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So excited! I have partnered with Westfield Valley Fair in order to encourage you to donate to Westfield Valley Fair’s “Shop Your Heart Out” program starting on October 23, 2020.

Your donation will directly benefit the charities of your choice! As a thank you, select retailers at Valley Fair will offer VIP deals to guests who have donated to the “Shop Your Heart Out” program. Tickets for the VIP deals will be redeemable 10/23/2020 through 11/1/2020.

To see the full list of retailers, and how you can donate, head over to! Can’t wait to shop!

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5 brands that give back

adidas parley recycled shoes

pictured: adidas Parley running shoes /

We only have one planet, so we need to care for it, and protect it, as much as possible. That is why it is so important to think about what we purchase, and how it could affect the planet long term, as well as the community.

In the twenty-first century, we have the benefit of advanced technology. This technology offers us so many ways to recycle materials, and make materials, which are sustainable and will be kind to the environment instead of damaging it for future generations.

I love finding companies which are creating products using these advances in technology, as well as donating a portion of profits from specific products to do good in the world. Whether we help those in need, or reduce our waste on our planet, we are helping humanity through giving back and protecting the environment.

There are so many causes and issues for us as humans to care about. It can sometimes be overwhelming as to which ones we choose to support! Sometimes we can donate our time and money to causes, other times it is fine for us to be passive and purchase products we already need which support causes we may not normally donate to, or we don’t have the time to support another way.

These five brands are killing it! They are either using technology to create sustainable fashion, or using their resources to help those in need. I love supporting brands that give back, and hope you enjoy doing so too!

  1. Chico’s: As you know, I am a huge Chico’s fan! They have beautiful prints and patterns designed in-house by artists, as well as practical garments that are easy to wash and wear on a daily basis. The company is dedicated to the community, and one of their big impacts is the work they do for Habitat for Humanity. Chico’s gives both time and money to this important cause, and you can help them! They have a collection online which helps raise money for Habitat for Humanity. They also help collect donations for the charity. You can find the perfect cardigan or top for summer, while supporting an important cause. Love that! You can learn all about it at
  2. adidas: adidas is my favorite athletic brand, and I love the fact that they are innovating ways to help the environment and make fashion more sustainable. Their “For the Oceans” campaign currently produces shoes made from recycled polyester; and the shoes are 100% recyclable. The company is working hard towards shifting to recycled polyester on their line by 2024. Stay tuned! I will be going more in-depth on this topic later this month. To learn more now, please visit
  3. H&M: This fast fashion retailer is working hard to protect the environment and become more sustainable. They collect old clothing in-store so that it can be recycled instead of thrown away. H&M also has an eco-conscious collection which promotes the use of recycled materials. Love! To see the collection, check out
  4. TOMS: I think by now, TOMS is a household names. This innovative company has built their business on giving back to the community. Every TOMS purchase benefits one of six causes the company is dedicated to. These causes include homelessness, equality, safe water, mental health, ending gun violence, and giving shoes to those in need. To learn more, head over to
  5. Makers Market: This innovative company offers handmade products for the whole family, and for the home. They also offer upcycled goods and sustainable products! To learn more, please visit

There you have it! This is my current list of brands that give back. Which brands that give back are your favorites? Please share in the comments below!

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Home is the key | Chico’s and Habitat for Humanity

chicos and habitat for humanity

pictured: blue and silver earrings / lipsticknecklace / pink tee c/o Chico’s / mother of pearl and silver cocktail ring / blue nail polish / black stretch pants c/o White House Black  Market / black satchel / black wedge espadrilles (so comfy!)

bottom photo: orchid pajama set c/o SOMA Intimates / water bottle c/o Chico’s / book c/o Chico’s /

I’m so excited to to announce this to you! If you already follow Chicos, SOMA Intimates, and/or White House Black Market, you may already know that the company has partnered with Habitat for Humanity. If not, you will love this!

Chico’s FAS and Habitat for Humanity have empowered women to build strength, stability, and independence through housing. Their amazing partnership has allowed Chico’s to make a difference through financial support and volunteer hours. Since 2001, Chico’s FAS has partnered with Habitat for Humanity in Southwest Florida where they are headquartered.

Chico’s has provided countless volunteer hours and financial support to build 41 homes which have helped families in the Southwest Florida region. For 2018, Chico’s is sponsoring Habitat’s 2018 Women Build program and the company will empower 40,000 women nationally to learn construction and leadership skills while aiding other women with decent, affordable housing. Love this! Through shelter, they empower!

Now the fun part, you can help! Now through May 31, 2018, you can help by making a donation to Habitat at Chico’s, White House Black Market, and SOMA Intimates boutiques nationwide. You can also contribute online at In addition, a portion of sales from certain products will also benefit Habitat. Love it!

Here are some fun facts:

  • Habitat has helped 3.2 million people since 1976
  • Habitat is the #3 private home builder in the U.S.
  • In a stable home, children are 116% more likely to graduate from college.
  • The stability and security of home-ownership allows families to pursue careers, further their education, and watch their children thrive.

You can learn more about Chico’s FAS is supporting Habitat’s Home is the Key campaign by visiting or



*thank you to Chico’s for partnering on this post. all thoughts and opinions are my own

chicos soma habitat for humanity