National Handbag Day 2023

national handbag day

Pictured: Blue dress / silver bracelet / black shoulder bag /

Happy National Handbag Day! This is always such a fun day, because we can celebrate our love for handbags, and no-one will judge us! Love that!

Every year, I write about National Handbag Day in a slightly different way. Some years I celebrate my favorite bags, while other years I talk about trends or popular IT bags of the moment. Since we are currently in the anonymous handbag era, I will feature my favorite anonymous handbags of the moment.

While I mentioned they are my favorite bags of the moment, they are also investment handbags I have either owned for a long period of time and they are still relevant, or they have the potential to be long-lasting, investment pieces.

I was only going to write about my five favorite, anonymous handbags of the moment, but I could not narrow it down, so here are six!

Mulberry Amberley

My new obsession is Mulberry handbags. The quality of leather is incredible, and the craftsmanship is top notch. I also love their attention to sustainability and efforts to produce handbags in a more eco-conscious manner. This is something important to watch for as we move into the future and when we invest in handbags as well as shoes, accessories, and apparel. The way a company handles manufacturing can make or break my support. We only have one planet, and companies need to treat factory personnel ethically. My Mulberry wish list is quite long!

Back to the Amberley, this is a fabulous bag! My Mulberry Amberley is very comfortable and easy to wear on a daily basis. The quality and craftsmanship are amazing, and I really love this bag! I cannot wait to add more colors to my collection! As I mentioned before, my Mulberry wish list is quite long!

Givenchy Antigona

If you have been following along for some time, you already know my Givenchy Antigona satchel is my favorite workhorse bag. It has strong construction which enables me to carry heavy items and really stuff the bag without having to worry about the bag falling apart. It really is a workhorse! This bag holds up strong and can get tossed around without scratching. Please note, I have the sugar leather which is incredibly durable. Love it! Since I love my Givenchy Antigona so much, I own two! The black one pictured above, and I also have a pale blue Antigona. The pale blue is beautiful, but difficult to photograph with my camera so you don’t see it featured here very often, but I do wear it!

Mansur Gavriel bucket bag

My Mansur Gavriel bucket bag is a classic handbag which is nearing its tenth anniversary! This is also a workhorse bag I use as an alternative to a tote when I need to truck a ton of stuff around. When I say stuff, I mean a sweatshirt, scarf, snacks, water bottle, and who knows what else! haha, I do have three kids, although teenagers, they still require extra stuff such as snacks etc. This bag also has fabulous construction and can really withstand a lot of weight. The quality is amazing, and it has really withstood the test of time. I look forward to using it for a lifetime!

Coach Swinger

Coach Messenger Tabby 19

When it comes to mini bags, my collection is full. I love my Coach Swinger which features two different straps and has turned out to be extremely practical. It has also held up in the rain without showing any wear. It is very sturdy and has impeccable Contruction. Love! Speaking of Coach, my Tabby Messenger 19 is also an easy bag to wear often and has some boho, 1970s vibes which I love.

Bottega Veneta Loop

Of course, the Bottega Veneta Loop bag is a classic mini bag which I had to get in “Bottega green!” I love wearing it when I need a pop of color in my look; and the soft leather is luxurious, and surprisingly strong. It is another great quality bag to cherish for a lifetime!

Well, those are my favorite handbags of the moment which are currently on rotation. Of course, I have more handbags, which I love, but I cannot write about all of them today! Have a fabulous and happy National Handbag Day and feel free to sound off in the comment section below letting me know your favorite handbags of the moment!

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