Chloe Nile shoulder bag review

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wearing Chloe Nile medium in black / handbag content: lipstick / phone case / wallet / sunglasses

Chloe has a new IT bag in town! While there are several IT bags on the market right now, the Chloe Nile incorporates a lot of  handbag trends at the moment; making it an all-in-one IT bag.

Let’s chat about the current handbag trends, shall we? Circles are a huge trend in bags at the moment. While the Chloe Nile is not a circle bag per se, it has a convertible handle in the shape of a circle. This checks off the circle trend.

Saddle bags have been huge in fashion for the past several seasons. The Chloe Nile is a traditional saddle bag with clean lines, and one little twist; the brass circle!

The “Lady Bag,” or single top handle satchel is also a huge trend right now. While the Chloe Nile does not offer a satchel silhouette, it can be carried by its’ hoop; giving it a satchel-like feeling. (I might be reaching on that one-but go with it. haha)

Now for my review! The Chloe Nile first appeared on Chloe’s Paris Fashion Week runway three seasons ago. I spotted it in their runway video, but felt like I was in a place where I didn’t need to add another bag to my collection just yet. I tried really hard to tell myself I didn’t need another bag. I watched this bag get a ton of press after Chloe debuted it. Then, I watched as it appeared on Instagram, over, and over, and over again. All one has to do is look at the #ChloeGirls hashtag on Instagram to find the Chloe Nile in it’s mini, small, and medium form.

It became increasingly obvious that the Chloe Nile shoulder bag was destined to be one of the new IT bags of 2017. While other IT bags floated through the IT bag realm such as the Gucci Marmont, and the Cult Gaia Ark bag, the Chloe Nile haunted me; begging to be bought.

I fell in love with the clean lines, and the added brass ring. I loved the idea of a convertible handbag which could be worn as a shoulder bag, worn on my forearm, or carried by hand. There was something easy yet alluring about the design of the bag. The more I tried to talk myself out of it, the more my mind raced, telling me I needed to own one. So, I broke down, and voila! I am the proud owner of the medium Chloe Nile in black.

Let me just tell you, this bag is worth the splurge. While it is hard to call Chloe an investment, due to it’s “meh” resale value, it is a handbag brand which offers stellar quality. When you buy a Chloe bag, it isn’t to resell it someday, it is to wear it over and over again; and love it for life.

The Chloe Nile is a fabulous shoulder bag to add to one’s handbag collection. I chose the medium size because the mini and the small sizes looked way too tiny. With the medium, I can fit my wallet, sunglasses, lipstick, iPhone, and keys. There isn’t room for anything extra. The small or the mini, can hold much less. If you don’t carry very many things in your bag, then you can get away with the mini or small versions. For $100 more then the small, the medium offers a lot more interior space for your everyday purse essentials.

This is a great bag to wear everyday. There is no need to save it for special occasions, or certain outfits. The medium sized Chloe Nile is a workhorse. It is perfect for grabbing to run errands, wearing to lunch, or carrying for date night. It is an easy style to pair with casual jeans, or a dinner dress. Carried by the brass ring, the bag has a dressier feel which I love for evening occasions. Worn over the shoulder, the Chloe Nile is the ultimate everyday bag.

The interior of the Chloe Nile offers one large, main compartment, with one thin interior pocket. The interior pocket is a bit snug for my iPhone, but it is perfect for storing receipts. There is also an Opera ticket pocket on the exterior of the bag. I don’t really use Opera ticket pockets, but they are handy to have for that rare occasion I want to reach for my tickets for an event without opening my bag. It is also a handy spot for keeping a shopping list, or paper directions.

All in all, I rate the Chloe Nile shoulder bag, in medium, five out of five stars. I love the medium size of the bag, the design, and the functionality for everyday use. The mini version of the Nile would be a great alternative to an evening clutch. When I looked at it, it appeared to only hold lipstick, keys, and money outside of a wallet. A wallet will not fit inside the mini. If you are looking at the mini, the classic black version, or metallic leather version, would be a fashion-forward choice.

Many of Chloe’s handbags become classic IT bags. We have watched the Chloe Marcie, Chloe Drew, and Chloe Faye go from IT bag status, to settling into classic, closet-must-have bags. While I cannot predict the future, based on the design and functionality of the Chloe Nile, I think it is safe to say that this too will become one of Chloe’s classic “must-have’s” over time. I would recommend purchasing one in a classic color which can be worn during any season, and year-after-year.

