San Jose Art Walk Tour

Standing in front of the “Veteran’s Memorial of San Jose” and next to “Untitled” by Kenneth Matsumoto.

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I love finding local, cultural activities to explore and show my kids. When I heard about the San Jose Art Walk in downtown San Jose, I was excited to learn it was both an opportunity to walk around and get fresh air, as well as explore outdoor art.

The San Jose Art Walk is a public art tour of over forty different art pieces. There is a combination of murals, statues, and more! When I first looked at the map, I thought it would be a one day activity. I was wrong! There is a lot to explore; making this is a great multi-day activity.

There are a few installations which are best seen after dark. We all hopped into the car one evening and following the map, we explored LED light art installations around downtown San Jose. It was really interesting! I don’t have photos to share because we were in the car and I was driving. You will just have to explore the light installations yourself!

The second time we went downtown to explore the art walk, we parked near the Discovery Museum and walked throughout that portion of downtown, up to Cesar Chavez Plaza. This took roughly an hour and a half. We were able to see roughly 25% of the tour. We will definitely have to head back down to see the other portions of the art walk we missed!

From top left: Momotaro / Horizon / Space Dance for Peace 1 / Plumed Serpent /

Each art installation has a placard which describes the piece in more detail than you find on the map. It’s fun to follow the map, and look for each piece. In some cases, it feels like a scavenger hunt as you try to find an installation hidden in a courtyard, or behind a building. It’s a fun activity with the kids!

If you are local to the Bay Area, or you are visiting, this is a fun and free activity you can do! You can be ambitious, and try to see the entire art walk in one day, or you can break it up into different days like we are doing. Either way, it’s a great way to enjoy outdoor art while getting some exercise.

Here is a link to the San Jose Art Walk map-if you can print it out before you go, I highly recommend doing so!

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Have you gone on the San Jose Art Walk in downtown San Jose? What did you think?

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Thomas Fallon Statue 1989

Natural Bridges State Beach sea arch

Natural Bridges State Beach is a small park in Santa Cruz; just north of the famous boardwalk area. This beach area is a jem if you love both the beach and easy hiking trails. In addition to a clean, sandy beach which is mostly flat and easy to enjoy, there are short trails behind the beach where you can hike before relaxing by the ocean.

In addition to a beautiful beach for relaxing, and hiking trails for a little exercise, there is a very fabulous sea arch! This sea arch is one of three natural bridges left at the beach. Around 1900, there were three arches, the farthest arch collapsed in the early part of the 1900’s. Until 1980, the first arch, which connected the middle arch to the mainland, collapsed in a storm. If you are local, and old enough to remember, you may have seen it! Perhaps it’s in the background of one of your family photos!

Alas, there is only one arch left; so if you are local, or plan to travel to the Santa Cruz area, definitely visit the beach so you can see the beautiful arch in person; before it’s gone too! Unfortunately due to erosion, these sea arches don’t last forever.

So of course, I had to take a touristy photo in front it; just for memories of course 🙂

Our family visited Natural Bridges State Beach over the weekend, and enjoyed a relaxing day by the ocean. We wore sweats, and brought blankets, to stay cozy in the cool, 50 to 60 degree weather. It was a nice day of book reading, and picnicking by the sea.

Sometimes the beach is nice when it’s a cold day; it does not always need to be a sunbathing and swimming type of occasion. Relaxing with the sound of the ocean is a great way to enjoy the coast during the spring and fall months. I love it!

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Do you enjoy the beach in cooler weather? What are favorite cool weather, beach activities?

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Family day at the Pumpkin Patch

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Fall is here! This year, seeing the pumpkin patch open was thrilling! Normally we wait until a week before Halloween to visit the pumpkin patch. Our goal has always been to buy pumpkins to carve for Halloween. This year, Halloween is going to be much smaller since we aren’t allowed to trick or treat, and the kids cannot attend their normal Halloween gatherings. Therefore, the pumpkin patch took on a new meaning for me this year; decorate for fall.

Despite the ninety-degree weather out there right now, fall is here. So, to get into the spirit, I’ve been stocking up on any pumpkin food at the market I can find. I also invested in a new fall wreath for the front door, and bought pumpkins early to decorate the front door! I have to admit, I love the fall decor! Oh, and I also bought those mini gourds and pumpkins to decorate my kitchen table. Yes, I am overboard for fall this year. haha, don’t hate!

We didn’t spend a long time at the pumpkin patch this year, since we are trying to stay safe and not get sick. We were there just long enough to pick out some really cute pumpkins for the front door, which will get carved a few days before Halloween, and snap a few quick pictures! After all, is it really fall if you don’t take a picture with a pumpkin? Cheesy-yes, necessary-also yes!

Are you heading out to the pumpkin patch this year? Do you usually buy pumpkins to decorate for fall, or are you looking for future jack-o-lanturns?

I hope you are having a fabulous fall season. Oh, and if you are looking for a good laugh, I fell into, then had trouble getting out of, a giant chair. Kudos to my son for capturing my fall. You can see it below.

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