Five books to read while shelter in place

5 books to read while sheltering in place

Do you always want to read a book, but find yourself complaining about not having the time to read one? Well guess what! Now you do! Since we are all staying home, social distancing, and sheltering-in-place, we have an increased amount of free time on our hands. Unless you are one of our community heroes at a grocery store, hospital, or other essential service. If you are an essential service employee, I salute you and I thank you for your dedication to the community. You are truly helping all of us get through this!

If you are like me, and are hunkered down at home, then you have time to read. After all, wouldn’t you like a reason to get off your screens? I would!

I am currently reading “Season of the Witch,” which is about how San Francisco shaped into the city it is today. As someone whose family has been in San Francisco since the gold rush, this is very interesting to me to read. While it’s opinion differs from those in my family who lived through it, it is an interesting read and perspective.

Another good read is “Modern Etiquette Made Easy.” This is a great book for seeing how etiquette plays out in our modern era. Many of us learned older versions of etiquette growing up, so this is a great way to see what’s new, and what’s still relevant. My teen girls really enjoy reading this book too. So if you have a teen, this is a great time to teach your teen modern etiquette through this book. even if you don’t have a teen, this is a fabulous read for any age. I believe it was written for adults like us. Love it!

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What are some of your favorite books to read right now?

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Inspired by my daughters with adidas

international womens day adidas supports women

wearing: black sweatshirt / black and gold stripe pants / white sneakers (hot IT item for spring!) / mint green tee / black and white pants  (on both my daughters) / black and white sneakers (on both my daughters) / zip-up sweatshirt / mini backpack /

My daughters are a huge inspiration for me. They are growing up in a time where women have more rights, and more respect, than I saw growing up in the 80’s and 90’s.

When I was growing up, there was a glass ceiling. While the glass ceiling might still be there, it is a lot thinner, and easier to break now, then it was back in the day. My daughters see a limitless future. They feel like they can be anything they want to be when they grow up. They don’t see any career as “just for men,” or any level in a company as “men only.” My daughters know they can grow up and run a company, start their own company, and carve a path in this world that can change lives; they see no glass ceiling or limits.

I remember thinking men ran companies, and business was something men majored in at school when I was their age. As a female, I was encouraged to get a liberal arts degree, or go into teaching. When I mentioned I was interested in majoring in chemistry, I was told that only men majored in chemistry. As a woman, I should major in history, English, the arts, or education. This is one reason why I chose English as my major in college. It was one of the few options my surrounding environment told me was acceptable. I was actually in shock when I got to college and all my new friends were business majors. Wasn’t that what men majored in? How could so many women be allowed to major in business? It was not an option for me.

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We are a product of our environment. My environment was traditional. Women eventually got married, quit their job, and raised children. Ambitious dreams were for men, not women. I envied the girls I was friends with. They were encouraged to major in business, and forge their own path.

A few years after college, I realized how much I enjoyed working in a business environment, and I wanted to advance in my career. I decided to go back to school and earn my MBA. I was told it was a waste of time and money, since someday I would be home with the kids. While my friends supported me, my family did not. I worked full time while earning my MBA part time. I went to evening classes, and was lucky enough to attend a University with some classes on Saturdays. It took me 3.5 years, but I did it! I also paid for it all by myself; without any family help. This was a huge accomplishment for me.

I used my degree to eventually advance my career, and then start my own company. Owning a small business is something I didn’t think a woman could do when I was growing up. My daughters were already alive when I started it. They were my inspiration to forge my own path. I wanted them to know they would be anything, or do anything, they wanted to in life. They encourage me constantly, and believe a woman can do anything she sets her mind to. They don’t see the glass ceiling I saw growing up. The world is their oyster, and they plan to conquer it.

My oldest daughter wants to be a filmmaker; specifically in animation. She wants to create amazing animated films for families to enjoy together. She has researched which colleges to go to, and which companies to work for. She even believes she can someday start her own animation studio and produce films herself. She has big dreams, and doesn’t see any limits.

My younger daughter would like to be a famous restaurateur someday. She wants to own Michelin Star restaurants and bakeries. She too has researched where to go to college, and which type of degrees would help her achieve her dream. She also plans to have her own Food Network show someday, and become a household name like Guy Fieri. She sees no limits.

adidas supports women international womens day

I love that my daughters enjoy wearing adidas, and I also love that fact that it’s the “IT” brand at their schools. adidas does so much to support women, and help close the gender gap. They support programs, and help inspire women on a day-to-day basis. They really celebrate women who inspire, empower, and break barriers for women. I am so proud to see them wear adidas pieces since the brand does so much to help make the world a better place. It also happens to be my favorite go-to brand for athleisure days. Love!

It’s inspiring to see such big and creative dreams come out of my daughters. I had no idea how vast and creative the world could be. I love how they have found incredible dreams, and have set goals on how to achieve those dreams. Their ambition inspires and drive me to be a better mom, a better businesswoman, and a better all-around woman. While there is still work to do in order to achieve a gender equal world, we have made great strides over the past few decades. I look forward to seeing the world my future grand-daughters grow up in; and see how my daughters inspire them.

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Anaheim Garden Walk lunar light show

anaheim garden walk spring outfit ideas lunar light show garden walkanaheim garden walk

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On the last day of the cheer competition, we relaxed by the pool at the hotel, visited The Bowery Museum in Santa Ana, and then enjoyed dinner at McCormick & Schmick’s at the Anaheim Garden Walk. This ultra cute shopping and dining area is roughly one block from the Anaheim Convention Center, and Disneyland. It was an easy walk from the hotel, and a hidden gem we hadn’t been to before.

The Anaheim Garden Walk had a ton of local shops-not chains-and it also included a large number of restaurants. After dinner, we walked around and discovered a beautiful LED light show throughout Anaheim Garden Walk. It was a light garden which was a special display for lunar new year. We felt so lucky to have stumbled upon it!

The lights were beautiful and glowed in the night sky. My camera does not do all the vibrant colors justice. It was magical and pretty. We kept stopping along the way to snap pictures in front of the various displays. Many of the light fixtures were set-up for Instagram moments, so there were plenty of people trying to get the right shot for Instagram. We were not as careful as other people, as we got giddy over each fixture, and tried to quickly snap photos so we could go on the next installation.

We also enjoyed the locally owned shops and my daughter found a few beauty items at one of them. If you visit Disneyland, or are in the Anaheim area, I highly recommend checking out the Anaheim Garden Walk. It is a really nice shopping and dining area! It looks like the lunar new year display will be up until the end of February. So if you can get there before the end of the month-do it!

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