Shop your closet for spring 2024

Photos: handbags are from the Coach spring 2024 runway / dresses are Kevan Hall spring 2024, photos courtesy of PR, photographer: Arun Nevander /

Spring 2024 is right around the corner, and before we start spending big bucks on new spring merch, it is always a good idea to scout out what’s in our closets for items which are hot this season. It’s a great way to bring new life to older items we have tucked away, as well as a way to save money! Love that!

First off, if you have been staying away from logos, keep doing it. Spring 2024 is a continuation of the anonymous handbag. Keep reaching for handbags and jewelry which offer high quality, and timeless style.

So, without further ado, here are a few things from your closet to bring forward for spring 2024.

Hoops: Hoops are a classic style, but they are popping up as an important earring style this season. Polish off those hoops if you haven’t already!

Doctor Bags: Structured, double top handle satchels are a classic handbag style which is proving to be important for spring 2024. Coach and Kate Spade had styles on their spring 2024 runways, and other designers will be showing them too. If you have a Givenchy Antigona you haven’t worn in awhile, pull it out! Also, any doctor bags or structured, double handbag satchels you have in your closet, bring those out too.

Chain strap shoulder bags: While logos have gone to the back of your closet, chain strap shoulder bags are gaining momentum. It’s OK if they have that double “CC” showing. You just don’t want the fabrication of the bag to bear logos. Logo clasp-yes, Logo fabric-no. You can wear any designer’s chain strap handbag; quilted or smooth. The Chanel classic flap aesthetic is rolling back onto the streets.

Pastels: I know, I know, this is hugely groundbreaking. Pastels for spring are hotter than hot; especially pink and lilac. Rock those unexpected spring hues. Haha

Peach: Everything peach! This is the color of 2024 and it is a natural spring hue, so bring out your peachy garments.

Yellow handbags: A few years ago, yellow handbags were all the rage, well, you’re in luck! Bring those bags back out from the back of your closet and rock them in spring 2024. Yellow bags are back baby!

Wide leg pants: This is a continuing trend. Look for wide leg pants in every style from denim to work trousers to evening attire. It’s all about the wide leg.

Faux fur jackets and coats: There is a social media craze right now called the “Mob Wife Aesthetic.” This may or may not be a fleeting trend. Part of the look is to pair a faux fur jacket or coat with a chain strap handbag. I wouldn’t invest in a faux fur jacket or coat, but if you have one tucked away from a few seasons ago, pull it out, put on your hoops, and grab your chain strap bag. With this look, no one would dare mess with you.

Loafers: These traditional shoes are still popular in 2024. Pull out your classic loafers, and pair them with skirts, pants, and dresses. They are hot.

Well, there’s you have it! These are the items to find in the back of your closet for spring 2024. Happy shopping!

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