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Cozy casual for the holidays

wearing: bold silver earrings / Bobbi Brown lipstick “Lilac” / blanket scarf (similar online here for under $10) / black long sleeve tee (similar online here) / red cashmere cardigan sweater (on major sale!-comes in many colors!) / skinny jeans (on major sale!) / Chloe bag / Chanel winter nail polish / charcoal suede boots (so comfy!)

December is the season to wear red! I feel like my wardrobe this year is comprised of grey and black. So when I spotted this cozy cardigan on major sale, I had to snap one up in red!

This cardigan is so soft and cozy. It is perfect to wear right now as a casual holiday look. I plan on wearing it Christmas day too. This cardigan is a fabulous grab and go sweater as well, love that!

This is such a busy time of year. My oldest daughter is getting ready for her semester finals, and my younger two children are wrapping up their semester with projects and tests. I’m heading into busy season with one of my volunteer jobs, and I am hosting Christmas this year! I wish we had a little bit more time before Christmas. It is coming so fast!

Are you busy this holiday season? How are you managing your time?

If you are hosting an event this holiday season, and need a fun, non-alcoholic drink idea, check out my Harry Potter inspired Butterbeer recipe.

Shop my casual Christmas outfit idea:

My two youngest children took these photos. I think they did a pretty good job!

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Diorific Emerald nail polish from the Dior Holiday 2017 collection

dior emerald nail polish holidays 2017 review

pictured: Dior Diorific Emerald nail polish from the Dior Holiday 2017 beauty collection

J’Adore Dior! Ah Dior! Why are you so fabulous?! Diorific Emerald nail polish is an earth-shattering, sparkling holiday green nail polish; unlike any other green polish out there for the holiday season. The entire Dior holiday 2017 nail polish collection is absolutely amazing.

I would have purchased all four colors, but I couldn’t justify repeating hues I already had in my nail arsenal for such a short season. But this green! Dior Emerald is worth every penny; and more!

The photo above shows Diorific Emerald nail polish against a green lawn, so you can see how the color plays against green. The photo below is set against my usual pool water background; and the polish appears to take on more of a blue hue. Emerald by Dior is a true blue-green hue which captures the colors it is around. It may look more blue in one light, and more green in another.

Diorific Emerald nail polish has teeny-tiny sparkles which catch the light and make the polish shine. It is a festive green which is easy to wear with the season’s color palette. This is the perfect nail polish to wear on a daily basis since it doesn’t scream “party!” yet still exudes a festive, holiday vibe. Love that!

I tested out Diorific Emerald nail polish is one base coat, and two coats of color. I did not use a top coat. Dior nail polish tends to be long lasting, so I didn’t feel the need to use a top coat. Two coats of color was perfect. It is not a cream polish, so Emerald by Dior doesn’t streak. It applies smoothly and leaves a shimmering, solid color. My only complaint is the Diorific application brush. I prefer the regular Dior nail polish brush which is better balanced. The Diorific application brush is too short, and the handle is awkward. Applying this nail polish is a chore; but I do it because the color is so fabulous!

You can find Diorific Emerald nail polish for holiday 2017 season online here.

Dior holiday 2017 nail polish collection: Diorific nail polish:

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