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Chanel nail polish holidays 2020

Chanel holidays 2020 nail polish review

chanel nail polish holidays 2020 chanel chaine d or

Chanel nail polish holidays 2020: Chanel Chaine D’Or nail polish /

All that glitters is really gold! Chanel streamlined their holiday nail polish collection for 2020, and they hit a home run! It’s always a little tricky to only release one color for a major season, but leave it to Chanel to choose the most beautiful hue for the holiday season. Chanel Chaine D’Or nail polish is the color of our dreams for the holidays. Love!

For the 2020 holidays, Chanel nail polish is a sparkling and festive gold hue. This color is perfect to take us from the beginning of the holiday season, all the way through to the new year. Now, raise your hand if you are REALLY looking forward to the new year?! I mean, was that even a question? Of course we all are!

Gold is a beautiful hue. It is a color which evokes success, prestige, luxury, prosperity, and an uplifted mood. Gold is the color we need this holiday season to make us feel special, as well as happier. After all, when we start to get vaccinated and back to our normal lives next year, we will want to feel prosperous, successful, and downright happy! Why not have our nails ahead of the curve, and ready for the sparkling new year? Love that!

Chanel nail polish holidays 2020 | Chanel Chaine D’Or

chanel chaine d or holidays 2020

I’m absolutely in love with Chanel Chaine D’Or nail polish for the holiday 2020 season. It is a beautiful, sparkling gold hue which is idea for the holiday season, as well as into the new year. I cannot wait to wear it all season long and celebrate getting out of this year, and into the new one!

If you aren’t a metallic nail polish person, I highly recommend continuing to wear Chanel Interdit from the fall 2020 season. It is a beautiful, deep red which moves easily from the fall season, into the holidays. Chanel Interdit is also a classic dark red, so it’s a great color to always have in your nail polish wardrobe.

Shop the Chanel nail polish holidays 2020 nail polish  and beauty collection online:

What do you think of Chanel Chain D’Or nail polish for the holiday 2020 season? Will you be rocking it?

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Dior Diorific nail polish holidays 2019 and New Year’s 2020

dior holiday nail polish collection 2019

Dior Diorific nail polish holidays 2019 collection from left: Diorific Charm nail polish / Diorific Dream nail polish  / Happy 2020 Diorific Diorama top coat / Diorific Passion nail polish /

Can you believe holiday nail polish is already hitting store shelves?! Not only has Dior released their Diorific holidays 2019 nail polish collection, they have also released a sparkling top coat for New Years 2020! Whaaaaa-aaaat????

Yup! The Diorific nail polish holiday 2019 collection is here, and it’s fabulous. There is a pretty, classic pink which is slightly darker than the pale pinks we have seen in the last few seasons. It’s a beautiful winter pink, and it’s perfect for everyday wear! In addition to pink, Dior also released a cherry red hue, and a fun purple shade. To make these colors more festive, the Diorific New Years 2020 glitter top coat incorporates all of these hues, and make any mani ready for a party. Love that!

Without further ado, here are the three Diorific nail polish holidays 2019 colors as well as the Diorific New Years 2020 sparkling top coat!

Dior Diorific holidays 2019 nail polish: Diorific Charm nail polish

Dior Diorrific Charm nail polish holidays 2019

As I mentioned above, this is the perfect pink hue for the winter season. It is understated enough for the office, yet color saturated enough to pack a good punch; while still making a winter statement. This will be my go-to nail polish hue this holiday season!

Dior Diorific holidays 2019 nail polish: Diorific Dream nail polish

diorrific dream nail polish holidays 2019

Looking for a fun, statement making hue? Diorific Dream is the nail polish color for you! This holiday purple will get you noticed, and blends well with the seasons’ color palette. It also looks fabulous underneath the Diorific Diorama top coat. Love that!

Dior Diorific holidays 2019 nail polish: Diorific Passion nail polish

Diorrific Passion nail polish holidays 2019

Can it be called a holiday nail polish collection without a red? Of course not! Diorific Passion is a pretty, cherry red hue, with plenty of pink undertones. It’s festive and sweet; plus looks fabulous underneath Dior’s glitter top coat, Diorific Diorama Happy 2020!

Dior Dorific nail polish new years 2020: Diorific Diorama glitter top coat

happy 2020 diorrific diorama top coat holidays 2019 dior diorrific nail polish holidays 2019 new years 2020

Happy 2020 Diorific Diorama glitter top coat will help you ring in the new year! Plus, it looks fabulous over Diorific Passion, making it great for Christmas or holiday parties too. For New Years, I plan to wear it over Dior’s purple hue, Diorific Dream. It’s festive and perfect fore New Years! Love that!

