Twisted Silver’s new Hipster collection offers hip yet timeless appeal

Twisted Silver’s new “Hipster” collection is not only hip, it is timeless. Love that! This fabulous, square chain link collection can be worn multiple ways and matches almost any ensemble a Fashionista can put together. How perfect is that?!

The “Hipster” collection from Twisted Silver is light-weight and made from the hippest metal in jewelry right now; brass. The collection features a necklace and bracelet which can be worn separately or linked together to form a fabulous, long necklace. The necklace and bracelet can also be joined together and wrapped around the wrist to form a bold, multi-strand bracelet.

Of course, as with most of Twisted Silver’s jewelry, the “Hipster” necklace and bracelet are easy to stack together with other pieces, making them even hipper! Love that!

When worn alone, the “Hipster” collection is perfect for a fundraising lunch, office attire or the theater. When worn layered, the “Hipster” collection takes on a personal touch which offers endless possibilities. 

Twisted Silver’s “Hipster” collection is priced $30-$40 and can be found online at Use coupon code INSIDERS for a 15% discount. Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 

DSC0976 DSC0985 DSC0988 DSC0980 DSC0977

From top:
1) C/O Twisted Silver’s “Hipster” necklace and bracelet.
2) Tory Burch leather wrap bracelet (past season), C/O Twisted Silver “Netizen” bracelet and C/O Twisted Silver “Hipster” bracelet.
3) C/O Twisted Silver “Hipster” necklace and bracelet linked together to form one long necklace.
4) C/O Twisted Silver “Hipster” bracelet
5) C/O Twisted Silver “Hipster” necklace.

Photo credits: Rob/Bay Area Fashionista 2013©