Shades of blue for spring 2015

shades of blue spring 2015 color trends

From top left: Dress / Nail Polish / Scarf / Espadrilles / Handbag / High Heels

One of the trends in color for the spring 2015 season is multiple shades of blue. That’s right! If it’s blue, it is on trend. Any shade of blue you love, is right on target for the spring 2015 season. If you prefer baby blue, go for it! If you are more of a cobalt girl, wear cobalt! Prefer classic navy? It’s hot for spring; wear it! 

What is great about the shades of blue trend for the spring 2015 season, is that you can wear any shade of blue you want to, and you can mix them together! Designers are mixing multiple shades of blue together for the spring 2015 season. You can see this in mixed solids for an overall blue look. You can also see the mix of blue in patterns and prints. Designers have mixed together light, dark, and medium blue shades. There are no rules this season when it comes to shades of blue. You can wear any shade of blue, with any shade of blue! Love that!

Since blue is my favorite color, I am extremely happy about this trend. I love mixing multiple shades of blue together, and I also love going for a tonal look; like in this outfit post

Blue is a classic color. Chances are, you already own something blue; so this is a great trend to shop your closet for! If you want to add more blue to your wardrobe, start with an accessory you can wear with multiple outfits. This will give you the most bang for your buck. Start with a blue handbag, or a blue pair of shoes you can wear often; such as an espadrille or office-appropriate pair of pumps. 

Since shades of blue are classic, and a huge trend for spring 2015, I have found a few fabulous blue items for the warm weather season around the web and assembled them into the shopping widget below. I hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉

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