How to dress during June Gloom

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Wearing: statement earrings / sunglasses / black tee / silver bracelet / casual tote bag / summer nail polish / casual pants / espadrilles / (not pictured: scarf / cardigan sweater) /

June gloom is here! If you are wondering what I am talking about, June Gloom is something which happens every year, during the month of June. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we get an excessive amount of fog during the month of June; just when we think summer is starting.

School has ended, the kids are ready to jump in the pool or head to the beach and boom! We all wake up to a blanket of fog which does not burn off until early afternoon; making the beach or the pool a no-go. Bummer! This is why foggy weather in the month of June is called, “June Gloom.”

On the flip side, June Gloom offers the perfect weather for taking a hike, working in the yard, and working out outside. Since it is June, the temperatures hover in the high 50’s and 60’s. This makes it cool, but not cold. It is great outdoor weather as long as you are wearing the correct layers.

You might be wondering why I am talking about layers, yet, in the photo above I am not wearing any layers. Well, I am not sure why I took off the top layer for the picture! Haha, is that a blogger fail? Yikes! Picture this outfit with a scarf, cardigan sweater or lightweight fleece. That is how to dress during June Gloom.

I love wearing lightweight pants when we have foggy weather. They are lightweight enough for the moderate temperatures, and for when the fog burns off, yet they cover enough so that I don’t get cold from the fog. These lightweight pants are perfect to wear all day when we have foggy mornings and mild afternoons. Top the pants off with a tee, scarf or sweater, and it is the perfect foggy day outfit.

My favorite scarf is this one, and I also love this cardigan.

So that’s the formula! Lightweight pants and tee topped off with a scarf or cardigan. A casual tote bag is key because you can place your scarf or cardigan inside once the fog burns off and you don’t need to wear it anymore.

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What are your favorite ways to dress during June Gloom?

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