Times Square and a Broadway Show

wearing: statement earrings / green stripe top / black belt / yellow pouch / spring nail polish / flare jeans / sneakers /

These are my touristy photos! haha. We decided to wander around Times Square, which of course, is just a bunch of people hanging around. The highlight was seeing the famous ball. It looks really pretty in person. I regret not going at night to see it lit up in all its glory.

If you hang around social media, you may have seen the video where a girl is telling you turn the phone upside down in order to get taller backgrounds into the photo. We did this! The reason my legs look weirdly long is because my daughter held the phone upside down to snap this photo. It’s actually pretty funny how I turned out in the picture! The trick does work because we were able to get all the tall buildings in the photograph. So distorted body aside, it works! haha

One of the bucket list items everyone needs to do while in New York is see a Broadway show. We decided to see Alladin, and we were blown away. Not only were the actors absolutely amazing, especially the Genie, the set and costumes were out of this world. They don’t allow photography during the show, so I am sharing a photo of the stage I snapped twenty minutes before showtime. Isn’t the theater incredible?

So, if you are looking for a show to see which is appropriate for the whole family, I highly recommend Alladin! It was incredible and I would definitely go see it again!

Stay tuned for more from New York!

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