Top fall 2023 trends

Fall 2023 trends from top left: lilac tweed jacket / hoop earrings / fall nail polish / green handbag / silver bracelet / denim pencil skirt / black handbag / black loafers / black boots / mary janes /

There are so many fashion and style trends hitting the streets this fall 2023 season. In order to sort through the fleeting trends, and the ones that will stick, I have curated them and identified the top style and fashion trends for the fall 2023 season into this post.

This fall season continues to showcase understated and chic style. Timeless pieces working in a fashion forward way will be the hottest trend of the season. You may find many of these trends in your closet, making it easy to just add a couple of new pieces for the fall season to update your overall look. This season is the super bowl for investment dressing and understated style. This is your season!

If you have not read my post regarding how to shop your closet for fall, be sure to take a look at it before hitting the stores. You might have some of these trends in the back of your closet! After you read, identify the trends you love which will work with your lifestyle, and then shop! That’s the fun part right?

So, without further ado, here are the hottest fashion and style trends for the fall 2023 season!

Fall color trends

Vibrant colors are hot for fall! You will see several shades of green, blue, red, neutrals, and pink. Pink was picked up after the announcement of the Barbie movie, so while not dominant on the runways, this sweet hue is hot on the streets. Look for pinks to continue into early fall; just don’t overbuy this color as it will fade as we move deeper into the fall season.

Traditional autumn hues are hot too! Look for darker green, deep shades of red, and rich browns. Black is hot too, but I just stated the obvious, right?

Fall shoe trends

how to shop your closet fall 2023

Fall shoes are a little bit more fun this year! Look for classic loafers, loafer mules, loafer pumps, and anything that tries to be a loafer. The Mary Jane is also back. We saw a little bit of a resurgence last year, but this year, Mary Janes are everywhere. If you have a pair in your archives, pull them forward!

Sweet little ballet flats are popular again this fall season. This is a classic shoe style you might already own! If so, pull them forward. If not, snap up a pair, unless you need a lot of arch support, then skip this trend. Ballet flats tend to not have a lot of foot support.

When it comes to boots, your closet might already be in good shape! Lug soles, utility style boots and western style boots are still hot. Keep those styles and wear them again this fall.

Fall jewelry trends

This fall, look for hoop earrings, classic jewelry pieces, and colorful stones. Fun colors are hot for fall, so if you have semi-precious jewelry sitting around, bring it forward! This is the season to spice up your classic ensemble with some colorful gems, classic silver bracelets, and chic hoops.

Fall clothing trends

Classic and understated style is tops for fall! Look for the continuation of the power suit, blazers over jeans, and matching sets. In addition to workwear, and structured style, look for wide leg pants, slim denim pencil skirts, the return of the classic wrap dress, and denim on denim.

Investment dressing is key as the so-called “quiet luxury” trend continues. If you are an investment dresser, this trend is silly, but to those who follow trends, this means toning down looks, shelving logos, and going for a clean aesthetic.

The denim jacket is hot for fall as well. In addition, denim is trending cleaner, so steer clear of tears, rips and distressed denim pieces.

When it comes to hemlines, look for ankle length and mini hemlines, with the exception of the denim pencil skirt which will hit mid-calf.

For a full report on all of the fall handbag trends, check out my dedicated article. In short, fall is all about the anonymous handbag, soft and squishy handbags, smaller handbags, the return of the lady bag (not that it ever went away, it’s a classic), shoulder bags, top handle bags in general, and high-quality craftsmanship. Love that!

Well, there you have it! The hottest trends for fall. Which trends are you looking forward to wearing this upcoming fall 2023 season?

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