Mirrored handbags for fall

mirrored handbags fall 2023 handbag trends

Mirrored handbags for fall from top left: mini chain bag / clutch / drawstring bag / heart shaped bag / small shoulder bag /

Mirrored handbags are back! While metallic handbags have been in style for quite some time, highly polished, mirrored bags have come and go. Well, they are currently in go mode!

This fall 2023 season, you will see many styles of highly polished, mostly silver, handbags on store shelves. You can find a mirrored handbag in almost style of bag you can think of except extra-large bags. The mirrored bags we are seeing for fall 2023 are mainly, mini, small and medium in size. While a few large ones exist, the main trend is on the medium or smaller side.

In my personal opinion, mirrored bags are a huge trend, and the only way to make this an investment purchase is to buy a dressy clutch or mini bag which can also be used for formal affairs. Otherwise, mirrored bags for daytime are going to be a one or two season wonder. I think the heart is super cute to use formally as well as any clutch or small, wallet-on-chain sized bag, such as the chain bag shown above.

While this trend is marketed as a daily handbag trend, you have to remember these bags are mirrored. What happens when you touch a mirror? Fingerprints and smudges happen, that’s what! If you go all-in on this trend, be sure to carry a small, soft cloth with you to rub out any smudges which accumulate during the day.

So, what is my take on this trend in handbags for fall? I say, if you want a fun bag and you don’t mind it being good for one or two seasons, go all in! If you are looking more for an investment handbag, but love how the mirrored handbags look, go for a mini bag, clutch or smaller style. This way, when the trend ends, you are left with a handbag you can wear to formal and semi-formal events.

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What do you think of the mirrored handbag trend for fall? Will you be rocking a shiny, silver bag?

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Handbag capsule wardrobe fall 2023

fall handbag capsule 2023
fall 2023 handbag capsule

Fall handbag capsule 2023 from top left: green handbag / black shoulder bag / beige mini bag / brown mini messenger bag / black hobo bag / caramel hobo bag /

This fall season, we are still seeing mini shoulder bags which can double as cross body bags, hobo bags, and soft and squishy bags. I need to invest in a soft and squishy bag! So far, my fall capsule wardrobe consists of the handbags I reach for the most often; my mini bags and my two favorite hobo bags.

As the season progresses, I will post an updated capsule in October, as for now, fall is going to be about mini bags and hobo bags for me! I love reaching for a neutral handbag, as well as this stunning green handbag. These are my tried-and-true favorites!

Of course, the anonymous handbag is still going strong, and these handbags fit into the current trend, which isn’t really a trend, it is a timeless look, but still hotter than normal; so, I digress. . .

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I am still in the hunt for a handbag in any shade of red, a dark green handbag, and a soft and squishy handbag. Here are a few from my current wishlist:

Which handbag styles are you loving for the fall 2023 season?

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Handbag wish list fall 2023

Fall handbag wish list from top left: black hobo / brown satchel / brown shoulder bag / red handbag / black top handle bag / grey tote / dark green satchel / black slouchy tote /

There are so many fabulous handbags to covet for the fall 2023 season! Of course, I cannot get all of them, but I sure do have a wish list! haha

As you know, there are many handbag trends for the fall 2023 season which are timeless and chic. I love a beautiful investment bag sans logos. All of the handbags on my wish list are impeccably made with top craftsmanship and the highest quality materials. I love handbags which test time and last forever. These all do that!

My wish list offers a fall 2023 color palette as well as reflects the current trends and offers timeless style. I don’t want to invest in a one season handbag! That is a huge waste of money! I want to be able to reach for my handbag for years to come, and investment styles will allow me to do just that.

This fall 2023 season is all about the anonymous handbag in autumn hues. Totes, satchels, lady bags, shoulder bags and hobos are hot for the fall season. I have wanted a grey handbag, a dark green handbag and darker red handbag forever. I am still hunting for a darker red handbag I can fall in love with, but I have my eyes on a grey one and a dark green one! Love! I do have a classic red handbag on my wish list. It is such a pretty style.

How chic is this slouchy black tote? I am obsessed. I feel like I need it in my life. Love it! The dark green handbag is a classic IT bag which has been around for years, and it will be around for many more! The quality is amazing.

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Which handbags are on your wish list for the fall 2023 season?

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