Denim shoes for spring 2016

denim shoes for spring 2016

From top left: espadrilles / wedges / mules / pumps / floral heeled pumps / platforms

Denim shoes for spring 2016 are a huge trend! Denim on denim, and denim everything, is a trend we have been watching grow over the past few seasons. For the spring 2016 season, it has exploded! This is the season to wear denim on denim, denim handbags, and of course, denim shoes!

With the move towards athleisure, and casual dressing for the spring season, denim shoes are a great alternative to canvas, leather, and suede for the warm weather season. Denim has a casual vibe, which also translates into a “cool” factor. This makes denim shoes a fresh, and easy way to make a fashion statement this spring season. Love that!

I love how denim high heels look with casual clothing. They offer all the benefits of a high heel or pump, yet offer casual flair due to the denim fabric. I definitely need to get a pair this spring season!

Denim espadrilles, and slip-on sneakers are a great casual shoe for everyday this spring 2016 season. They look fabulous with shorts, jeans, midi skirts, mini skirts, and jumpers. I did indulge in a pair of denim espadrilles for spring! I cannot wait to wear them with my warm weather, casual outfits!

Denim on denim is a continuing trend from last year into this year. Denim shoes are a great way to rock the trend if you don’t like a chambray shirt paired with a denim skirt or pants. They give the denim on denim look, without wearing tonal denim. This is my preference. I am not big on wearing tonal denim outfits. I like denim shoes paired with one other denim piece. I feel like it is a fresher take on the trend.

What do you think of denim shoes for spring 2016? Is this a trend you plan to rock as we move into warmer weather? Or will you find another way to incorporate denim into your spring wardrobe? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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Resort 2016 shoe trends

shoes trends resort 2015

From top left: tie up flats / pink street sneakers / vegan platform espadrilles / pumps / rainbow shoes / tie up low heel pumps

Resort 2016 is fast approaching, which means it is time to learn all about the current resort 2016 shoe trends! The resort season is short, so if you love one the of the trends, then it is important to snap it up right away!

I love the resort season since it is a great way to get a jump start on the new spring season; before spring hits store shelves! Resort is a fabulous transition from the fall/winter seasonal trends, into the new trends for the spring season.

There are so many fun trends in shoes for the resort 2016 season. These trends include influences from both the 1960s, and the 1970s; both important decades for the upcoming spring 2016 season. So, without further adieu, here are the resort 2016 shoe trends:

Color Blocking: I know, I know, the trend that refuses to die! This time around, color blocking is not referring to bi-color shoes, it is referring to as many colors as possible on a shoe! Look for rainbows, reminiscent of the 1970s, and color groups blocked together in various hues.

Tie-Up: This is a hot trend from last year which is continuing through 2016. Look for tie-up flats, heels, and wedges. If you already have a neutral pair in your closet, look for a candy colored pair for the new year to spice up your resort wardrobe; and your spring wardrobe too!

Florals: Groundbreaking, I know. Look for large, artistic florals on every type of shoe imaginable. It’s original, I swear 😉

Street Sneakers: Get your flat cardboard box, your boom box, and your moves sharpened! Sneakers reminiscent of the break-dancing days of the 1980s are hot to trot this resort season. They will be hot in the spring season too. Invest! Then bust a move.

Fringe and tassels: Keep on, shaking on! Boho-chic fringe is still du rigueur for the resort season. It will be hot this spring too. Ensure your shoe collection has some movement, look for fringe shoes in candy colors, or sensible neutrals.

Block heels: Who needs stilettos when sturdy block heels are all the rage? Need I say more?

Pink: Think pink. Look for blush or pale pink, as well as candy pink. These two hues are hot for the resort 2016 season; they will be cool in the spring too.

There you have it! The resort 2016 shoe trends to wet your appetite for the upcoming spring season. Which trend is your favorite?

Denim shoes for spring and summer 2015

denim shoes for spring summer 2015

Pictured from top left: Espadrilles / Wedges / Pumps / Pumps (bottom row) / Espadrille Wedges / Slip on sneakers

Denim is a huge trend for the spring and summer 2015 seasons. Denim and chambray fabric are being shown on every type clothing, and every type of accessory, one can imagine. With denim being such a huge trend right now, it is no wonder that denim shoes are a hot accessory for the spring and summer 2015 seasons.

One of the easiest ways to update your wardrobe with a trend, is with a pair of shoes! They can be worn with multiple outfits and, well, they are shoes! Need I say more? We love shoes 🙂

Denim shoes for spring and summer 2015 are being shown in every style imaginable for the warm weather season. There are so many options including, denim pumps, denim espadrilles, denim sandals, denim wedges, denim sneakers; and denim everything! Despite the dressy nature of pumps, when they are denim, they are instantly taken down a notch. This means denim pumps can be worn as a way to add a little sass to an otherwise casual outfit when you are not in the mood for flats. Love that!

The shade of denim on shoes for spring and summer 2015 is up to you! Although the majority of denim shoes are being shown in a medium “wash,” there are plenty of pale shades, and dark indigo shades, on shoes for spring and summer 2015. There is a shade of denim for every taste this season. Versatility=perfection 😉

Is the 1970’s trend your vibe this season? Groovy! Denim wedges are a great way to rock two trends at once; 70’s wedges and 2015 denim. Modern meets vintage, love that!

I found a few fabulous wedges, pumps, flats, espadrilles, and sandals in denim for the spring and summer 2015 seasons and assembled them into the shopping widgets below. I hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous. 😉


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