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Summer tote bags 2023

summer tote bags 2023

Summer tote bags: mint green tote (under $500) / grey tote / small straw tote / structured tote / striped tote / boho tote /

Summer is fast approaching, and it is a time of year when a tote bag comes in handy. We use totes for travel, carrying extra items such as sunscreen, a hat, and a scarf for when the fog rolls in. There are different types of totes for different outfits and occasions, so I tried to pick one fabulous tote to suit every summertime need.

Slouchy and casual totes such as the mint tote, grey tote, and boho tote pictured above, are perfect for everyday use. If you are looking for a great work tote, the structured tote pictured at the bottom is ideal. This stripe tote is perfect for travel and hanging out in a beach town. If you are looking for something a little bit smaller, this classic straw tote is perfect. I own it!

This summer season, look for a strong tote made from high quality materials which doesn’t flash a loud logo. I excuse the Tory Burch logo because it looks more like a design than a logo and to be frank, it’s really cool! Love it!

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What is your favorite type of tote for the summer season?

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Power suit spring 2022

power suit spring 2022

Power suit spring 2022 from left: sunglasses / golden drop earrings / vintage scarf (also love this one) / blue double-breasted blazer / white layering tee / spring nail polish / golden ring / black top handle bag / blue trousers / pointed toe slingbacks / black single-breasted blazer / blue mini tote bag / black trousers /

The power suit is back, and it’s the most versatile set you can own. A classic blazer and a classic pair of trousers can turn into multiple outfits and take you through an entire week in the office, or an entire week of lunch, dinner, shopping excursions, the theater, and more! This is the best trend to reemerge from the last century, and I am here for it!

Of course, the power suit can be worn alone and evokes a sense of self-confidence, chic-ness, and power. In addition, the blazer and trousers and can easily be paired with other items in your closet, making multiple outfits for the season. If you can only buy two items for spring, buy a power suit!

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Let’s start with the blazer. It can be worn with jeans, a denim skirt, shorts (huge trend for summer-more on that later), and a prairie skirt for a structured vs. unstructured look, which will also be hot later this year. The blazer can also be worn over a dress. It’s a great way to instantly update an entire closet. Bright colors are on trend for spring 2022, but if a bright suit isn’t your thing, look for classic black; you can never go wrong with black.

The trousers are so amazing! You can dress down trousers with a top and street sneakers, or pair them with heels and satin top for a night on the town. Looking for a daytime look? Try a blouse, puff sleeve tee, or satin top with trousers and flats, you will look chic and sophisticated. Love that!

Do you work in a conservative office environment? You may already own a classic black suit, why not add one fun and colorful suit for the year?! Bright blue, orange, yellow, and green are the hottest hues in suiting this spring 2022 season. Orange is actually the trendiest color if you want to be cutting edge. I chose blue because, well, I love blue!

Casual Friday outfits can benefit from your power suit too! I am not a fan of jeans on casual Friday, I think they are too casual. A pair of trousers with a nice blouse, slim sweater, or top is an ideal casual Friday look. If it’s chilly, you can add a tweed blazer or tweed jacket to finish off the look.

Simple necklines are hot for spring 2022. When accessorizing your power suit for spring 2022, keep your neckline simple. I have a hard time with that, so I like to add a vintage scarf or a necklace with a pendant. It’s still simple but adds a little somethin’ somethin’.

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What do you think of the power suit for spring 2022? Are you excited for the trend?

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power suit spring 2022

Fashionable tote bags for work fall 2019

tote bags work fashionable

work tote bags from top left: animal print tote bag  (under $100) / IT bag tote bag (hot designer IT bag!) / black print tote bag (under $200) / printed black tote bag (beautiful designer investment bag) / croc embossed tote bag (under $500) / quilted tote bag in black (under $500) /

Stop carrying that canvas laptop case to work that HR gave you for free when you were hired. Grab yourself a fabulous, and fashionable, tote bag for work which is both classic, and on trend for the fall season; and beyond!

You might be looking at the six totes I picked out and you might be thinking, “Gee, they’re mostly black!” Well, I love black bags for multiple reasons. The number one reason being they transcend season, so you can wear a black bag throughout the year without worrying about looking like you have last seasons bag. Black also hides dirt, and work bags are often set on the floor and tossed around. It’s important to have a sturdy bag which hides dirt that might be picked up during a busy work day.

Although these bags are classic black, there is an affordable and trendy animal print option, as well as texture. Most of these black bags have texture, which adds something interesting and chic to classic black. I’m thinking of picking up the quilted black tote bag this season. I love the convertible strap, and the chic look of the horizontal quilts.

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Which tote bag for work is your favorite?

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