Pantone color of the year 2016


Photo courtesy of Pantone

Move over Marsala, there is a new color of the year in town! Introducing the color of the year 2016, or should I say colors of the year 2016???

Pantone has announced there is not one, but two colors designated as the color of the year 2016. The colors are Rose Quartz and Serenity. A fabulous blush-pink, and a soft, almost-sky blue. I have to admit, I am in love!

I have been eyeing a blush handbag for the upcoming spring season; but unsure of what to get! So this is welcome news that Rose Quartz is one of the two colors of 2016. Since this pretty hue has been in style for the past two years, it is possible many of you already own it! I do not, so it looks like I have some shopping to do! Ha, any excuse right?

Blue happens to be my favorite color. I love any shade of blue you throw at me. So Serenity is a welcome color of 2016. I cannot wait to fill my closet with items in this pretty hue. They will be worn for many years to come; you can never own enough blue!

Since spring 2016 has not hit store shelves yet, and we will not see fall 2016 until February 2016, it is a little difficult to find a plethora of clothing and accessories on the market right now in the color of the year 2016. So, I scoured the Internet for something fabulous in these two hues. I found them!

Here are a few fabulous and fashionable pieces of clothing, and accessories, you can wear right now in the color of the year 2016! My first wish list item is a handbag. What is the first item you want in the color of the year 2016? Which color do you like? Rose Quartz or Serenity?

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