Chanel Taboo spring 2013 nail polish review

Chanel has released a late-spring nail polish color; Taboo. This sparkling nail polish color is not what one would expect to see in the warm, late spring months, which could explain the name “Taboo.” Chanel Taboo nail polish is a deep, dark purple with red undertones. In the bottle, Chanel Taboo looks like a swirl of sparkling purple and red nail polish, but this is not the case when applied.

I applied two coats of Chanel Taboo nail polish and the color turned out to be a true, deep dark purple. The dark purple hue is enhanced by a plethora of sparkles which add a whimsical flair to the vampy color. Surprisingly, this dark purple color works well with the bright colors of spring 2013 and blends easily with the oceanic colors of the season. Due to the red undertones, Chanel Taboo also blends well with red and pink apparel. Love that!

For the past few seasons we have been recommending short, neat nails for dark nail polish. Not for spring 2013. The new trend in nails is to grow them long! Nails should be curved or slightly pointed at the tips; not squared off. Of course, if you prefer shorter nails, keep your nails short. Nothing is more impractical than long, pointy nails! Chanel Taboo looks good on any nail length this season and since the color is so dark, it can easily be worn in the fall too. Fabulous!

Chanel Taboo applied evenly without streaking. We used one base coat and two coats of color; no top coat. Chanel Taboo is the one and only nail polish color in the late spring 2013 beauty collection from Chanel so it is easy to spot at Chanel counters everywhere. Chanel Taboo can also be found online at


Photo: (Taken in direct sunlight-no filter or edits) Chanel Taboo nail polish spring 2013. One base coat, two coats of color, no top coat.

Photo credit: Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2013©