gavriel handbag of your dreams:

1) The Wait List. One of the most stress-free ways to purchase a Mansur Gavriel handbag is to get on a waiting list. Every store is different in the manner they handle the wait list. In some cases you may pre-pay the full price of the handbag, in other cases you may put a down payment on the bag. Some stores will simply charge your card upon shipment. If you would like to put your name on the wait-list for a Mansur Gavriel drawstring bag or tote, here are a few online shops where you can sign up for the waiting list:


Steven Alan

2) First-come, first serve: The other way to purchase a Mansur Gavriel drawstring bag or tote brand new, is by stalking a few online stores who sell them, and then pouncing on the computer the day they release their stock. This means you need to diligently check email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to ensure you know exactly when the shop will release their stock. This will enable you to be by the computer the day their stock is released for sale. This is definitely the way to purchase a Mansur Gavriel handbag if you like an adrenalin rush! Here are a few online stores to stalk:


Mansur Gavriel

Moda Operandi

Bergdorf Goodman

3) Resale: There is always a secondary market for Mansur Gavriel handbags. You can find gently used handbags on eBay, or, if you are lucky, in a local consignment shop. Be careful when purchasing second hand. You want to make sure the item is in good condition, priced fairly, and is authentic. Try not to support resellers who horded the original sale stock and then slapped them on the internet with a price mark-up. You can pay the correct retail price by using patience and persistence.

There you have it! Always remember, “where there is a will, there is way.” You can, and will, find the Mansur Gavriel handbag of your dreams with a little diligence and persistence. If you find out about other shops who carry Mansur Gavriel, please feel free to share in the comment section below. Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉

4 thoughts on “Mansur Gavriel : How to get your hands on a Mansur Gavriel handbag

  • Leandra

    Oh I need to get my hands on a Mansur Gavriel handbag! I love this small drawstring bag you have in the photo.

  • Chelsea S.

    Got one from Mansur Gavriel! Love it so much. Cannot wait for December release. I want a mini bucket.

    • CathyLSG Post author

      Hi Ariel, I bought it from Mansur Gavriel’s website. Be sure to follow them on social media to catch when they restock!

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