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Chanel nail polish holidays 2020

Chanel holidays 2020 nail polish review

chanel nail polish holidays 2020 chanel chaine d or

Chanel nail polish holidays 2020: Chanel Chaine D’Or nail polish /

All that glitters is really gold! Chanel streamlined their holiday nail polish collection for 2020, and they hit a home run! It’s always a little tricky to only release one color for a major season, but leave it to Chanel to choose the most beautiful hue for the holiday season. Chanel Chaine D’Or nail polish is the color of our dreams for the holidays. Love!

For the 2020 holidays, Chanel nail polish is a sparkling and festive gold hue. This color is perfect to take us from the beginning of the holiday season, all the way through to the new year. Now, raise your hand if you are REALLY looking forward to the new year?! I mean, was that even a question? Of course we all are!

Gold is a beautiful hue. It is a color which evokes success, prestige, luxury, prosperity, and an uplifted mood. Gold is the color we need this holiday season to make us feel special, as well as happier. After all, when we start to get vaccinated and back to our normal lives next year, we will want to feel prosperous, successful, and downright happy! Why not have our nails ahead of the curve, and ready for the sparkling new year? Love that!

Chanel nail polish holidays 2020 | Chanel Chaine D’Or

chanel chaine d or holidays 2020

I’m absolutely in love with Chanel Chaine D’Or nail polish for the holiday 2020 season. It is a beautiful, sparkling gold hue which is idea for the holiday season, as well as into the new year. I cannot wait to wear it all season long and celebrate getting out of this year, and into the new one!

If you aren’t a metallic nail polish person, I highly recommend continuing to wear Chanel Interdit from the fall 2020 season. It is a beautiful, deep red which moves easily from the fall season, into the holidays. Chanel Interdit is also a classic dark red, so it’s a great color to always have in your nail polish wardrobe.

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What do you think of Chanel Chain D’Or nail polish for the holiday 2020 season? Will you be rocking it?

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