The perfect Hawaiian sunset

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wearing: pearl earrings (purchased in Hawaii, similar pair here) / sunglasses / summer lipstick / floral top / black pants / summer nail polish / woven handbag / black mule espadrilles (super comfy!)

The sun sets every night in Hawaii, but it isn’t always visible. Some of the nights we spent in Hawaii offered us a cloud cover instead of a sunset. The missed sunsets were a moot point after viewing the one incredible sunset we experienced at Sam Choy’s just south of Kona.

We stumped upon this restaurant on our way back to our hotel after visiting Volcanoes National Park. We took the highway along the coast to travel the two hours back to our hotel, and along the way we passed huge flowers, macadamia farms, and no restaurants in sight! Haha

It was like an oasis appeared when we saw a large golf course and condo complex. Just beyond it we could see what appeared to be a small shopping center. We turned into the center and the first building we saw was Sam Choy’s! I could tell by the way it was perched upon the hill, the views would be incredible. I didn’t care what type of menu they might have, that was where we would eat; executive decision made!

No-one complained as parked and walked into the restaurant. It had a 230 degree view of the ocean; perfect for viewing a Hawaiian sunset. The hostess was really nice, and gave us a table with a view for dinner. We ordered our meals and ate slowly, so as not to finish before sunset. We needed to waste a little over an hour!

kay lime pie sam choy's hawaii konasunset sam choy's hawaiikon sunset hawaii big island

We got lucky! The food was delicious, and after our meals, we ordered dessert. The desserts were equally divine, and kept us dining until sunset. The views of the sunset were unreal.

If you are planning a trip to the Big Island, be sure to pop into Sam Choy’s for dinner one night in order to enjoy the incredible sunset from your dinner table. It was heaven on Earth!

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The rest of the trip we enjoyed clouds hiding the sunsets. We were so thankful for this beautiful view of the sunset over dinner at Sam Choy’s. It was the only sunset we needed to see.

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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

hawaii volcanoes national park volcano hawaii big island volcanoes

The Big Island is famous for more than just smooth, Kona coffee, it is also famous for its active volcanoes! While there weren’t any volcanoes spilling lava during our stay in Hawaii, we were able to tour Volcanoes National Park and view the craters, and steam vents, up close.

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park was slightly over two hours by car from our hotel in Kona. It was an easy drive, and the scenery was unreal. Going over to the park, we drive up and over the mountain which allowed us to see lava fields from the car. We were also able to see the vegetation growing back over the lava fields; many of which were centuries old.

It was incredible to see how the lava dried over the years, and the land formations they created. It was beautiful and eerie at the same time. As you head in Hilo from highway 200, you can see the land go from lava and desolate, to lush and tropical. It’s really incredible!

Entering Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park is easy. There were hardly any cars in front of us at the gate, and it’s only $25 for one car. The parking lot for the visitor’s center was less than a minute from the gate, so it was easy to enter, park, and then put on our hiking shoes before visiting the Visitor’s Center.

The Visitor’s Center is a must-see at Volcanoes National Park. They have incredible maps, and the rangers will gladly give you history, facts, and any information you need. They are super nice! We spent some time there before starting our first hike.

volcanoes national park hiking trails sulfur fuelds hawaii volcanoes national park challenging hikes hawaii

We decided to go for a flat hike since we had the kids with us. The flat hike wove through the steam vents. Apparently I cannot handle the sulfur, and I quickly needed to turn around and go back towards the Visitor’s Center. At least the kids were OK. I was left with a burning sore throat for the next twelve hours! I recommend trying another trail when you go, just a thought, but I digress. . .

Since that trail didn’t work, we went over to “Crater Trail” and hiked down towards the crater. It was lush and tropical; it was also very steep! This is fine with medium to full size kids, but if your kids are little, I would not recommend this trail. Although it is very steep, it’s such a great workout; and it was really beautiful!

After hiking, we stopped into Volcano House for lunch. This is a restaurant inside the historic inn, Volcano House, across from the Visitor’s Center at Volcanoes National Park. The food was really good, and we had a view of one of the craters! It was stunning and surreal to eat lunch knowing we were practically on top of a volcano crater! Eeeek! -that being said, I highly recommend it! Haha

volcano house lunch mahi mahi

After lunch, it started raining, so we decided to do the car tour. There is a road which leads you to many significant lava fields, and then ends up at the ocean where you can look back and see the lava trails on the mountain. Plus, the oceanfront offers an incredible arch!

The drive is really well planned out by the park service. There are signs along the road which tell you the name of the lava field, and the year of the eruption. The significant eruptions have turn-offs where you can park your car and view the lava field. You can get some incredible photos and views of the lava fields this way!

hawaii volcanoes national park drive tour 1974 hawaii crator volcano eruption

The ranger at the beach was also extremely nice. She told us about the lava fields leading to the ocean, some of which were roughly seven hundred years old! There was also a trail near the ocean where you can view ancient Pu’u Loa Petroglyphs drawings. We were too tired to stop and look at them, which I regret now. We should have topped to see them. If you go, stop and see them! They have been there for over six hundred years!

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a must-see if you visit the Big Island. After all, where else are you going to be able to see lava fields and learn the history behind them? It’s incredible!

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The most beautiful beach on the Big Island

aiopio beach hawaii travel guide hawaii big island beaches

One of the most beautiful sights to see in Hawaii is the large network of beaches. So when I was planning our family vacation to Hawaii, I knew I needed to research where to go, and plan ahead!

In the Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park, there is a beach which is not only beautiful, it is sacred ground filled with history. What we thought would be a hike through lava, turned out to be a short walk to a beach that was hidden behind a marina; and has to be the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in my life. Ai’opio Beach, you have to go there!

best beach hawaii historical beach hawaii

After walking on a trail, and almost overheating, we suddenly came upon the beach. We knew it was there, but we had no idea how dreamy it would be. There was a hut, which we later found out was a sacred and historical fishing hut. In the water, there were what appeared to be short walls made from lava rocks. They turned out to be ancient foundations for sacred buildings and fishing huts.

There was also a short wall which was an ancient fishing area that fishermen used to trap fish, and then capture them with nets. It was a  beautiful little cove, and the ancient foundations and history made it all the more beautiful.

It’s always fun to learn more about the local history of the places we visit. It is not only educational for the kids, it helps us understand the local area; plus it’s super interesting!

aiopio beach kona hawaiiturtles beach hawaii

In addition to history, we had a turtle sighting! There were two swimming in the water where it was really shallow. One of the turtles stuck it’s head out when we were watching it; as if it were saying “Aloha!” We were so excited to see the turtles.

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If you are traveling to the Big Island, this beach is a must-see! You can park in the Marina, and then follow the signs to the shore which will lead you on a path to this amazing beach. It’s a must-do!

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