Kendra Scott Airstream and new store at Santana Row

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From top: The Kendra Scott Airstream trailer parked at Santana Row / Interior view of the Airstream / stud earrings, short necklace, long necklace, Harlow necklace / earrings, necklace, Harlow necklace / What I wore to the event: sunglasses, lipstick, earrings, necklace, dress, handbag, bracelet, nail polish, ring, platform shoes (last photo credit: Rommellyn/The Stunning Post)

Did you see the title? Oh yes, it is true! Kendra Scott will be opening a store this summer at Santana Row! Yes! The South Bay has never been so excited!

On March 23, 2016 Kendra Scott parked their famous Airstream trailer at Santana Row. It was part of their California tour which covered parts of Southern, and Northern, California. In addition to their tour, the Airstream also promoted the anticipated opening of Kendra Scott’s new boutique on Santana Row this upcoming June. How excited are we!!!

The event brought together local bloggers for a fabulous lunch at The Village Cafe on Santana Row with the Kendra Scott team, and also a shopping extravaganza! Kendra Scott featured popular pieces from her current collection which were sold straight out of the trailer! Want to know the fabulous part of the sale? A portion of the proceeds went to charity! Love that!

To celebrate the event, and impending store opening, I donned a few of my classic Kendra Scott favorites with a bright blue dress. Of course the entire outfit was assembled around my Kendra Scott Harlow necklace in white. How could it not be? It was a Kendra Scott celebration!

It was a fun event. Not only did we get to view Kendra Scott’s collection, and talk about the upcoming opening of the new store, I was able to catch up with some of my fabulous, local blogger friends, and also meet new blogger friends! Social event + jewelry = amazing!

If you missed the Kendra Scott Airstream trailer at Santana Row, never fear! The new store at Santana Row will open this summer in June located across from Cocola. It will be jewelry heaven!

To learn more about Kendra Scott, visit her website online here.

My current Kendra Scott favorites:

My outfit details:

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