Designer or Deal: small boxy tote

Designer or Deal: small boxy tote: designer tote / affordable tote /

There are so many versions of a small boxy tote on the market right now, it can be a little overwhelming. While considered a cult classic style, it seems to be moving into the forefront of handbag fashion right now, and everyone is grabbing one!

Prices can range from common designer price points in the $1000-$3000 range as well as upwards of five figures. Thankfully there is a mid-market handbag brand known for good quality at affordable prices. Love that!

The small boxy tote shown above near the “deal” arrow, is actually labelled “medium” by the handbag brand. It is available in a mini, small, medium, and large. All of the available sizes are right on trend, and can be considered classic as well, so you can put them in the investment category. I also love that these totes are anonymous, chic, and offer strong leather and finishes for under $500.

Of course, the designer version of the small boxy tote is luxurious and also offers excellent craftsmanship, so it is up to you which direction you would like to go.

Boxy totes can be worn in neutral or black, as well as fun colors for the summer season. Right now, we are seeing vivid colors and pastels in addition to timeless neutrals. Which color will you choose? The deal version above is at the top of my wish list right now!

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