Ballet Flats for 2023

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Shoe trends 2023: Ballet Flats /

Ballet flats are back! They are already starting to hit the streets, and for 2023, they will be on fire! This means it is time to dig into the back of your closet and pull out every pair of ballet flats you can find. If they are in good condition, great! If not, see if you can polish them up and make them good as new. If they are beyond repair, recycle them and look for at least one new pair for 2023.

The pair pictured above, I recently purchased for my daughter. They are black and classic, plus they are priced under $100. Love that! If you don’t already own a pair of black or neutral ballet flats, I highly recommend starting off with a black or neutral pair you can wear often. When the spring season hits, if you want to add a fun color or pattern, go for it! Ballet flats will be hot during the spring and summer seasons, you may want at least two pairs!

If you have foot issues like me, there are ballet flats out there with arch support. You can also add your own arches for support. When the spring season starts to roll onto store shelves after Christmas, we will start to see more ballet flat options. So, if you don’t already have a pair, or you want to invest in a new pair but cannot find what you want, it is ok. Sit tight, and wait for the new year, there will be plenty of choices!

Do you like ballet flats? If this a trend you plan to rock, or skip?

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The return of the square toe for fall 2020

fall shoe trends square toes

Square toe shoes for fall 2020: black stamped croc pumps / (My toes love these shoes!)

The square toe was a huge shoe trend ten to twelve years ago. Over the past few years it has been trying to make a comeback. For summer 2020, we saw several designers give their sandals a square toe; marking a comeback for the toe shape.

As we move into the fall 2020 season, the square toe is taking the fashion world by storm. Many designers included square toe styles in their collections, giving buyers a choice between more traditional, rounded toes, and the edgier square toe. Which will you choose?

Fall 2020 is giving us a lot of classic looks for the season, so why not mix things up with a square toe? This toe shape is proving to be able to make a comeback right now. This signals potential growth for the trend as we move in the 2021 seasons. We will start to see more shoes in the winter and spring seasons reflecting the squared off toe box on boots, loafers, pumps, and sandals. It’s the hottest shoe trend in town!

square toe shoes for fall 2020

Square toes for fall from top left: ankle booties / block heel sandals / stamped croc boots / black stamped croc pumps /

I absolutely adore the square toe for the fall. This shoe style offers more room for your toes! A roomy toe box is key when you do a lot of walking and standing. Toes can sit in a more natural state within the shoe, instead of being crammed into a pointy toe which does nothing but cause pain. Loving this trend!

Fall 2020 square toe shoes around the web:

What do you think of the square toe trend for fall? Will you be rocking it?

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Ballet Flats for summer 2017

valentino rockstuds ballet flats

pictured: Valentino Rockstud ballet flats in black (similar pair under $100 here)

Ballet flats are back! This classic shoe style is gearing up for some time in the spotlight this summer as designers give traditional ballet flats edgy touches.

The modern ballet flat, which is what is hot for summer, offers small touches such as studs, criss-cross straps, and laces; which veer slightly from the straps and laces found on real ballet shoes worn by ballerinas.

ballet flats summer 2017 shoe trends

from top left: silver ballet flats (under $100!) / black lace up ballet flats / black premier designer ballet flats / pink ballet flats (available in several colors!)

Ballet flats are so much fun to wear this summer. They offer a feminine vibe which is understated and comfortable. The sleek, no-nonsense designs offers a chic look, and lightweight feel, for tired summer feet. These are the softest shoe style out there!

I love wearing ballet flats after a day in heels, or if I just want to be comfortable. They look great with maxi skirts, midi skirts, and paired with shorts and a cute top. Ballet flats are also a great alternative to sandals on hot days when we forget to touch up our pedicure. haha, love that!

Another way I like to wear my ballet flats is with straight jeans, a tee, and a statement handbag. They are the ultimate chic yet understated shoe. Love!

Are you are fan of ballet flats? Do you plan to wear this emerging trend?

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