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Spring 2021 capsule wardrobe

spring 2021 capsule wardrobe spring capsule wardrobe

Casual spring 2021 capsule wardrobe from top left: lightweight wrap jacket / black and chain sweatshirt / light classic cut ankle jeans / gemstone bead bracelets / chain bracelet / statement ring / medium hoops / blue and white strip puff sleeve tee / wide leg jeans (under $40) / black belt / Prada bag / black puff sleeve tee / lilac abalone earrings / white and gold drop earrings / medium wash classic cut straight jeans (under $40) /

We are enjoying beautiful spring weather here in California, so it’s time to dive into my spring capsule wardrobe! Life is still on the casual side this season, therefore, my spring capsule wardrobe is on the casual side. I am storing my high heels and dressier looks while opting for casual, everyday pieces I can mix and match. That being said, I am dying to wear dresses! It has been awhile! I found two dresses for spring which are casual. This means I can satisfy my desire to wear a dress while maintaining a casual look and feel while going out and about. Love that!

For the spring 2021 season, I wanted to make sure my spring capsule wardrobe was comfortable and on trend. Puff sleeves are huge this year, so I found these casual tops with puff sleeves which fit right into the current fashion trends, while maintaining a casual, everyday look. These two tee’s, and this sweatshirt, are perfect to wear with jeans and slides or sneakers. I can go to the supermarket, walk around downtown, or explore an outdoor venue while staying casual and comfortable; yet looking trendy. Love that!

Do you like chains? You are going to find chain integration all over the place for spring 2021. Chains are being sewn onto hemlines, necklines, and offered as chain belts with outerwear and dresses. I love this sweatshirt since it integrates the chain detail trend with a cozy sweatshirt I can throw on over jeans. I love this trend, and this is an easy way to wear it on casual and comfortable days.

Wide leg pants and jeans are also a hot trend. While I love the look of flowing, wide leg trousers this spring, I don’t really have a place to wear them since life here in Silicon Valley is still remote and over video conferencing software. So in order to rock the wide leg trend, I found these fabulous and affordable wide leg jeans for spring priced under $40. These are great for being casual and comfortable, yet rocking the hottest trend in pant legs; the wide leg!

Another trend in denim for spring 2021, is the classic cut jean. While “mom” jeans are a hot trend, and ’90’s denim silhouettes are also hot, they are not flattering. Trust me, I wore them in the ’90’s and they do nothing for your bottom half. This season, I am opting for the classic cut trend which offers a more natural silhouette which is flattering and chic. I love having one option which is premium denim, and a darker wash option priced under $50.

Spring is a season when the weather is changing. So, as you know, we all need a jacket or coat! This lightweight jacket is perfect to throw over a tee and belt. It’s chic and fashionable yet comfortable and soft. This makes the jacket feel casual yet it looks put-together. I plan on wearing it often! One thing to note on this particular jacket, it will need occasional ironing, so if you don’t iron, this isn’t the jacket for you.

All of these pieces mix and match for the spring season. I can’t wait to create multiple looks with these seven items!

Now, let’s talk about spring dresses!

spring dresses capsule wardrobe

Spring 2021 capsule wardrobe capsule dress from top: black knit dress with self tie belt (under $80) / statement ring / basket bag / lilac abalone earrings / gemstone bead bracelets / chain bracelet / black slides /

This casual black dress is perfect for spring days, and it will also carry into the summer season! It is a casual, everyday dress which is soft and comfortable. I love pairing it with effortless slides and this basket bag. It can also be paired with a cross body bag, soft pouch clutch, ’90’s style shoulder bag, hobo bag, or tote! The only bag I am not keen on with this dress is a satchel since satchels look too structured with it.

I am looking forward to wearing this dress throughout the spring and summer seasons. It’s a great basic that can be paired with any type of jewelry from statement to delicate; depending on personal style. This will be great for outdoor dining too! Love!

spring 2021 capsule wardrobe spring dresses

Spring 2021 capsule wardrobe spring dress from top left: orange floral spring shirt dress / Prada bag / black belt / hoop earrings / gemstone bead bracelets / chain bracelet / sculpted heel slides /

I wanted something bright and fun for spring in my capsule wardrobe. Normally, I shy away from orange since it is really bright. There was something about this dress that made me throw out my “stay away from orange” rule. I decided to take the plunge and grab this bright dress for spring. It can be dressed up a little bit more than the black knit dress, yet also be worn casually. I plan to wear it a little bit more dressy for spring for outdoor dining; which is the only activity we can really dress up for right now since most businesses and activities are still closed.

This summer, I can take this dress into more casual territory by pairing it with flip flops and a straw bag. The belt elevates the dress, so on a more casual day, I may leave the belt at home and tie a sweater around my waist or leave my waist belt-free. In order to tone down the print, I am opting for neutral accessories and understated jewelry.

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What are you planning to wear this spring season?

