Charlotte Tilbury Kissing Kiss Chase lipstick review

charlotte tilbury kissing kiss chase lipstick swatchcharlotte tilbury kissing kiss chase lipstick review

Pictured: Charlotte Kissing Fallen from the Tree Kiss Chase lipstick / dress / bracelet / nail polish / sunglasses / earrings

Charlotte Tilburry Kissing lipstick is one of my favorite lipsticks to wear. It is always moisturizing, long lasting, and available in fabulous colors which work perfectly with the current season’s color palette. For spring 2016, I love Charlotte Tilbury Kissing Kiss Chase lipstick. It is the perfect pinkish red for the warm weather season.

Spring 2016 is all about shades of pink, red, and blue. Designers are showing vivid hues, and classic pastels in their collections. This calls for an easy shade of pinkish red lipstick which blends well with all of these shades. Charlotte Tilbury Kissing Kiss Chase is the ideal pinkish red lipstick for the job!

Although I tend to reach for pink lipsticks, Kiss Chase from Charlotte Tilbury’s Kissing lipstick collection is the perfect red for someone like me who prefers pink lipstick. It isn’t too red, or bright, which makes it an easy red shade to wear. The pinkish undertones make it a great bridge from pink to red for those of us who are more into pink lipstick then red lipstick.

The Kissing collection by Charlotte Tilbury also happens to be long lasting. This is fabulous news; because who wants to constantly reapply their lipstick? Not me!

If you love Kiss Chase as much as I do, you can find it online here. For the entire Charlotte Tilbury Kissing collection, you can find it online here.

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