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New York Fashion Week street style handbags

New York Fashion Week street style handbags from the spring 2018 shows held in September 2017

new york fashion week street style handbags

photo: a fashion week guest sits front row with her Cult Gaia Ark bag at the spring 2018 NYFW shows

While spring 2018 was being sent down the runways at New York Fashion Week in September 2017, guests attending the shows carried the hottest handbags for the fall 2017 season. While I wasn’t able to capture an extensive gallery of photos showing the handbags being carried at fashion week, I did observe which bags made it onto the arms of the fashionable set, and which ones were glaring absent.

There were many types of IT bags carried by guests of New York Fashion Week. Some of the bags were classic IT bags such as the Chanel Boy bag, and the Givenchy Antigona (new to the classic category), while others were up and comers such as the Cult Gaia Ark bag, and the Mark Cross Benchley bag.

New York Fashion Week street style handbags are what dictate the IT bags of the new season.

Gucci had a huge moment last year, and it seems that moment is starting to fade. While the Gucci Marmont was the IT bag for last spring and summer, it was no-where to be found this season at fashion week. The Gucci bag showing staying power in the IT bag arena is the Gucci Dionysus.

New York Fashion Week street style handbags: shop Gucci Dionysus bags:

JW Anderson has found IT bag status with his Pierce bag. The Pierce bag emerged last season on the streets of New York Fashion Week, and it showed up again this season. For fall 2017, the fashion week set preferred the JW Anderson Pierce bag in neutrals hues and red. It seems Pierce bag fans want their investment to have staying power; proving the bag will be around for several seasons to come.

New York Fashion Week street style handbags: shop JW Anderson Pierce bags:

Mark Cross is having a moment! The Mark Cross Grace bag has been around for eons; but this is the first time it was so dominant on the streets of fashion week. The Grace bag was spotted in several colors; both seasonal and neutral. In addition to Mark Cross’s iconic Grace bag, his up-and-coming Benchley bag was also splashed all over the fashion week streets. The Benchley was also spotted in both seasonal, and neural hues. Mark Cross is the handbag designer to watch for fall. He just rocketed from classic luxury to the world of IT bags.

New York Fashion Week street style handbags: shop Mark Cross bags:

Chanel is always a mainstay at fashion week, but the resurgence of the Boy bag took me by surprise. While the classic flap and 2.55 are always spotted at fashion week, season after season, the Boy bag went from IT bag status a few years ago, to “just another designer bag” status. This season, it seems to be making a comeback. Instead of the fashion set carrying it in bright colors, patent, patterns, and the like; the Chanel Boy bag was carried mostly in classic black, with a few neutral hues thrown in around town. This proves the staying power of the Boy bag.

New York Fashion Week street style handbags: shop pre-loved Chanel Boy bags:

Isn’t summer over? Of course it is in the fashion world. But, that didn’t stop guests of New York Fashion Week from carrying circle bags, and straw circle bags in general. Circle bags were a hot summer trend, and it appears the non-traditional handbag silhouette is staying hot for the fall season. There wasn’t one circle bag in general which stood from the crowd, but circle bags were spotted throughout fashion week paired with fall trends.

New York Fashion Week street style handbags: shop straw circle bags:

Playing off the straw bag phenomena, the Cult Gaia Ark bag, which was the IT bag of summer 2017, was also seen all over the streets of New York Fashion Week. This is a handbag trend which seems to be jumping seasons. If straw can be worn after labor day, why not bamboo?

New York Fashion Week street style handbags: shop the Cult Gaia Ark bag:

The Givenchy Antigona was a popular, classic IT bag this season at fashion week. When I was in line for the shows, there always seemed to be someone next to me carrying one. I pointed out being “twins” to a couple of ladies, but they didn’t seem to think it was as cute as I thought it was that we were standing next to each other with the same bag. Oh well, not everyone thinks matching is fun. haha

I could go on for days about my love of the Givechy Antigona bag, but I don’t want to bore you.  Just know this, if you need a workhorse bag which is extremely durable, and comfortable, and which also has IT bag status; the Givenchy Antigona is what you need to invest in.

New York Fashion Week street style handbags: shop Givechy Antigona bags:

Can all the #ChloeGirls have a moment? Both the Chloe Faye, and the Chloe Nile, were present at New York Fashion Week. While a few Drew’s were sprinkled around, the Faye, medium size to be exact, and the Nile, in all sizes, were the Chloe bags of the moment.

