The return of the square toe for fall 2020

fall shoe trends square toes

Square toe shoes for fall 2020: black stamped croc pumps / (My toes love these shoes!)

The square toe was a huge shoe trend ten to twelve years ago. Over the past few years it has been trying to make a comeback. For summer 2020, we saw several designers give their sandals a square toe; marking a comeback for the toe shape.

As we move into the fall 2020 season, the square toe is taking the fashion world by storm. Many designers included square toe styles in their collections, giving buyers a choice between more traditional, rounded toes, and the edgier square toe. Which will you choose?

Fall 2020 is giving us a lot of classic looks for the season, so why not mix things up with a square toe? This toe shape is proving to be able to make a comeback right now. This signals potential growth for the trend as we move in the 2021 seasons. We will start to see more shoes in the winter and spring seasons reflecting the squared off toe box on boots, loafers, pumps, and sandals. It’s the hottest shoe trend in town!

square toe shoes for fall 2020

Square toes for fall from top left: ankle booties / block heel sandals / stamped croc boots / black stamped croc pumps /

I absolutely adore the square toe for the fall. This shoe style offers more room for your toes! A roomy toe box is key when you do a lot of walking and standing. Toes can sit in a more natural state within the shoe, instead of being crammed into a pointy toe which does nothing but cause pain. Loving this trend!

Fall 2020 square toe shoes around the web:

What do you think of the square toe trend for fall? Will you be rocking it?

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Fall 2020 shoe capsule wardrobe

Fall 2020 shoe capsule wardrobe from top left: grey stamped croc loafers / fuzzy slipper slides / snakeskin booties (current season here) / stamped croc square toe pumps / Gucci platform sneakers / black high heel booties (current season here) / Pictured below: black loafer slides (similar style under $150 here) /

It’s time to talk shoes!! Don’t we love shoes 🙂 The fall 2020 season is a season of comfort, practicality, and function. That being said, there is no reason we can’t rock the current shoe trends!

When it comes to shoes, fall 2020 is all about the rise of the square toe, stamped croc, the return of the lug sole (which I am skipping until winter), simple platform sneakers, and fabulous slippers. There is also a classic vibe in shoes; which brings back classic loafers, loafer pumps, and loafer slides.

While we all look at the current trends, and would love to rock them, sometimes we need to pick and choose in order to make our wardrobes work. This season, I am keeping things classic. I plan to rock the square toe, but on a simple pump. I am also re-wearing some shoes from previous seasons since they are either classic, or still on trend; such as platform sneakers, snakeskin boots, and slides.

The trends I am putting off for now include combat boots, lug sole loafers, log sole boots, and square toe sandals. I don’t really wear open toe in the fall, and I am not really in a lug sole mood; despite their emergence this season as an important trend. I want to keep my footwear simple and comfortable. My sneakers are super comfy, and of course these slippers will get a lot of use!

Boots are always comfortable, and these two pairs from last year are still on trend, and perfect to wear this autumn season. I invested in a new pair of loafers, since stamped croc is hotter than hot this season. These loafers will last several seasons since they are a classic style. Love that!

I’m excited to be able to re-wear so many shoes this season, and also have some variety to pair with my fall 2020 capsule wardrobe. When shopping your shoe closet for fall, look for classic styles such as loafers and neutral booties. If you have platform sneakers, rock them this season! Also, if you have any square toe pumps from last time they were hot, bring them back to the front of your closet.

What to invest in for fall 2020. If you don’t have shoes which fit into the current trends, I highly recommend investing in a pair of loafers, loafer slides, square toe pumps, platform sneakers, and fuzzy slippers. These are classic, or long lasting trends to look forward to for several seasons; if not years!

Shop my fall 2020 shoe capsule wardrobe online:

What are your favorite shoes for fall 2020?

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Loafers and flats for fall 2014 and winter 2015

loafers fall 2014 winter 2015

Pictured: Loafers and flats for fall 2014 and winter 2015: Studded Oxfords / Loafers / Brown Monk Strap Flats / Degrade Oxfords

Fall 2014 is underway, and winter 2015 is fast approaching. One of the biggest trends in shoes for the fall/winter 2014/2015 season is menswear inspired footwear. Menswear inspired footwear includes oxfords, loafers, and even penny loafers! The majority of loafers, oxfords, and flats for the fall 2014, and winter 2015 seasons, are being shown in neutral tones with just enough height on the heel to offer extra arch support. Extra arch support = extra comfort. Love that!

Menswear inspiration has been a strong trend over the past few seasons. Despite the trends’ strength, it has not been the number one trend on the street. Consumers have been taking parts of the menswear inspired trend and incorporating it into their own personal style; rather than wearing the trend head-to-toe. One of the most popular aspects of the menswear inspired trend has been the footwear.

Menswear inspired footwear has become incredibly popular on the street for many reasons. Oxfords, flats, and loafers can easily be worn with trousers at the office, with jeans on the weekend, or paired with a skirt for a fashion-forward, funky look. In addition to being versatile, menswear inspired footwear is also comfortable. Oxfords, flats, and loafers are easy to wear all day and they are perfect for standing or walking for extended periods of time. This makes flats, loafers, and oxfords both versatile and practical. Love that! After all, how often can we say something is both on-trend and incredibly comfortable! Not very often. . .

Flats, loafers, and oxfords are also showing no sign of slowing down as we head into the resort 2015 season and the spring 2015 season. Designers are showing dark colors and neutrals on menswear inspired footwear for the fall/winter seasons. While for resort and spring, designers have opted for pastels, light hues, and perforated leather. This shows the menswear inspired trend is going strong, and will make a good investment as move into 2015.

When shopping for flats, oxfords, and loafers this fall 2014 and winter 2015 seasons, look for neutral colors which will transition easily into the new year, as well as for lug soles. Lug soles are staying strong as we move into 2015 and are also fabulous on rain slicked sidewalks or icy pathways.

I found a few amazing oxfords, flats and loafers online which are perfect for now, and into early 2015. You can find them in the shopping widget below! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