Affordable investment pieces that won’t break the bank

affordable investment pieces from top left:  Kendra Scott “Elle” earrings / San Diego Hat Company sun hat / Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC handbag / Soludo’s espadrille wedges / Levi’s 501 original fit / San Diego Hat Company sun hat /

People are always talking about investment dressing, and how certain items priced well over $1000, and even $10,000, are worth every penny because they never go out of style, and are always considered IT items. While some people have the means to purchase these investment items, or save up for them, not everyone has a money tree in their backyard. Thankfully, there are some items out there in the fashion world, which are considered investment items, that won’t break the bank.

Let’s talk about five affordable investment pieces you can buy now, and continue to wear, year after year! First off, I would like to express my love for Kendra Scott’s “Elle” earrings. These are her medium sized, signature earring style. They helped to put her on the map, and she continues to show the classic earring style season after season, year after year. They are always offered in a wide variety of colors, and you can wear them all year long. Pick a color and metal you love, and voila! You will own a pair of investment earrings you will never stop wearing, and will always look like they are new. Who knows, you might love them so much, you may find yourself buying them in more then one color! It’s entirely possible I own a green pair, turquoise pair, and blue pair. Shhh. . .

San Diego Hat Company is a fabulous hat brand which makes these amazing, sturdy, light-blocking sun hats! They have been making the two styles featured above for well over a decade. I own a black one which has been splashed with chlorinated pool water, salt water, and has been to the beach so many times, I have lost count! I bought it roughly fifteen years ago, and it still looks like it’s new! Best part? They are priced well under $50. These hats can be folded into a beach bag or suitcase; so they are travel friendly. Love that!

If you don’t already own a Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC, what are you waiting for? This is a classic cross body or over-the-shoulder standby. They are incredible quality, and priced under $200. If a leather one gets caught in the rain, just wipe it off! It will live, and it will still look great! I have a purple one my teenager stole from me-someday I will try to get it back! This bag is always in style, always in stock, and always available in several colors. Pick a neutral one, or have some fun with a seasonal color. You will love it!

Espadrille wedges are always on trend in the spring and summer months. Soludos makes a classic espadrille wedge which they offer every spring and summer season. These wedges have been around for years. So you can buy a pair now, and wear them next year, and the year after that, and so on! They are comfortable, and very good quality. My black pair is three years old and still going strong. I can walk for miles in them and my feet are very happy 🙂 The rubber coating on the soles is strong, and doesn’t wear down. I love these wedges, and they are under $100! Love that!

Lastly, there is one pair of jeans on the market which has withstood the test of time. The Levi’s 501 original fit jeans. They are offered in different washes every year, but the silhouette is tried and true. You can buy a size up for a relaxed boyfriend jean look, or squish into a smaller size for a girlfriend jean silhouette. You can cut them into shorts, or cut them into cropped jeans. They are priced way under $100 and are always on trend. I have a light wash pair from roughly five years ago which still look great! While most jean styles come and go, Levi’s 501’s are always around. They are a closet staple!

Five affordable investment pieces which won’t break the bank:

So there you have it! My five favorite affordable investment pieces you can buy now, wear now, and wear forever! What are some of your favorite investment pieces which won’t break the bank?

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