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BAF Weekly IT List

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BAF Weekly IT List from top left: gemstone bead bracelet (only $25) / classic IT bag (review here) / Lunar New Year gift boxes / combat boots (lug sole boots-waterproof) / spring’s IT nail polish color / lipsticks / spring tote bag (review here) /

Can you believe it is the end of January already? Where has this month gone-and what a month it has been; but I digress. . .

This is a great time to snap up a gift for Valentine’s Day or Lunar New Year. There are so many great gift ideas this year! I love these beaded, gemstone bracelets at $25 each. You can buy an entire 3-bracelet stack for someone, or yourself, and still be well under $100. Love that!

In addition to gifting opportunities, combat boots are still the hottest footwear on the market right now, and this pair is super comfortable as well as waterproof. Love that!

Of course, with all this cold, grey weather, we want to cheer ourselves up. My favorite way to cheer up a dreary winter day is to think about spring fashion. This straw tote is hotter than hot for spring, and this classic IT bag is ideal all year long.

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Stay tuned! More winter and spring coverage is coming next week, as well as information about National Wear Red Day!

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(bracelet stack featuring 3 gemstone bead bracelets, only $75, love that!)

it bags 2021 under $500

Fitness routine winter 2021

home fitness gear winter 2021

Home fitness gear for winter 2021 from top left: backpack (I cannot live without mine!) / weight set (I use this one all the time) / yoga mat / soft beach towel / workout top (I love mine!) / water bottle (I have one in red and love it) / yoga socks (I wear these and love them) / running shoes / adidas leggings /

Whew! It’s cold out there! When the temperature drops, I tend to try and move my workouts inside. Unfortunately, our gyms in California are outdoor only right now, so I am bundling up and working around the cold!

I am in a fortunate situation where my gym has moved a lot of fitness classes online during the pandemic. This has been a godsend since I can attend classes at home, in addition to going to the gym in-person for outdoor fitness. It really has given me a lot of options which work well with my schedule.

If your gym has been closed, I recommend finding an online fitness option so you can still attend classes. It really makes a huge difference, and helps keep you motivated and on track. Love it!

My fitness goals at the moment include reducing stress, shedding my quarantine weight, and staying healthy. So, in order to accomplish this, I am mixing up cardio with interval (HIIT) workouts, and weekly yoga. I have lost ten pounds since May! Love!

Without further ado, here is how my balanced fitness schedule:

Sunday: Yoga (online or in-person depending on weather)

Monday: U-Jam (cardio, online class)

Tuesday: The Drop (HIIT style, online)

Wednesday: 30 min walk outside (light cardio)

Thursday: Tabata and Core (HIIT style, online)

Friday: Cardio kickboxing or Ignite (cardio or HIIT style depending on Saturday)

Saturday: rest day or hiking with the family (weather permitting, we take a two hour hike)

If we are able to go hiking on Saturday, then I opt for either a rest day, or an Ignite class, on Friday. My goal is to have one rest day each week, three cardio days, and two HIIT days. I have been going into the gym one day per week. The rest of the week I either opt for an online class through my gym, or I head outside for a walk or hike.

It’s important to get outside, and breath in the fresh air; even when there isn’t a pandemic! There is something calming about nature. I love being able to enjoy it.

If you are trying to put together a weekly fitness routine, I recommend scheduling three cardio sessions, two HIIT sessions, and one yoga session each week. If yoga isn’t your thing, opt for a workout which includes stretching and core exercises such as Pilates.

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BAF Weekly IT List

winter 2021 it list

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: basket bag (current IT bag) (under $500) / Dior spring nail polish / Chanel spring nail polish / grey scarf (color of the year 2021) / limited edition lipstick for Lunar New Year / combat boots (super comfy!) / classic black IT bag /

I love this time of year. While we are still in the winter season, spring merchandise is starting to hit store shelves, and it brings hope for warmer temperatures and brighter days. The easiest way to add a little spring to our steps during the dreary winter months, is through beauty products and accessories. That’s why these spring nail polishes are already a hit, along with this lucky red lipstick for Lunar New Year next month.  Love that!

In addition to beauty, accessories are an easy way to brighten up our winter days. A handbag is a great way to add a little spring to a winter look right now. While a basket bag may not look right with a heavy winter coat, a classic IT bag, which is proving to have timeless staying power, is the right choice. The basket bag brings joy to my office right now, and I am looking forward to wearing it next month when the weather heats up! Loving it!

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What are you wearing right now to brighten up a winter day?

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