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Winter 2021 capsule wardrobe

casual winter 2021 capsule wardrobe

casual winter 2021 capsule wardrobe from top left: ivory sweater  / pink long sleeve tee (under $15) / sparkling earrings (under $50) / blue and gold statement earrings / bead bracelets / destroyed denim jeans (under $50) / black belt / grey scarf (under $100) / blue sweater (on sale under $100) / burgundy long sleeve tee (under $15) / black jeans (under $50) /

Well, as you can see, my capsule wardrobe for this season is really paired down. California has gone back into lock-down, so I don’t need anything dressy, or overly trendy this season. It appears we will be locked down into January, and since winter only lasts through early February here, there isn’t a need for anything other than a casual capsule wardrobe. I will start to transition to spring in February since temperatures will start to become mild.

My winter 2021 capsule wardrobe has everything I need in an outfit when I leave the house. A cozy sweater, comfortable jeans, and a tee. This ivory sweater is a fabulous investment piece which can be worn for many winters to come. The blue sweater is also an investment, although it’s trendier silhouette lends it to ‘three winter seasons’ max status. The fabulous part is that my blue sweater comes in a variety of colors and it’s on sale for under $100. Love that!

Normally I would incorporate the color of the year into my winter capsule wardrobe, since it’s the first capsule of the year. This year is a little different since I am not a huge yellow fan, when it comes to clothing. I am going to wait until spring to see how to incorporate it into my accessories. When it comes to clothing, I will use the grey as an accent color. If you haven’t already heard, yellow and grey are the color of 2021.

I decided instead of yellow, I would continue with grey as an accent and mix together berry and blue hues for the winter season. These are staple colors in my wardrobe, and I always gravitate towards them no matter the season. So, they seem right for the winter season this year.

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What are you planning to wear this winter season? Are you locked down where you live too?

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Holidays 2020 capsule wardrobe

Casual holidays 2020 capsule wardrobe

holidays 2020 capsule wardrobe casual

Casual holidays 2020 capsule wardrobe: fringe sweater vest (under $100) / grey scarf (under $100) / pink scarf (under $100) / pink long sleeve tee (under $15) / antique gold hoop earrings (under $100) / antique gold chain link bracelet (under $100) / burgundy long sleeve tee (under $15) / cashmere sweater in ivory c/o The Perfect Provenance / distressed girlfriend jeans (under $50) / black snake buckle belt / black skinny jeans (under $50) /

Can you believe the holiday season is already here! Where does the time go? This year, I feel like I am in more of a berry hue mood rather than a traditional red and green mood for the holiday season. While I may still rock Christmas colors from time to time during the season, my capsule wardrobe is neutral with a pop of pink and burgundy.

I am all about cozy and casual this holiday season. The usual parties I attend are canceled due to the pandemic, so my wardrobe doesn’t need to be fancy. This holiday season, I will be living in jeans, tee’s and cozy sweaters. This fringe sweater vest is my avant-garde piece for the season. It can be paired with a solid color, long sleeve tee to add some pizazz, or, I can pair it with classic black for a more understated look; as I did in this post.

This classic cashmere sweater is a fabulous investment piece for the holiday season, winter season, and for many years to come. I found it at an amazing local shop in Tiburon named “The Perfect Provenance.” Everything they sell in store, they also sell online! Definitely check them out online here!

Dressy holidays 2020 capsule wardrobe

dressy capsule wardrobe

Dressy capsule wardrobe holidays 2020: black print dress c/o The Perfect Provenance (can dress it up or down!) / pink scarf (under $100) / green and gold earrings (under $100) / green and gold bracelet (under $100) / ivory cashmere sweater c/o The Perfect Provenance /

While I may not have any parties to attend, it is still fun to wear a dress from time to time! This fabulous dress can be dressed up with a pair of heels, or worn casually with boots, and this soft cashmere sweater thrown over the shoulders for a cozy yet preppy look. You’ll see me in this dress a lot this season! It’s a year-round piece for those of us in California. It can be worn with sandals in the summer and espadrille wedges in the spring. It can also be paired with booties during the fall season. This dress is a fabulous investment piece for my wardrobe! It too is from The Perfect Provenance. You have to check them out!

Holiday party capsule wardrobe 2020

holiday party capsule wardrobe 2020

Holiday party capsule wardrobe 2020: pink sequin top (under $50) / black  skinny jeans (under $50) / green and gold earrings / green and gold bracelet / black cork handbag (see review here) / square toe pumps (under $200) /

So, I cannot do the holiday season without a little bit of sparkle! This holiday season I put together a casual yet sparkling capsule which is really an outfit of one. haha. This pink sequin top paired with black skinny jeans will be perfect when I quietly ring in the New Year at home, and it will also be festive for outdoor dining during the holiday season. I mean, don’t we all need a little sparkle in our lives right now? Even if there aren’t any parties? I know I do! Long live sparkle!

Loungewear capsule wardrobe holidays 2020

loungewear capsule wardrobe 2020

Loungewear capsule wardrobe holidays 2020: soft and cozy cardigan sweater / rock inspired tee (under $50) / cozy slippers c/o Sperry (under $75) / black knit pants (under $50) /

Well, the rocker inside of me just loves this rock inspired tee which reminds me of one of my all-time favorite bands. It’s perfect for lounging around the house with soft, knit pants and this cozy sweater. Of course, no loungewear look is complete without cozy slippers. These slippers are my life right now! They are also a great gift idea for the holiday season. Love them!

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What type of holiday capsule wardrobe are you putting together this year? Are you casual like me too?

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