Color of the year 2020 Classic Blue

pantone color of the year 2020 classic blue

Pantone color of the year 2020: Classic Blue / graphic courtesy of Pantone

The color of the year 2020 has been announced, and I am here for it! Blue is my favorite color. I love the oceanic, peaceful vibe which blue evokes. I love how it looks in interiors, on my car, and on my clothing. When Pantone announced Classic Blue as the Color of the Year 2020 last week, I was thrilled! My favorite color gets a year to shine! Yay!

2020 is the dawn of a new decade. With a new decade, comes a sense of renewal filled with expectations, and a slight fear of the uknown. While that fear of the unknown isn’t as pronounced as it was when we went from 1999 to 2000, there is still a sense of wonderment as we move into a new decade. Since we are all filled with anticipation of a new decade, and a sense of renewal, we are all drawn towards colors which bring calm, grounding vibes. This is why Pantone’s Classic Blue has been crowned the Color of the Year 2020 for all aspects of our lives.

Classic Blue is a dark blue hue which is close to navy, but not quite navy. It’s what the sky looks like right after the sun goes down, and it is the color of the deep blue sea. It is a hue found in nature, and it is a timeless color when it comes to clothing, accessories, interior design, and more.

classic blue mood board color of the year 2020

My Classic Blue mood board for 2020. I love mixing shades of blue, so oceanic hues grounded in Classic Blue are inspiring me right now. 

As we move towards sustainability as a planet, we are looking towards more sustainable ways to manufacture clothing, as well as reduce the amount we are purchasing. Classic Blue is a color which uses dye from nature. It is made from Indigo, making it a plant based color. This helps to further make Classic Blue relevant as we move into a new decade, and time period, where protecting our environment becomes an increasingly important way of life.

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Below are color combinations we expect to see surrounded by Classic Blue in the new year.

Desert Twilight




Graphics courtesy of Pantone

“Ponder” and “Snorkel” are my two favorite color palettes anchored by Classic Blue. Which color combos are you drawn to? I am really excited about Classic Blue being the color of 2020. What are your thoughts on the hue?

You can check out Pantone’s press release at

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Shore Projects Watch

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Pictured: Sunglasses: Chanel / Lipstick: c/o Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Rosa / Earrings: Kendra Scott / Sweater: Banana Republic / Watch: c/o Shore Projects / Handbag: Saint Laurent / Skirt: Banana Republic / Nail Polish: Dior Bluette / Shoes: Ivanka Trump (on major sale!)

I am not one of those people who collects watches. To me, a wristwatch is something which should be timeless; an heirloom quality piece I can hand down to my children. My Mother owns three watches she has been wearing for decades; and each one has a story behind it. This has influenced me over the years to view watches as special pieces which tell a story I can pass on to future generations.

When Shore Projects introduced me to their beautiful collections of watches, I was thrilled! I usually pass on new watch trends, and brands, because I want a classic watch with a story behind it to invest in for my collection. Shore Projects instantly caught my attention because the watches offer timeless appeal, with a vintage vibe; and a story. I am in love!

Shore Projects watches offer a combination of modern innovation, with precision manufacturing, which when combined, create a beautiful timepiece that will last for generations. Each Shore Projects watch is made with a stainless steel case covered with crystal sapphire glass. The leather straps offer high quality leather sourced from Italy. All of Shore Projects watches are waterproofed to 100m; which means you can swim in the sea! Love that!

In addition to my love for the quality construction, and timeless appeal of every Shore Project watch, I love the fact that they are a product with a cause! Shore Projects has partnered with the Marine Conservation Society which works hard to increase protection levels for aquatic wildlife habitats; as well as to improve the conditions of our seas and coastlines. For every Shore Projects watch sold, £1 is donated to MCS in order to support them in their work to protect beaches and wildlife. How fabulous a story is that!

I absolutely adore my Shore Projects watch. These watches are not only classic, high quality timepieces, they can be customized to fit our individual tastes. Love that! There are several faces to choose from, and after you choose a watch-face, you can choose one or more straps to wear with the watch! This gives you an endless array of watch styles to choose from, and to love!

Since blue is my favorite color, I chose a light blue watch-face named the “Lulworth.” This beautiful watch-face can be paired with a fun, colorful strap, or a classic metal strap. I love metal straps so I chose a stainless steel strap. This summer, I want to switch things up and wear a strap in a light color. I just need to choose a color. There are so many amazing choices!

I am looking forward to pairing my Shore Projects watch with more winter into spring outfits, such as the one I am wearing in the photo above, as the weather transitions from cold to warm over the next couple of months. I am also looking forward to pairing it with summer outfits, followed by fall ensembles. This is a watch to wear forever. Love!

You can see all of the fabulous watch-faces, and watch straps, by Shore Projects online at You can also find select styles online here.

Watches I love by Shore Projects:

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Pantone color of the year 2016


Photo courtesy of Pantone

Move over Marsala, there is a new color of the year in town! Introducing the color of the year 2016, or should I say colors of the year 2016???

Pantone has announced there is not one, but two colors designated as the color of the year 2016. The colors are Rose Quartz and Serenity. A fabulous blush-pink, and a soft, almost-sky blue. I have to admit, I am in love!

I have been eyeing a blush handbag for the upcoming spring season; but unsure of what to get! So this is welcome news that Rose Quartz is one of the two colors of 2016. Since this pretty hue has been in style for the past two years, it is possible many of you already own it! I do not, so it looks like I have some shopping to do! Ha, any excuse right?

Blue happens to be my favorite color. I love any shade of blue you throw at me. So Serenity is a welcome color of 2016. I cannot wait to fill my closet with items in this pretty hue. They will be worn for many years to come; you can never own enough blue!

Since spring 2016 has not hit store shelves yet, and we will not see fall 2016 until February 2016, it is a little difficult to find a plethora of clothing and accessories on the market right now in the color of the year 2016. So, I scoured the Internet for something fabulous in these two hues. I found them!

Here are a few fabulous and fashionable pieces of clothing, and accessories, you can wear right now in the color of the year 2016! My first wish list item is a handbag. What is the first item you want in the color of the year 2016? Which color do you like? Rose Quartz or Serenity?