Chanel Vert Obscur fall 2015 nail polish review

chanel vert obscur nail polish fall 2015 review

Pictured: Chanel Vert Obscur nail polish for fall 2015

Chanel Vert Obscur nail polish is part of Chanel’s fall 2015 color collection. It is a deep, dark, evergreen hue which offers a green vibe during the day and in bright light, and dark, black, mysterious vibe at night and in dim light; where it looks almost black.

This is a classic-with-a-twist hue for the autumn season. Dark green, or evergreen, is a timeless fall color which works well with traditional autumn hues such as mustard, mahogany, burgundy, black, dark navy, and shades of brown. These classic hues also happen to be hot for fall 2015, making Chanel Vert Obscur perfect for the fall 2015 season! No wonder it is flying off the shelves!

That’s right! Many stores are already sold out of Chanel Vert Obscur nail polish for fall 2015; and the nail polish has only been on store shelves for about a week! This scenario has IT nail polish of season written all over it!

Not only is Chanel Vert Obscur a fabulous color for fall 2015, it is also a classic hue, making it nail polish wardrobe staple for many fall seasons to come. Love that!

I tested out Chanel Vert Obscur nail polish with one base coat, two coats of color, and one top coat. It lasted a beautiful eight days before my nail growth was obvious, and I needed to change the polish. I went swimming several times, washed dishes by hand, and cleaned my bathrooms during that time period without any chipping or signs of wear. I am in love! I may need to credit this top coat for my chip-free test. Highly recommend 😉

Chanel Vert Obscur nail polish is from Chanel’s fall 2015 beauty collection. It can be found online here , here, here, and here. If you love it, shop fast! The color is flying off store shelves and may not be around too much longer.

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