Express jeans review

OK, so I want to make this perfectly clear, this is NOT a sponsored post. Although I received gifted product from Express back in 2017, this article has nothing to do with that past relationship and is purely my opinion. Now that we cleared that up, I really love my Express denim!

I have always had Express on my radar. It was a fabulous place to shop back in high school, and I have been a customer this entire time. If you have been following along, then you may have noticed occasionally seeing pieces from Express pop up on my blog. This past year, when I was trying to replace my wardrobe due to my weight loss, Express was an easy place to go to stock up on the latest styles of denim and round out my casual wardrobe.

Express has tons of denim styles, so finding jeans in the right styles was easy. In addition to offering a ton of denim styles, they also have jeans in short, regular and tall lengths! Say what?! As someone who is 5’4″ and in love with wearing jeans, my height has always made shopping for jeans challenging. They are always too long, and if I wanted to have them shortened, there are very few styles that can actually be shortened without compromising the bottom half silhouette of the jeans. Flares and boot cut are always challenging, and anything with an interesting hemline would be compromised. Finding jeans in short lengths, is a godsend! In addition, if you are tall, I know you struggle finding jeans which are long enough; my dear friend has this problem!

The jeans I have purchased from Express over the past year, have held up really well in the wash. I wash them on warm and hang them to dry. The sizing is fairly consistent, which makes it easy to buy their jeans online. Express also sends out coupons if you shop with them a lot, and they also have occasional deals online such as buy one, get one 50% off. If you are just looking for one pair, they are usually priced under $100 already, so buying Express jeans is a guilt-free purchase. Love that!

So, if you need to update your denim wardrobe, now that skinny jeans are over and we are moving into a world of straight jeans, flare jeans, bootcut jeans, and wide leg jeans, then Express is a great place to stock up on new styles without breaking the bank. Love that!

Here are the styles I have purchased and love; I am sure you have seen them on the blog! Click on your favorite for shopping information.

What are your favorite styles of denim right now? Are you ready to give up your skinny jeans? I struggled with this one!

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