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ghostbusters fire station new york

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Ghostbusters! This was one of my favorite movies as a kid, so it was natural for me to want to stop by the fire station where a lot of the magic happened in the movie. Quite literally!

The Ghostbusters fire station is a functioning firehouse. We saw fire fighters on duty, and we were able to peek into the side door where we could see an engine ready to go. For those of us who were looky-loos, we were all outside taking pictures.

I was happy to be able to take a quick photo in front of the firehouse despite the strong winds blowing right at me; I think you can tell the wind was strong by looking at me! haha

Speaking of Ghostbusters, I found out there is another sequel to the original movie, and it is in theaters right now! This version features the original actors. I am so excited! I am looking at my schedule as we speak to find a day to go see it. It looks so good! Have you seen it yet?

If you love Ghostbusters like me, there is also a fabulous Lego display at the Lego store near Rockefeller Plaza. I snapped a photo, which you can see below. The marshmallow man is my favorite villain from the movie.

Well, that’s my touristy, fan-girl visit to the Ghostbusters firehouse! If you love the movie like me, and happen to be in NYC, definitely stop by and get your superfan photo!

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lego store ghostbusters new york