Shop Dior Diorific nail polish holidays 2019 collection online:

Which one of the Dior hues from the Diorific nail polish holidays 2019 collection do you like best? I plan on wearing Diorific Charm everyday, Diorific Passion on Christmas, and Diorific Dream into the new year. I love them all, which is why I purchased all four for the holiday season! Love!

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diorrific holidays 2019 nail polish collection

Black Friday tips and Cyber Monday tips

Black Friday Tips Cyber Monday Tips Shopping Tips

Have you ever wondered how to navigate the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales? Well never fear! My guide on how to survive Black Friday is here; packed with Black Friday tips and Cyber Monday tips!

Black Friday is one of the most popular, and crazy, shopping days of the year. It generates large amounts of revenue for stores both online and offline. This is when merchants make over 25% of their annual sales; if not more. They come out of the red, and into the black; hence the name “Black Friday.”

So many stores offer amazing discounts on Black Friday through sales, limited time discounts, and gifts with purchase. For many, shopping on Black Friday is actually a family tradition! They think it is fun! Personally, I like to avoid the malls on Black Friday altogether. I prefer to shop online, in my fuzzy slippers, with a cup of hot cocoa by my side. I don’t do crowds. No-sir-ree!

That being said, I completely understand why many of you love to head out to the malls and shopping districts on Black Friday. You can get a ton of shopping done, grab some fabulous deals, and feel the Christmas spirit. So, if you are a seasoned Black Friday shopper, then these tips are mere entertainment for you. On the flip side, if you are venturing out on Black  Friday for the first time, I hope these tips will help you stay fresh, focused, and able to find all those great deals!

Black Friday Tips at the mall

  1. Wear a cross body handbag: You are going to be reaching for gifts and juggling bags. The last thing you need to worry about is your purse. Wear a cross body bag. Oh, and I could care less that fanny packs are allegedly back in style. Fanny packs are a cruel joke. Just say no.
  2. Wear your athleisure shoes: This is not a day for prancing around in your new sparkle pumps. Wear your Addidas sneakers, or slip on sneakers. You will be able to outrun the other vultures trying to grab the last TV, and your feet will thank you.
  3. Bring your own reusable shopping totes: You have to pay for bags anyway, why not bring your own? Your shopping bags that you bring to the supermarket have long straps you can wear over your shoulder. Free up those hands! Plus they are more comfortable then the handheld bags you pay a quarter for at the store.
  4. Eat a big breakfast and bring snacks: This isn’t ordinary shopping, this isn’t even cardio, this is intense interval training level shopping! Eat a big, hearty breakfast, and pack some snacks in your purse. Everyone is out, and you will be standing in long lines. Plus, the restaurants will be full and if you don’t have a lunch reservation you might have to wait, and wait, and wait. Is that your tummy growling? Eat big at home before you leave! Your tummy will thank you.
  5. First in, first out: Yes, this is when FIFO comes to life! See, you can use Econ in real life! Arrive before the stores open, and have a master plan. Know where you are going first to shop, second, and so on. This way you can get in, get out, and get on with your life. Let’s face it, the early bird catches the worm! (Bonus points if you count all the  cliches I just used!)

Black Friday Tips: Black Friday online shopping tips

  1. Get comfortable: Put on your fuzzy slippers, have a warm drink, and have your credit card nearby. It is time for some shopping!
  2. Check my Black Friday Sales post: My post will come out on Wednesday, so be sure to check it out for the best sales!
  3. Have a list and check it twice: Make a list with the people you need to shop for, and what you want to buy for them. As you buy each gift, check it off your list!
  4. Take a deep breath, you are not with all the crowds, and it is sooooo relaxing!
  5. Get gift ideas! Check out my Gift Guides online here.
  6. Visit the websites early: If you already know what you want to buy, place it in your shopping cart and wait for the Black Friday Sales to start. Then all you have to do is check out as soon as the deals begin! Easy peasy!

Cyber Monday tips

  1. Get your credit card ready-some of these online deals are better then the ones from Black Friday!
  2. Check out my Cyber Monday deals post, which will go live on Sunday and highlight the hottest deals on the web.
  3. Have a list ready of what you want to buy.
  4. Visit the websites early: If you already know what you want to buy, place it in your shopping cart, and wait for the Cyber Monday Deals to start. Then all you have to do is check out as soon as the deals begin!
  5. Be sure to check out my Gift Guides: They have great gift ideas for the holidays!

There you have it! These are my Black Friday tips and Cyber Monday tips to help you get the most out of all the sales and deals you will find on the biggest two shopping days of the year! Stay tuned for more gift guides this season; and be sure to check out my Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales posts! They will list the best sales and deals for all the brands and stores we love! I will be also be sending this to my subscribers, if you don’t already subscribe, scroll down to my footer and subscribe for my weekly newsletter!

I hope you enjoyed my Black Friday tips and Cyber Monday tips. Have a fabulous Black Friday and a fun Cyber Monday! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