New York Fashion Week street style handbags: shop Chloe Faye, and Chloe Nile bags:

There you have it! My apologies for not having a more visual post, but you can see what some of these IT bags look like from the shopping widgets below each description. Next season I will be at fashion week longer and will have some spare time to stand outside the shows and get photos for you. These are my observations from inside the shows, and standing in line for the shows, waiting for doors to open.

New York Fashion Week street style handbags are what launch bags into the IT bag arena. These are the bags to covet, and own, for the fall 2017 season and beyond. Which current IT bag is your favorite?

Top 5 fall 2017 trends

fall 2017 trends fashion style runways street

The fall 2017 season is here! Well, not technically, according to the weather, and the calendar, but in the retail world it is in full swing! This means when we go to the store, instead of being greeted by beach attire, we are being greeted by faux fur, wool coats, and a whole lot of velvet!

The autumn 2017 season is bringing us a lot of fall 2017 trends which have made it from the runways to the streets. The fall 2017 trends from the runways were almost on track with what buyers decided they wanted to wear on the streets.

There are so many fall 2017 trends to sort through, I decided to narrow it down for you, and chat about the five most important trends of the season. At the end of this post, I recap all of the important trends of the season in long sentence. (hopefully none of my former English teachers or professors are reading this. haha)

Without further ado, the top 5 fall 2017 trends to hit the streets from the runways are:

Fall 2017 Trends: Shades of Red

tadashi shoji fall 2017 nyfw

Shades of red dominated the runways for the fall 2017 season. This was arguably the most recognizable trend throughout fashion week. So, it is no surprise that red is already proving to be the most important of all the fall 2017 color trends. While shades of pink, yellow, purple, green, black, and white are part of the fall 2017 color wheel, red is the must-have color of the season. You can rock red on clothing, shoes, hats, handbags, lipstick, or nail polish. It does not matter how do you do red, just be sure you are doing red.

Shop shades of red for fall 2017:

Fall 2017 Trends: Hobos and Satchels

Designers have gone gaga for the hobo, and the classic satchel this season. While the satchel has been an important trend in handbags over the past few years, the hobo bag has been dormant. We have seen the rise of the hobo quietly in the background lately, but it has not been until fall 2017 that this large, soft handbag style can claim IT bag status.

As for scale, handbags are getting bigger. You can hang onto your mini bags from the past few seasons to use for convenience, but when it comes to carrying the IT bag of the season, bigger is better. Look for large, soft hobos,  as well as medium to large satchels or totes this fall season.

Shop hobos and satchels for fall 2017:

Fall 2017 Trends: Soft Fabrics

nicholas k fall 2017 nyfw

The soft fabric trend of fall 2016 has returned for more in the fall 2017 season. Look for soft velvet, lace, satin; and anything that can flow. The softer, the better!

Shop soft fabrics for fall 2017:

Fall 2017 Trends: The Return of the Power Suit

Now, when you think of the “Power Suit” an image of a 1980s pantsuit perfect for working on Wall Street may come to mind. Well, this is a new millennium, and the “Power Suit” is anything but Wall Street. Suiting for fall 2017 may take on many forms. We are seeing pajama style suits, leisure suits, structured suits, and unstructured suits. The idea is to have the jacket and pants match; by match I mean made from the same exact fabric. A blue print blazer paired with solid blue pants will not do; both pieces need to be made from the same fabric. Get ready for a season of matchy-matchy! (only in suiting, don’t match your bag and shoes-still not cool)

Shop suiting for fall 2017:

Fall 2017 Trends: Statement Jackets and Coats

The days of the classic black coat are loooooooong gone. Seriously, who owns a basic black coat anymore? Fall 2017, is all about the statement coat. You can wear a potato sack underneath if you want to; no-one will care. It’s all about the coat, or jacket.

For fall 2017, look for faux fur, multi-colored coats/jackets, 1970s chevrons, texture, brocade, embroidery; the works! If your coat blends into the crowd, it isn’t a statement coat. Look for the loudest jacket or coat on the rack and buy it. The crazier the better! You need to sparkle and shine this season in your outerwear.

Shop statement coats and jackets for fall 2017:

Of course, when it comes to the fall 2017 fashion trends which have hit the streets from the runways, there are always more then five. In addition to these top five trends, look for Metallic touches and fabrics, the rise of silver over rose gold, 1990s influences, 1970s influences, brocade, embroidery, all-black, all-white, track pants worn with pumps, mules/slides, and luxurious combat boots.

What are your favorite fall 2017 trends to hit the streets from the runways?