Chanel Fraicheur nail polish review

Chanel Fraicheur limited edition nail polish

Pictured: Chanel Fraicheur limited edition nail polish.

Chanel Fraicheur nail polish is a limited edition nail polish color released by Chanel in early fall. This shiny, mint green nail polish hue is playful, and a fun way to transition into fall from late summer.

The shiny mint green color of Chanel Fraicheur blends well with fall 2015’s neutral color palette; as well as autumn’s deep green hues. The pretty color brightens up dark or drab fall attire. Love that!

Chanel Fraicheur nail polish is also a playful color for the last few days of summer this year. It works perfectly with bright summer attire, and offers a contrast to the dark nail polish hues, and blue nail polish shades, which are so “of the moment.”

I tested out Chanel Fraicheur nail polish with one base coat, two coats of color, and one top coat. It lasted eight days before I needed to remove it due to nail growth. Love that!

My top coat deserves some credit for the chip-free test run of Chanel Fraicheur nail polish. It really was the star of the show! My review of this fabulous top coat is online here.

Chanel Fraicheur nail polish is limited edition. It is a great color to wear now, and again, when resort 2016 hits in late December, early January. This beautiful mint green hue will also brighten up a dreary winter day in December, January, or February!

For resort 2016, many designers are showing vivid colors, pastel hues, and muted tones. One of the more popular colors being shown for resort 2016 is mint green. Chanel has also included mint green in the resort 2016 color palette. This makes Chanel Fraicheur nail polish a fabulous color to invest in right now.

Chanel Fraicheur can be found online here.

I rate Chanel Fraicheur five out of five stars! Love!

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