Summer handbag capsule wardrobe 2024

summer handbag capsule wardrobe
handbag capsule wardrobe summer 2024

Summer handbag capsule wardrobe 2024 from top: “Jet Set” customizable straw tote / leather and straw tote / green handbag / yellow pouch / black shoulder bag / black satchel / caramel top handle bag / neutral mini tote /

It is time to pull out all of your natural fiber handbags! Summer is just about here, so straw totes and handbags woven with natural fibers, are hot for the season! I have had this “Jet Set” tote for years. It is perfect for beach days, outdoor events, and any occasion where you would want to wear a straw tote. You can customize the bag with any phrase you’d like, plus it’s really affordable. Love that!

Of course, not every day during the summer months is spent seaside. So, a small capsule of classic leather handbags is a must for the season. This mini tote is great for days when I need to carry more than my purse essentials, and these small bags are ideal for everyday use. Of course, this east/west satchel is turning into my go-to on a daily basis. It fits a little bit more then my daily essentials which is perfect in the summer when I want to carry sunblock and sunglasses, as well as a few snacks.

This summer, I am carrying a mix of happy color handbags as well as timeless neutrals. Of course, I always need a few black handbags on hand. I mean, is it even possible to live without a black handbag? I feel like we can never have enough black bags in our lives! haha

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If you are looking for new bags this summer, look for classic straw/natural fiber bags which are carried by the brand/designer every year; such as the two I have in my collection. They never go out of fashion. Love that!

Also, continue shopping for anonymous handbags you can keep in your wardrobe for years. Logos are still staying in the storage closet for quite some time.

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Summer 2024 handbag trends

summer 2024 handbag trends

Summer 2024 handbag trends from top left: top handle bag / soft pouch / satchel / north south tote / half moon bag / east west satchel / box tote / olive green suede tote /

Summer 2024 is fast approaching, and the handbag trends are in full swing! Thankfully the trends all include the anonymous handbag, and timeless styles we can all wear forever. Love that!

This summer, continue to invest in beautifully crafted handbags, sans loud logos. There might be small logos on your bag, that’s OK, just steer clear of loud logos, or handbags which have a huge, central logo that screams who made the bag. I have a few favorite brands right now which are mid-priced and have a large selection of logo-free, or quiet logo, styles. Look for these brands such as Coach, Mansur Gavriel, Toteme, and Mulberry. I love their quality, craftsmanship and timeless styles. I plan on trying out Songmont once I decide which style to try first, and the color! I have heard great things about the company, which is a hot brand from China known for high quality materials and craftsmanship as well as eco-friendly manufacturing.

So, without further ado, here are the hottest summer 2024 handbag trends to shop your closet for, and purchase.

Top Handle Bags: The top handle bag is a classic style which you may already own. Look for single top handle bags, such as the Lady Bag, as well as double top handle totes. Micro-mini styles are not trending anymore, so look for larger mini’s, small and medium sizes. Go for a bag which fits what you need to carry. You won’t want to be stuck with a small bag you never wear because it doesn’t fit what you need on a daily basis. It will just collect dust.

North/South Tote: This tote bag is sometimes labelled as a large hobo. So, when shopping online, look for handbags labelled as large hobo bags or north/south tote bags. You may already have one in your closet, if not, look for a soft and slouchy north/south tote in a neutral or black hue to use now. This is also a classic style, so a neutral or black bag will be a good investment for your wardrobe.

East/West Satchel: This style is slightly trendy, so if you want to have fun with color, do it! Otherwise, a neutral or black east/west satchel will carry you through a few seasons. This style does swing in and out of fashion, so a neutral or black version can be stored when the trend subsides, and then pulled back out when it swings back in.

Moon Shaped Bags: The moon shaped bags designers and brands are giving us right now seem to be convertible. Look for a convertible style with a strap which changes the shape from a closed donut to a shoulder bag or cross body half moon. A convertible style will give the bag more longevity in your closet once the mini donut look is over. Songmont has a style on my wish list, and coach has a small one which is affordable. Of course, the Valentino style is the fabulous, designer version.

Hobo Bags: This classic style is gaining momentum everyday. It has been on the radar for a couple of years now, and as people invest in hobo bags, we are seeing them on the streets more and more. If you don’t have at least one hobo, grab one! They can be slouchy or structured. I suggest starting with a black one, and if you love carrying the style, add more colors to your collection. This style swings in and out of fashion, so it is a good investment.

Box Totes: The box tote is taking on new designs and life as designers and brands create their own box shaped tote bags. You will find small styles, as well as larger designs. Go with the size which works for your lifestyle.

Suede: Normally found in fall collections, suede started gaining popularity in the spring season and is exploding this summer. I have a hard time with suede handbags because if you spill something on them, or you get caught in the rain, it’s game over for the bag. If you love the look and feel of a suede bag, you do you. If you are practical like me, this is a fabric type to steer clear of. Of course, it is quite tempting! Ugh.

Color Trends: Summer handbags are being shown in obvious hues such as cobalt, bright green, yellow, and red; but they are also being shown in unexpected colors such as pastels, burgundy, and olive green. Look for a color which blends in with your overall wardrobe and you know you will get a lot of use out of. There is no need to look for an “IT” color, any color goes. If you are looking for something which carries you into the fall season, look for bags in olive green or burgundy (wine, maroon, darker reds).

Well, there you have it. The summer 2024 handbag trends to look for inside your closet, and to shop for in order to enhance your handbag collection. Which style is your favorite?

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Handbag Spotlight: ALAIA Le Teckel shoulder bag

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Handbag Spotlight: ALAIA Le Teckel shoulder bag /

Although the world of IT bags is fuzzy right now with so many styles being hot on the street, this shoulder bag, also classified as a satchel, from ALAIA, is starting to turn heads.

The Le Teckel handbag features double straps like a classic satchel, but in this case, they are long enough to wear as a shoulder bag. ALAIA created a style which is short on height, and long on length, creating a hot dog silhouette. They are not the only fashion house to create a handbag this season in this shape, there are others out there. That being said, the ALAIA Le Teckel shoulder bag is the hottest east/west satchel on the streets; making it the IT bag of the trend.

Did I say trend? Yes, yes I did. One could argue the beautiful craftsmanship of this bag is investment worthy, but let’s face it, this style is trendy and will be relevant for a maximum of three years, possibly a little bit less. If you don’t mind a good trend, you can purchase this bag and sell it after two years in order to maximize your return. Unless of course you love it, then keep it in your wardrobe forever.

This version of the east/west satchel is priced under $2500, but you can find versions higher than that, as well as priced much lower. There is a price point for everyone this season to be able to rock the east/west satchel trend. Love that!

Shop the east/west satchel trend online:

What do think of this current IT bag? Will you be rocking the ALAIA Le Teckel? Or a similar style?

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