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5 brands that give back

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We only have one planet, so we need to care for it, and protect it, as much as possible. That is why it is so important to think about what we purchase, and how it could affect the planet long term, as well as the community.

In the twenty-first century, we have the benefit of advanced technology. This technology offers us so many ways to recycle materials, and make materials, which are sustainable and will be kind to the environment instead of damaging it for future generations.

I love finding companies which are creating products using these advances in technology, as well as donating a portion of profits from specific products to do good in the world. Whether we help those in need, or reduce our waste on our planet, we are helping humanity through giving back and protecting the environment.

There are so many causes and issues for us as humans to care about. It can sometimes be overwhelming as to which ones we choose to support! Sometimes we can donate our time and money to causes, other times it is fine for us to be passive and purchase products we already need which support causes we may not normally donate to, or we don’t have the time to support another way.

These five brands are killing it! They are either using technology to create sustainable fashion, or using their resources to help those in need. I love supporting brands that give back, and hope you enjoy doing so too!

  1. Chico’s: As you know, I am a huge Chico’s fan! They have beautiful prints and patterns designed in-house by artists, as well as practical garments that are easy to wash and wear on a daily basis. The company is dedicated to the community, and one of their big impacts is the work they do for Habitat for Humanity. Chico’s gives both time and money to this important cause, and you can help them! They have a collection online which helps raise money for Habitat for Humanity. They also help collect donations for the charity. You can find the perfect cardigan or top for summer, while supporting an important cause. Love that! You can learn all about it at
  2. adidas: adidas is my favorite athletic brand, and I love the fact that they are innovating ways to help the environment and make fashion more sustainable. Their “For the Oceans” campaign currently produces shoes made from recycled polyester; and the shoes are 100% recyclable. The company is working hard towards shifting to recycled polyester on their line by 2024. Stay tuned! I will be going more in-depth on this topic later this month. To learn more now, please visit
  3. H&M: This fast fashion retailer is working hard to protect the environment and become more sustainable. They collect old clothing in-store so that it can be recycled instead of thrown away. H&M also has an eco-conscious collection which promotes the use of recycled materials. Love! To see the collection, check out
  4. TOMS: I think by now, TOMS is a household names. This innovative company has built their business on giving back to the community. Every TOMS purchase benefits one of six causes the company is dedicated to. These causes include homelessness, equality, safe water, mental health, ending gun violence, and giving shoes to those in need. To learn more, head over to
  5. Makers Market: This innovative company offers handmade products for the whole family, and for the home. They also offer upcycled goods and sustainable products! To learn more, please visit

There you have it! This is my current list of brands that give back. Which brands that give back are your favorites? Please share in the comments below!

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Holiday Gift Guide to Santana Row 2017

gift guide santana row holidays christmas 2017

‘Tis the season! The holidays are my favorite season of the year. One of the things that make the holidays special, is spending time at San Jose’s premiere lifestyle destination, Santana Row. I love strolling the Row with my family in tow, brunching at Left Bank, lunching at Maggiano’s, and enjoying dinner at Sino. In addition to eating and hanging out, Santana Row is special during the holidays because of the decorations, and wide variety of shops to find that perfect somethin’ somethin’ for everyone on my holiday list.

Since I know the Row like the back of my hand, I wanted to share with you some special new shops at Santana Row which feature fabulous gift ideas! There is something for everyone at these new shops; as well as the established stores we have all grown to love at Santana Row.

Holidays Gifts from Makers Market

How fabulous is this jewelry and decor from Makers Market! I love their local, handmade wares which make amazing holiday presents. You can find artistic pieces from local, emerging designers who put their heart and soul into their craft. I am pretty sure I need at least one of those bracelets in my life. Which will you choose?

You can see these gift ideas and more at Makers Market located on Santana Row or call 408.320.1868

Holiday Gifts from Liberatone

Have you checked out Libratone yet? If not, then run there now! They have the most amazing speakers with blue-tooth capability. I especially love their speaker which is water resistant. It is perfect for outdoor entertaining. The colors are just as bright as the sound. My daughter, pictured above, declared these the “best headphones on the market!” This means a lot, she is a headphone snob. The headphones are blue-tooth wireless and produce crystal clear sound. They would make the ideal gift for the teen or college student on your list!

To see these gifts and more, check out Libratone on Santana Row or call 888.429.6133

Holiday Gifts from Amazon Books

There is a new bookstore on the Row! Amazon has opened an Amazon Bookstore which offers shoppers local favorites, a vast children’s section, and some electronic toy demonstrations. This is a great place to start if you plan on shopping with Amazon this holiday season.

You can find plenty of gifts from Amazon online at, check out local favorites and test out toys at Amazon Books on Santana Row, or call 408-346-0212

Holiday Gifts from Aesop

Aesop is a fabulous beauty product line filled with hair and skin care products. They have a large assortment of gift boxes for the beauty fan on your list. Plus, if you like to test before you buy, they have the cutest testing station I have ever seen. Isn’t it fabulous and hip! Love!

You can find all these fabulous beauty products at Aesop on Santana Row or call  408.320.1866

Holiday Gifts from Sugarfina

So you know I have a sweet tooth! I can’t walk into Sugarfina without buying something. After taking these pictures to scout out all the yummy treats you can give this holiday season, I walked out with enough candy to fill my empty bento box at home. You too, can find the perfect sweet treats to give this holiday season at Sugarfina. They have holiday themed bento boxes available to ensure you have the right presentation too. The little individual boxes also make the ideal stocking stuffers. Love!

You can find these gifts, and taste a little too, at Sugarfina on Santana Row or call 855.784.2734

There you have it! Old and new shops with fabulous gifts for the holidays at Santana Row. Which if these gifts are you hoping to find under the tree this holiday season?

Still can’t decide to what to buy? Why not give a Gift Card to Santana Row! They not only make shopping easy, but they are also fabulous stocking stuffers! You can purchase a Gift Card, in any amount, at the Santana Row concierge, or online at

Happy shopping, and have a fabulous holiday season!



*sponsored by Santana Row. all thoughts and opinions are my own