Sweater weather and flare jeans

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wearing: sunglasses / hoop earrings (under $100) / cozy sweater / holiday nail polish / hobo handbag / G buckle belt / flare jeans (under $100, avl in short, reg., tall lengths) / suede boots /

It’s finally sweater weather! I purchased this sweater back in July, and I have been patiently waiting for the weather to cool enough so I could wear it. It has been so cool lately; this sweater was ready to be worn! Love!

There is nothing like a soft and cozy sweater on a cool fall day. I love this sweater since it has a loose fit and the turtleneck keeps my neck warm. I wear a thin, long sleeve tee underneath and it is perfect in this cold weather. I am looking forward to wearing this cozy sweater throughout the fall, holiday and winter seasons. I might pick up another one to give as a gift this holiday season. This cozy, turtleneck sweater would make a fabulous holiday gift!

Since flare jeans are a hot item this season, I paired my sweater with my new flare jeans. These jeans are also comfortable, and I am thankful they are short length. If you have been following along, you know I am short, and you know how hard it is to find flare jeans in shorter lengths. Hemming regular length flare jeans does not work out too well for the silhouette of the jeans! In short length, the pants are proportioned perfectly for my shorter legs. If you are not short, but love these jeans, they also come in regular and tall lengths. Love that!

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I wore this outfit the other day while gathering gift ideas on Santana Row and enjoying lunch at “It’s Dumpling Time!” If you are local, and you have not eaten here, be sure to stop in! The food is yummy.

I have decided this is my favorite sweater, and I plan to wear it often throughout the cold weather seasons. Do you have a favorite sweater you are looking forward to wearing throughout the fall, holiday, and winter seasons too?

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Flare jeans and a tie blouse

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Wearing: purple and gold earrings / sunglasses / tie front blouse / G buckle belt / black shoulder bag / holiday nail polish / black flare jeans (under $100, avl in short, reg., tall) / golden boots /

Flare jeans are back! This is a trend I have always loved but have always struggled to wear. When I have purchased flare jeans in the past, I have had no choice but to bring them into a seamstress to be shortened. If you are short like me, or petite, then you know the struggle! Flare jeans are not easy to shorten. You lose a lot of the actual flare when the hems are cut, resulting in a less dramatic flare and loss of the intended silhouette. So, when I found these flare jeans in short length, I was thrilled!

The length on these flare jeans is perfect, resulting in the exact silhouette I was going for. This 1970s vibe is everything! I paired my flare jeans with a tie front blouse, which was a huge trend in office attire for women in the late 1970s, and again in the 1980s. Since then, the trend has come in and out of fashion, in varying incantations. I love wearing a tie front blouse with flare jeans, or a midi-skirt for the full, original look. Isn’t the print on this tie front blouse fun! Love!

I wore this outfit the other day for lunch at The Yard House and strolling through Santana Row. The blouse did not wrinkle, and the jeans felt really comfortable. Plus, I was able to walk without pain! I think my foot is getting close to be fully healed. Love that!

If you happen to be tall, and struggle with finding flare jeans which are long enough, you’re in luck! These jeans are also available in tall lengths! I love that they are priced under $100 too, it makes them a guilt-free purchase. Love!

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Flare jeans and pink for fall

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wearing: blue and silver earrings / sunglasses / pink sweater / G buckle belt / blue bracelets / white gemstone bracelet / fall nail polish / caramel hobo bag (new version here) / flare jeans (under $100, shown in short, also avl in petite, regular, tall) / suede western style boots /

I am loving the fact that these jeans are in a short length! If you are 5’4″ or under, you know the struggle to find wide leg or flare jeans in the right length. If we buy regular length jeans and try to shorten them, we lose the flare! It ruins the entire silhouette of the jean. The fact that these jeans are available in short, as well as regular, petite, and tall, makes them absolutely amazing! Plus, they are under $100, how fabulous is that! Love!

Since I now have flare jeans in the right length, I paired them with this fun, short sleeve pink sweater and my favorite blue earrings. These suede boots are also comfortable and offer arch support via the block heel. I was able to walk around in them without any foot pain. Love that!

If you are still on the fence about a hobo bag, I highly recommend this one! I am wearing the version from last year, but this year’s version is equally fabulous with a softer leather. It is the right size to fit everyday essentials, plus the bag is comfortable to wear. The hobo bag trend is still going strong as we move into the new year, so it is safe to invest in one right now. Love this one!

I wore this outfit the other day to check out La Pizzaria Cupertino. The food was delicious, and the service was friendly and amazing. I enjoyed the arancini balls and my pasta. Yum! I plan to go back with my kids so they can enjoy the pizza and pasta too. If you are local, I highly recommend it! They are located on the edge of Main Street facing where Vallco used to be.

One last thing about these jeans, they are very comfortable, and the denim is really high quality. I love the fact that they are available in so many lengths, I wish all denim brands would do this!

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