Muir Woods family hike

wearing: blue tee / backpack (old, also love this one) / black belt / jeans / nail polish / statement earrings / hiking boots (old, also love this pair) /

If you are local to the San Francisco Bay Area, there is a good chance you have visited Muir Woods at some point in your life. If not, what are you waiting for? People from around the world make it a point to visit Muir Woods when they travel to San Francisco, so definitely make sure it gets on your to do list!

Muir Woods is filled with old growth redwood trees, many of which have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. There have also been historical events which occurred at Muir Woods such as when the UN met in San Francisco to get organized, they visited Muir Woods and even took a picture!

Since Muir Woods is such a popular destination, a reservation system has been put in place for visitors. I have to admit, I love the reservation system. I remember when you just showed up on a whim. The parking lot would be gridlock and there would be way too many people on the trails. With the reservation system, traffic is controlled, and the trails are not crowded. It really is better for the environment as well as the overall experience. Love it!

Speaking of the trails, there is a trail for every hiking level at Muir Woods. You can walk along the flat trail and learn about the history of the park, or you can wander onto one of the many trails which take your through the park. We found a trail which was moderately challenging and took two hours to complete.

You can learn more about Muir Woods and make reservations at Be sure to print your tickets at home, there isn’t any cell service at Muir Woods.

I recommend getting an early morning reservation to beat the summer heat. This will clear up your afternoon so you can explore Marin County, or head back into the city to play tourist.

Enjoy your visit and also bring a water bottle, wear hiking boots, and watch for ticks.

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