Valentine’s Day gift ideas 2021

valentines day gift ideas 2021

Valentine’s Day gift ideas from top left: gemstone  beaded bracelet (only $25 and avl in other gems!) (great for stacking!) / heart layered necklace (under $100) / spring nail polish (hot IT color) / small black baguette bag (under $300) (hot IT bag) / lipstick set / heart sneakers (hot designer, under $200) / traditional candy box (under $100) /

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, this means we need to think about the perfect gift! I love to give my mom, husband, and kids gifts for Valentine’s Day. I feel like its a great day to celebrate everyone we love. A heart shaped box of chocolates is ideal for everyone on your Valentine’s list. I mean, very few people on this planet dislike chocolate. It’s so yummy!

Jewelry and fabulous nail polish are also great gifts for mom, and daughters teenage years and above. I also love these fabulous sneakers! Hint-if my hubby is reading this! This IT bag under $300 is an amazing choice as well.

Of course, along with chocolate, jewelry is a traditional and fabulous gift idea. I’m loving these stacking bracelets made from genuine gemstones. Can you believe they are only $25? That is a great price; plus they are handmade by a local San Jose, Mother/Daughter design team. At this price, you can buy two, three, or even four as a gift! Love that!

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