Wide leg pants for summer

wide leg pants for summer for short people

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I found a pair of wide leg pants! Yay! Can I just tell you hard this was to do? When you are on the short side like me, the majority of wide leg pants look huge. Seriously, it was like I was swimming in fabric. I thought I would need to find a pair of petite pants to satisfy my wide leg pant craving, but alas, I couldn’t find wide leg pants in petite which looked wide. Why do brands always pair down styles for petite sizes? Just because we are short, does not mean we want to wear boring clothing which doesn’t give the full look. Ugh, it can be so annoying!

Well, these pants are regular size, not petite. I was surprised they fit me! I do roll the waist for flat shoes, but if I have high wedges, I don’t need to roll the waist, they fit! Love that! So, if you are taller than 5’4″ you can still wear these pants with flatter shoes.

One of the problems with being short, or petite, is that wide leg and loose clothing can look like a sea of fabric on your body. These pants are wide leg without being too much. I cannot believe it! Yay!

In addition to actually fitting me, the fabric is cool enough for a hot summer day, and they won’t break the bank. These pants are currently under $50. Love that! I plan on getting another pair in another color, I am just being indecisive right now. haha

So, if you are on the shorter side like me, check out these pants! We can finally wear wide leg pants!

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