Hudson Yards on a rainy day

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While the weather was mild during the majority of our trip, we had one really stormy day where the skies just opened up. In one brief moment, there was a break in the storm, so we took that opportunity to snap a couple photos outside Hudson Yards. Unfortunately, the Vessel was closed due to the weather, so outside photos were our only option on the day we visited.

Since my daughter is a Civil Engineering major, Hudson Yards was fun to walk around and explore. The new buildings have some interesting engineering features which are great to see up close when you are an engineering student. She enjoyed seeing the architecture and how it was executed, and so did I!

We spent most of our time at Hudson Yards inside due to the weather. There is a shopping mall which features all the stores you know from your local mall. We enjoyed a boba break at Xing Fu Tang.

It was nice to have a place to wander around inside since the storm was pretty strong when we were outside. We had weathered it earlier in the day for tea time at Laduree and seeing a few other sites.

If you are heading to New York, see if you can schedule Hudson Yards on a calm weather day, that way the Vessel will be open and you will have the opportunity to go inside. I have this on my list for my next trip to New York. It looks like it would be amazing to go to the top!

Hudson Yards is also a great stop if you want a little retail therapy. While you won’t find independent boutiques there, you will find national chains you are familiar with, and perhaps needed to pick something up from that you forgot at home.

Oh, and if you decide to grab some boba, the cookies and cream is delicious!

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Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

wearing: black parka / statement earrings / black cross body bag / striped tee (sold out, similar here) / black belt / black jeans / spring nail polish / rose sneakers /

Everyone needs to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island at least once in their lifetime. Seeing the Statue of Liberty up close was a fun activity because we were able to go inside and check out the engineering behind the statue. In addition, the views of New York from the island and the statue are amazing! There is also a history museum which details how the statue was made and the history surrounding this beautiful gift from France.

I wore comfortable, casual clothing because this activity requires a lot of walking, stairs, and wind from the water. I highly recommend dressing comfortably, wearing sneakers and bringing something warm to shield you from the wind.

After visiting the Statue of Liberty, we hopped back onto the ferry and went to Ellis Island. Many of my ancestors came through Ellis Island so it was surreal standing in the same place where their new life in the United States began. In addition, the museum about the island and immigration to the United States is special, informative, and a must-see. How cute are these baby shoes from an Italian Immigrant pictured below!

We really enjoyed spending time on Ellis Island and touring the facility, visiting the museum, and discovering the manifest library which is online. I highly recommend taking your time on Ellis Island in order to ensure you see everything; especially if you had relatives go through the island!

Seeing both islands takes time. I recommend taking one of the first ferries in the morning and planning to spend the day touring both islands. It is a great way to see our history up close and enjoy these important sites!

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Times Square and a Broadway Show

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These are my touristy photos! haha. We decided to wander around Times Square, which of course, is just a bunch of people hanging around. The highlight was seeing the famous ball. It looks really pretty in person. I regret not going at night to see it lit up in all its glory.

If you hang around social media, you may have seen the video where a girl is telling you turn the phone upside down in order to get taller backgrounds into the photo. We did this! The reason my legs look weirdly long is because my daughter held the phone upside down to snap this photo. It’s actually pretty funny how I turned out in the picture! The trick does work because we were able to get all the tall buildings in the photograph. So distorted body aside, it works! haha

One of the bucket list items everyone needs to do while in New York is see a Broadway show. We decided to see Alladin, and we were blown away. Not only were the actors absolutely amazing, especially the Genie, the set and costumes were out of this world. They don’t allow photography during the show, so I am sharing a photo of the stage I snapped twenty minutes before showtime. Isn’t the theater incredible?

So, if you are looking for a show to see which is appropriate for the whole family, I highly recommend Alladin! It was incredible and I would definitely go see it again!

Stay tuned for more from New York!

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