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Best of BAF Weekly IT List 2022

Best of BAF Weekly IT List 2022 from top left: green woven handbag / chocolate brown chain pouch / golden hoops / ivory moon shaped bag / foundation powder / fall nail polish / caramel hobo bag / lug sole boots / classic black satchel /

Drumroll please!

These are the top sellers from the blog for 2022! You love handbags, nail polish, practical boots, and fabulous hoop earrings! You also love the simplicity of this fabulous foundation powder. I do too!

It is obvious you are all educated on fashion, style, and what’s trending. You gravitated towards beautiful handbags, not logos. You opted for classic nail polish hues over trendy shades. Classic hoops? Totally your jam. You are classic, chic, timeless, and in the know. Thank you for being fabulous and coming here to indulge in fashion, style, and more with me!

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Thank you for being here and supporting Bay Area Fashionista. Your readership keeps this blog alive and fun! So, THANK YOU!!

Stay tuned for more 2022 recap posts, and I look forward to sharing more with you in 2023!



Sweater weather and flare jeans

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wearing: sunglasses / hoop earrings (under $100) / cozy sweater / holiday nail polish / hobo handbag / G buckle belt / flare jeans (under $100, avl in short, reg., tall lengths) / suede boots /

It’s finally sweater weather! I purchased this sweater back in July, and I have been patiently waiting for the weather to cool enough so I could wear it. It has been so cool lately; this sweater was ready to be worn! Love!

There is nothing like a soft and cozy sweater on a cool fall day. I love this sweater since it has a loose fit and the turtleneck keeps my neck warm. I wear a thin, long sleeve tee underneath and it is perfect in this cold weather. I am looking forward to wearing this cozy sweater throughout the fall, holiday and winter seasons. I might pick up another one to give as a gift this holiday season. This cozy, turtleneck sweater would make a fabulous holiday gift!

Since flare jeans are a hot item this season, I paired my sweater with my new flare jeans. These jeans are also comfortable, and I am thankful they are short length. If you have been following along, you know I am short, and you know how hard it is to find flare jeans in shorter lengths. Hemming regular length flare jeans does not work out too well for the silhouette of the jeans! In short length, the pants are proportioned perfectly for my shorter legs. If you are not short, but love these jeans, they also come in regular and tall lengths. Love that!

dim sum san jose

I wore this outfit the other day while gathering gift ideas on Santana Row and enjoying lunch at “It’s Dumpling Time!” If you are local, and you have not eaten here, be sure to stop in! The food is yummy.

I have decided this is my favorite sweater, and I plan to wear it often throughout the cold weather seasons. Do you have a favorite sweater you are looking forward to wearing throughout the fall, holiday, and winter seasons too?

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Tweed blazer and wide leg jeans

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Wearing: purple and gold earrings / sunglasses / bright pink top / black tweed blazer (under $100) / wide leg jeans in short (also avl in reg. and tall) / moon shaped handbag / holiday nail polish / golden boots /

This blazer is so comfy! If you love how the blazer over jeans trend looks, but shy away from it because a blazer sounds constricting, never fear, this tweed blazer is here!

Tweed is a comfortable fabric by nature, and on this blazer, it moves with you. I love how this tweed blazer feels soft and comfortable as I move throughout the day. I am wearing a medium, which I purchased last year before I was done losing weight. I should probably be wearing a small as it is slightly large on me; just in case you are looking at sizes.

I paired this tweed blazer with my bright pink top and wide leg jeans. These jeans are also very comfortable, and I love that they are short length. I didn’t have to shorten them! Love that!

This outfit was perfect for wandering around downtown Saratoga and enjoying the scarecrows which line the sidewalks.

fall decorations saratoga california

These scarecrows were made by local groups and businesses from Saratoga including the Girl Scouts. Every scarecrow is different, and they seem to get more creative every year! I love this disco scarecrow wearing sequins, she looks ready for the holiday season! If you are local, be sure to check them out before they are replaced by holiday decor. They are so cute and creative!

We enjoyed lunch at Mint Leaf in Saratoga which is a delicious Thai restaurant. I highly recommend everything on the menu! It is soooo good. My favorite items are the pineapple fried rice, roti, egg rolls, and scallops. Yum!

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What do you think of the blazer over jeans trend? Are you rocking it this season?

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