NYFW street style handbags fall 2019: YSL shoulder bags

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pictured: YSL handbag worn by Kali of In-Spades / location: Spring Studios New York

OK, so I took a ton of notes at fashion week to see which handbags were hot on the street. Unfortunately, I was so busy taking notes, I failed to snap a bunch of photos! Man, I am out of practice! Thankfully, I had enough sense to get this one photo of a YSL shoulder bag carried by Kali of In Spade Blog before the Nonie runway show at Spring Studios.

Every season there are several handbags which are favored by guests of New York Fashion Week. This season there seemed to be an overwhelming presence of YSL shoulder bags. By overwhelming, I mean you could hardly find any other trend in handbags on the street. This was the bag style favored by the fashion set.

While there wasn’t one stand-out YSL shoulder bag style, there was a general sense that you needed a YSL shoulder bag in your life; any style or model would do. Of course, with any trend, there are a few rules. The YSL shoulder bag could not be jumbo, or on the large side. The New York Fashion Week street style handbags rule of thumb this season was small, or medium; nothing large. Your YSL bag should be small or medium; and if your bag was not YSL, it should still be small or medium. Not nano, large, or jumbo; just small or medium. You should be able to fit your wallet, sunglasses and phone inside your handbag, if not, your bag is too small.

In addition to YSL shoulder bags, there were several versions of square handbags, train cases, and small lady bags on the streets of New York Fashion Week. Handbags offered nontraditional shapes, and were free of logos. PVC handbags were also prominent on the streets of New York Fashion Week. Also, anyone carrying Louis Vuitton was not carrying the monogram vernis. They were carrying LV bags which were recognizable, but free of logos. Take note.

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What do you think of the YSL shoulder bag trend? Are you loving it, or do you prefer one of the other street style handbag trends from New York Fashion Week?

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Remembering Karl Lagerfeld

chanel puzzle pieces tote black patent karl lagerfeld

pictured: Chanel puzzle pieces tote in black patent /

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post. Karl Lagerfeld passed away on February 19, 2019. Although I never met Karl Lagerfeld in person, I have always been moved by, and admired his work; most notably his work with the house of Chanel.

I am a huge Chanel fan, and Karl Lagerfeld was a creative genius who worked tirelessly to encompass Coco Chanel’s original intent in his designs for her fashion house. While I never purchased his RTW or couture clothing, I have been an avid consumer of his Chanel handbag collection. His RTW and couture collections are clothing lines I have always admired, but have never purchased because I don’t personally spend that much on clothing; I get bored of my clothing after one season.

I have always looked at his clothing designs as inspiration for my own personal style. He always knew how to make something classic also encompass a fashion-forward vibe. Of course, when it comes to handbags, I view them as an investment I can wear for years and eventually pass down to my daughters. This is why I have purchased so many Chanel handbags over the years.

I remember when his personal collection launched at Macy’s with a party inside of the Macy’s on Union Square. I was there reporting for another publication, and as a result, I don’t have any photos, or copy to share with you. I remember loving his collection and wishing I was there to shop rather than work. While his collection only lasted a few seasons, his work with Chanel, Fendi, et al., lives on in the memories of fashion fans everywhere.

This handbag is my favorite of his designs that I own. The “Puzzle Pieces” collection was inspired by Coco Chanel’s own quilting. Karl Lagerfeld was perusing the Chanel archives one day and came across this puzzle quilt. He loved the quilting and wondered why it had been in the archives for so long without being used in her design house. He went to work on a capsule collection for Chanel which celebrated her puzzle quilting. The result was a few handbags and pieces with the puzzle quilting. I purchased the tote, which happens to be a bag I feel is very special in my Chanel collection.

While I don’t wear it often, it holds a special place in my heart as it meant a lot to Karl when he found the quilts. I love that there is a story behind this bag; and the fact that it isn’t just a redo of something the house of Chanel had already done in the past.

Karl Lagerfeld joined Chanel in 1983, and since then, he has maintained Coco Chanel’s aesthetic and original intent in her art. His own ventures have been equally genius, and his work with Fendi has also been incredible. The fashion world lost a creative genius this week. I am sure he will guide future designers from Heaven with his selfless love for the art of fashion.

You can read Chanel’s official announcement on their website at Chanel.com.

I would love to hear your Karl Lagerfeld memories in the comments below!

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Spring 2019 handbag trends

staud handbags

pictured: bucket bag in macrame /

Spring 2019 is almost here! While temperatures are still low outside, we can only dream of warmer days. In order to brighten up our current dreary days, we can add fabulous new spring 2019 handbag to our wardrobes! Yaaaas!

There are several new, and continuing trends in handbags for the spring 2019 season. While logo bags are still splashed all over store shelves, their staying power is dwindling. If you own a logo bag, keep it, but this is not the time to invest in one; unless it’s a classic Louis Vuitton style bag. You don’t want to purchase a trendy logo bag which will be easily identified as the height of 2018.

PVC bags have been rising in popularity, and are proving to be a strong, continuing trend for spring 2019. Also continuing in spring 2019, are classic black bags, basket bags, and macramé bags. If you still have yours from last season, or last year, you can still rock it! If not, these are great handbag styles to invest in for the spring 2019 season. Love that!

Shop PVC bags for spring 2019:

Shop basket and macramé bags for spring 2019:

Shop classic black handbags:

New for handbag trends spring 2019! The color trend in handbags is changing in the new year. For spring 2019, we are looking at pastel handbags which evoke a feminine vibe. But if pastels aren’t your jam, neon bags are here! The 1980s are a huge decade of influence in 2019, so look for neon handbags to be hot handbag trend in spring 2019. So when you are looking at colors, think black, pastel, or neon. Nothing in-between!

Shop pastel handbags for spring 2019:

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The spring 2019 handbag silhouettes include a continuation of the top flap handbag. We are also looking at small lady bags, train cases, pouches, and square handbags. The small handbag is the size of the moment. You don’t want a mini bag which fits nothing but lipstick, but you also don’t need a large bag that fits everything plus the kitchen sink. Small handbags fit your purse essentials for a light load, and that’s all you need this spring 2019 season.

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When it comes to patterns, look for artist patterns, painterly designs, color blocked bags, multi-color weaves, and multi-hued purses. While a handbag can be loaded with several hues, they should still be in the pastel or neon color family. Think bright or slight.

Multi-colored handbags for spring 2019:

While some handbag styles are continuing from last year, other spring 2019 handbag trends are just getting started, and may prove to have some staying power as we continue through the year. Which spring 2019 handbag trend is your favorite?

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staud mini shirley handbag review pcv it bags street style nyfw

pictured: mini PVC tote with removable pouch (not shown)