Should you go to parents weekend?

Treat your student to a meal at a restaurant and give them a break from dorm food

There is a question many parents of college students, especially first year college students, asks themselves. Should you go to parents weekend? (also referred to as families weekend, or parent and family weekend, at some universities)

Most colleges offer a weekend of activities for parents and families roughly six weeks into the first semester or quarter of the fall term. This is about the time when many students become homesick, are stressed out from mid-terms, and/or simply miss their parents. It also goes the opposite way where parents really miss their children! If you are like me, you started to miss your child at drop-off, before getting in the car, or the boarding the airplane home.

A parents weekend is a great time to visit your child, as long as you understand they cannot spend every waking moment with you. This fun-filled weekend is smack in the middle of mid-terms. Your child will likely have a big exam to study for, or have other activities they need to attend to such as club meetings, practices, work shifts, or volunteer duties. You will need to be patient and supportive of your child, and speak with them before-hand as you plan the schedule for the weekend; especially if you are making dinner reservations or there are ticketed events on campus which need to be paid for in advance.

The itinerary for parents weekend compensates for this conundrum by offering sessions for parents which you can attend while your child is busy. You can learn more about the degree your child is studying, learn about school traditions, find out about extra-curricular activities your child might be interested in, find ways for parents to be involved in booster activities etc., learn about on and off campus housing, and more. Save the fun stuff such as a tour of the football stadium, tour of all the haunted spots on campus, etc. for when you your student can go with you. These are fun bonding moments and things they might not do on their own when you aren’t there.

So, the question remains, should you go to parents weekend? Yes and no. Yes, if your child can carve out the time to spend with you, no if they have a huge mid-term and you don’t need to attend any of the sessions offered for parents. If you don’t go to parents weekend, find a weekend which works for your child and visit them at that time. This will allow you both to have fun. If your child has a huge exam on Monday and you flew across the country for parents weekend, your student will feel obligated to spend time with you and this could cause undue stress. So, before booking those tickets, speak with your student first to make sure parents weekend fits into their schedule.

Parents weekend is not just for first year parents, it is something you can attend every year until your student graduates. It is also the perfect excuse for visiting your student without looking like a helicopter parent. I love parents weekend for that reason! Haha

This is also a great time to bring your student a gift such as a squishie or homemade cookies. It is also about halfway between drop-off day and thanksgiving break, so the timing of parents weekend is genius.

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So, should you go to parents weekend? My short answer is yes, unless your student has a huge exam or other conflict, then, find another weekend where you can visit and enjoy some time with your child.

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Best Pasta in the South Bay

pictured: Fettucine Bianco from Bella Saratoga, in Saratoga, Ca. This is one of my favorite pasta dishes in the South Bay /

One of my favorite meals is a yummy plate of pasta. I love all types of pasta dishes, and you will find me ordering pasta in restaurants, as well as cooking it myself at home. Therefore, it is only natural that I have a list of the best pasta restaurants in the South Bay!

I grew up eating pasta since my ancestors came here from Italy. Fun fact, I am one hundred percent of Italian decent! So, I would like to consider myself an expert on delicious pasta and how it should be cooked, as well as the best sauces.

So, if you live near San Jose, and you love pasta, let’s talk about the best pasta! Yum!!

My favorite pasta restaurants in the South Bay, listed in alphabetical order.

  • Aldo’s Ristorante & Bar
    • 14109 Winchester Blvd., Los Gatos, CA
    • Favorites: Tortellini alla Tommaso, Rigatoni Paesani, and Tagliatelle alla Aldo. Get the cannoli!
  • Bella Saratoga
    • 14503 Big Basin Way, Saratoga, CA
    • Favorites: Fettucine Bianco, Bolognese, and Chicken Mushroom Linguine.
  • Florentine Trattoria
    • 14510 Big Basin Way, Saratoga, CA
    • Favorites: Half & Half, Ravioli, and classic Bolognese. Also, get the lemoncello dessert!
  • Italian Brothers Restaurant
    • 330 No Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos, CA
    • Favorites: Pappardelle Salsiccia e Funghi, Rigatoni Pesto, and Rigatoni Mafiosa
  • Sorelle Italian Bistro
    • 915 San Tomas Aquino Road, Campbell, CA
    • Favorites: Sorelle Short Rib Bolognese, Linguini with grilled jumbo shrimp, Traditional meat sauce, and get the cannoli!

Do you have any favorite pasta restaurants in the southern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area? If so, feel free to share in the comments below!

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pictured below: Half and Half from Florentine Trattoria

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum San Jose

rosicrucian egyptian museum san jose review

wearing: blue tee / statement earrings / black handbag / black belt / shorts (similar here) / silver bracelet / summer nail polish / sneakers / ankle bracelet /

Egypt’s history is absolutely fascinating, and we are fortunate to have a fabulous museum which celebrates this ancient civilization in San Jose. If you are local to the Bay Area, and you have not visited the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum yet, what are you waiting for? Go now! If you plan to visit the area, be sure to schedule a visit in your itinerary.

My grades in history were not that great, in fact, when I was in school it was my least favorite subject. This actually makes me laugh now because as an adult, I love history! I actively seek out historical information and I can spend hours diving deep into history. I wish I could do that when I was in school! haha To be frank, there was only one historical subject which fascinated me when I was in school, and that was Egyptian history.

In the sixth grade, my teacher had visited Egypt several times and was able to teach us about it with her personal experience. She even showed us her personal slides taken during many of her visits! It was amazing and I was extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated teacher. This is why I loved Egyptian history; she really made it come alive as compared to all of the other histories I found boring in school. Since I enjoyed Egyptian history, my Mom and my best friends’ mom took us both to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum so we could see artifacts in person. My friend I bought earrings in the gift shop and really enjoyed the visit.

Although the gift shop does not seem to exist anymore, the museum has grown over the decades and includes genuine artifacts as well as casts of original artifacts. The description by each item will let you know which it is. Since my mom took me here, I felt it was only natural that I bring my kids here too. I wish I had done it sooner! They studied Egypt in middle school and now they are in high school and college. Is this a hashtag mom fail? Yikes! But I digress. . .

We spent about two hours at the museum but could have easily stayed longer. There are several levels to look through and the museum also has an exhibit on Alchemy which the museum plans to expand into its’ own museum. Alchemy is directly tied to Egyptian history so it will be incredible when it is complete.

One of my favorite things inside the museum is the recreation of a tomb. You can walk through the cave-like tomb and see what it is like inside of one located in Egypt. They even created the paintings and markings.

In addition to just viewing artifacts and learning history, the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum has been thoughtful in their artifact descriptions. I loved seeing how history is similar to modern day as well as how it repeats itself. You can even see an example of how clear cutting created climate change! Please read the photo below as an example.

In addition to the museum inside, there is more to learn in the museum gardens. The museum displays an outdoor version of Senet, an ancient game, as well as plants and other objects which offer descriptions of how they fit into Egypt’s rich history.

I recommend arriving a little bit early to the museum so you can enjoy the outdoor gardens before going inside. They are really beautiful and interesting!

You can learn more, and plan your visit, by visiting the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum’s website at

If you are looking for a yummy place to eat before or after your visit to the museum, I highly recommend Park Station Hashery which is on the corner of Naglee and Park Ave. They have delicious brunch items. My favorite is the breakfast burrito which appears on the specials. The regular menu is good too!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your visit!