Diorific Emerald nail polish from the Dior Holiday 2017 collection

dior emerald nail polish holidays 2017 review

pictured: Dior Diorific Emerald nail polish from the Dior Holiday 2017 beauty collection

J’Adore Dior! Ah Dior! Why are you so fabulous?! Diorific Emerald nail polish is an earth-shattering, sparkling holiday green nail polish; unlike any other green polish out there for the holiday season. The entire Dior holiday 2017 nail polish collection is absolutely amazing.

I would have purchased all four colors, but I couldn’t justify repeating hues I already had in my nail arsenal for such a short season. But this green! Dior Emerald is worth every penny; and more!

The photo above shows Diorific Emerald nail polish against a green lawn, so you can see how the color plays against green. The photo below is set against my usual pool water background; and the polish appears to take on more of a blue hue. Emerald by Dior is a true blue-green hue which captures the colors it is around. It may look more blue in one light, and more green in another.

Diorific Emerald nail polish has teeny-tiny sparkles which catch the light and make the polish shine. It is a festive green which is easy to wear with the season’s color palette. This is the perfect nail polish to wear on a daily basis since it doesn’t scream “party!” yet still exudes a festive, holiday vibe. Love that!

I tested out Diorific Emerald nail polish is one base coat, and two coats of color. I did not use a top coat. Dior nail polish tends to be long lasting, so I didn’t feel the need to use a top coat. Two coats of color was perfect. It is not a cream polish, so Emerald by Dior doesn’t streak. It applies smoothly and leaves a shimmering, solid color. My only complaint is the Diorific application brush. I prefer the regular Dior nail polish brush which is better balanced. The Diorific application brush is too short, and the handle is awkward. Applying this nail polish is a chore; but I do it because the color is so fabulous!

You can find Diorific Emerald nail polish for holiday 2017 season online here.

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