1970’s vintage outfit for spring

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Pictured: Sunglasses: Prada / Earrings: c/o Twisted Silver (use code INSIDERS for 15% off) / Lipstick: Chanel 94 Confident / Blouse: vintage circa 1970’s, for current patchwork options, please see widget at bottom of this post / Jeans: Gap / Handbag: Mansur Gavriel / Ring: The 2 Bandits / Nail Polish: Gucci Abyss / Shoes: See by Chloe (past season, also love SAVE or SPLURGE)

After returning from New York Fashion Week, I have become infatuated with 1970’s style. Of course, this is the current “IT” decade when it comes to fashion in 2015. But after seeing the heavy 1970’s influence on the runways for fall, I have decided to try and twist my current wardrobe to reflect a retro, 1970’s vibe.

Since the 1970’s are of-the-moment, I decided to pull my Mom’s patchwork blouse out of my closet and start wearing it again. There is a little story behind this blouse. My Mom first purchased it from a little boutique in Strawberry, a sub-section of Mill Valley in Marin County, in the 1970’s. She used to wear this blouse often. I remember her wearing it with flare jeans, as well as tan suede culottes. She also paired it with a medium brown suede, a-line skirt, with buttons down the front. The skirt hit just at her knees. She usually did not wear the necktie with the blouse. She preferred the blouse neck-tie free. I, on the other hand, love the neck-tie!

I first “stole” this blouse out of her closet when I was in high school. She had not worn it in at least ten years, but loved it so much she held onto it. (I wish she kept that button front suede skirt! Grrrr) I loved the hippie vibe the blouse gave off, so my junior year of high school I snatched it from her closet and paired it with a pair of jeans. Back then, jeans were skinny and had zippers by the ankles. And yes, there was a triangle on my derriere. So very high school for us GenXers! The overall look was not exactly 1970’s, but in my sixteen-year-old mind, it was!

Since I drove myself to school that day, my Mom did not notice I was wearing her blouse. After school, I had swim practice and changed at the pool. The blouse went on a hanger which I hung in the backseat of my car. I came home from practice wearing sweats, so my Mom still had no idea I took her blouse and wore it that day. Oh my!

Fast forward a few weeks and my Mom noticed the blouse missing from her closet. How could she?! After all, she had not worn it in years! Alas, she went straight into my room and checked my closet. Of course, there it was! I was so scared of getting grounded for taking her treasured blouse, instead, she laughed! She was so happy I liked something which was hers, she told me I could keep it! Of course, I was reminded to ask next time 😉

So, ever since high school, this blouse has hung in my closet and I have worn it every-so-often. It came to college with me too! I am thrilled to be able to wear it this spring. I can’t wait to pair it with culottes, after I find the perfect pair, and a button down suede skirt, if I can find which doesn’t break the bank!

Do you have any special vintage pieces you treasure? Please share!

Patchwork options for spring (hot trend!)

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