Casual stripe dress for summer

casual stripe dress with pockets

wearing: statement earrings / frosted lipstick / stripe dress / nail polish / handbag (old version, new version here) / flats /

I found another dress with pockets! It’s like dressmakers have listened and given women pockets-finally! Not that I am putting anything in the pockets, but I am happy to know they are there. haha

This dress is a subtle nod to patriotism for the summer. The navy and white stripes with a single red stripe at the bottom make it a fun dress to wear for the summer, patriotic season. Plus, it’s under $50. Love that!

I wore this dress recently to meet my friend Dawn, from Fashion Should Be Fun, for lunch. We enjoyed strolling around Valley Fair and eating lunch at King’s Fish House. Yum! Since temperatures were in the high 90’s, it was a comfortable dress to wear.

It was hard to choose a handbag to wear to wear with this dress. In hindsight, I would have preferred to wear my straw tote bag. That being said, this hobo bag works too. Next time I wear it, the straw tote will be the bag!

These ballet flats worked perfectly for walking since they have excellent support. If you need extra support in your shoes, or you suffer from Planter Fasciitis like me, check out my review of this comfortable shoe collection.

This dress comes in a variety of color combos, so if navy/white/red isn’t your thing, check out the other colors!

Also, next time you are at Valley Fair, I highly recommend King’s Fish House. Dawn and I frequently eat lunch there because all the food is always delicious! Highly recommend.

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Summer dress with pockets

summer dress with pockets
summer dress genx

wearing: earrings / dress (avl in other colors too) / nail polish / vintage watch / mini tote bag / cap toe shoes /

Well, last week was about as busy as it gets! My daughter graduated from high school, and I was on the Grad Night committee, so between her activities and my volunteer work, there were a few nights without sleep! That being said, it was worth the time to be there for my daughter; especially since she goes off to the college in the fall! This means I will have two children away at school. Yikes!

I wore this dress to her class awards ceremony. It was amazing to see all of the accomplishments she and her classmates had over the course of high school. I am such a proud mama!

This dress was perfect because it was 90 degrees outside that day, and it kept me cool. While I was wearing it, I discovered the dress has pockets! Yes! Pockets in a dress. Love that!

Although I did not make use of the pockets, it was nice to know they were there. I feel like so many women’s clothes are deprived of pockets. My husband and my son have ample pockets in their clothing, why can’t we have that too? I might need to snap this dress up in another color. I love how comfortable it is, plus it has pockets! Love!

What do you think of a dress with pockets? Do you wish more clothing had pockets?

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Perfect summer dress

graduation dress ideas for mom

Wearing: pearl earrings (similar here) / pearl necklace (similar here) / dress / summer nail polish / mini tote bag / navy flats /

‘Tis the season for finding the perfect dress for graduation activities as a mom of a soon-to-be graduate! I wore this dress to a tea event recently and I plan on wearing it to my daughter’s upcoming graduation ceremony.

The graduation will be held outside, and every year, it is in direct sun and very warm. This means, you need to safeguard your overall look against, shall we call it, perspiration? Uh um, yeah. Anyway. . .

Prints are key when attending an outside event in warm weather. They hide food spills and more. Prints are amazing in that respect. I love this print because it will be perfect for that possible scenario and the dress can easily be dressed up or down.

For my daughter’s tea event, I wore this dress with flats and my mini tote. When it comes to graduation day, I plan to wear a sun hat, straw tote, and natural fiber flats since the ceremony will be held outside on the football field.

Shop my graduation dress idea online:

In addition to graduation and tea’s, this dress can be paired with sandals for lunch in the summer and espadrille wedges for casual dinners. Love! I am excited to have the perfect summer dress for many occasions. You can find it online here.

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Congrats on your soon-to-be graduate, and any other summer activities you have coming up!