Not packed for NYFW spring 2021

casual fall outfit ideas

wearing: blue and gold earrings / fall lipstick / stripe puff sleeve tee / black snake buckle belt / patchwork jeans / fall nail polish / lapis bead bracelet / grey bead bracelet / classic grey stamped croc loafers /

I am not packed, and I am not on a plane to New York Fashion Week! Normally at this time, I write a post letting you know I am on a plane, and off to the Big Apple to watch the runway shows during NYFW. This year, things are a little different. New York Fashion Week will be mostly online. While I did receive a handful of in-person invites, the majority of my invites this season are for live streams.

This NYFW season, I will be sitting at my desk, while my husband is on the other side of the wall working from home for his tech job, and my kids are spread out throughout the house doing online school. California is still under a shelter-in-place order, and large gatherings of people are not advised on a national level. This means New York Fashion Week will mostly be online.

An online fashion week is both a blessing and a curse. The reason I attend fashion week in person is because seeing the clothing go down the runway, and watching it move, is how I forecast for the new season. Designers set a tone and vibe for their shows, allowing me to see their  inspiration, and complete artistic vision. While they will convey this through video, it is not the same. I hope I can feel the vibe through my computer screen.

Now for the blessing! The nice part of watching fashion week online, is that, you too can watch it! You can watch the same shows as me live streamed. While some designers have invite-only links, there is a good chance those shows will end up on YouTube shortly after they air. So if you cannot attend an invite-only show, you can catch it soon after online. I hope you watch with me!

Don’t forget, Supima is live streaming their show on September 10, 2020 at 3pm eastern time. You can catch it live on their Instagram page or Facebook page.

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I am excited to watch the shows from home this season, and see what we can look forward to in the spring/summer 2021 season. I am hopeful it will be a season of joy, renewal, and hope. A renaissance if you will. I believe we will be receiving our vaccines, large gatherings will begin to return, jobs will return, and the hardships we are facing right now will be behind us. It will be interesting to see if this sentiment and hope is reflected in the upcoming collections.

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(apologies for the off-colors in my photos. We have orange skies right now from all the wildfire smoke in California, and my photos had an orange glow. I tried my best to remove the orange. The shoes are not really this dark, they are more of a medium grey.)

fall loafer trend

Torn jeans for fall

torn jeans fall 2020

wearing: pale green and gold earrings / fall lipstick / black boxy tee (under $15) / black belt with snake buckle / black bucket bag / torn skinny jeans / fall nail polish / chain link bracelet / loafer slides (similar under $150) /

I cannot believe I am saying this; torn jeans are hot for fall.

We enjoyed a short reprieve from the destroyed denim trend over the past year. That reprieve is over. While I enjoyed looking at clean, intact denim for the past year, there is something about torn denim for fall which intrigues me. Perhaps it is because we are all a little torn inside this year, so seeing torn denim for fall just feels right.

I have to admit, I am loving the character of torn denim. The destroyed knees, and frayed hems, have been in and out of style since I was in middle school. There is something edgy about it; not to mention the tears offer some free air conditioning during the fall months. Fall seems like it would be a cool season, but once the morning fog burns off, we can get temperatures in the 80’s, 90’s, and even 100’s. Is it winter yet? Asking for a friend. . .

This pair of torn skinny jeans is super comfortable; and I love the variation of the frayed hems. They work well with both flat and heeled footwear. Right now, while temperatures are still warm, I love pairing them with my loafer slides since it offers a fall vibe, while allowing me to stay cool. If you don’t have a pair of loafer slides yet, what are you waiting for? Seriously, they are classic and versatile. You will love them!

I wore this outfit out on a walk with my family in downtown Saratoga. The city “hid” six, large metal acorns around the downtown area, so the kids had fun searching for them. Turned out the “hiding” places were on top of planters or benches. haha We also enjoyed seeing the new parklets for outdoor dining. I was in love with the parklet for The Plumed Horse, pictured above. It had chandeliers! Fabulous!

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The fall 2020 season is also bringing us a 90’s MTV vibe. This oversized, boxy tee is reminiscent of 90’s hip-hop, and I am here for it! After all, us GenX girls made the 90’s happen. My teens may think this is their trend, but it’s really mine and ours. HA! So let’s enjoy the resurgence, and rock our boxy, oversize tee’s, with patchwork denim or torn denim! We got this!

What do you think of the return of torn denim for fall? Will you be rocking this trend?

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destroyed denim for fall 2020

Fall 2020 capsule wardrobe

On trend fall capsule wardrobe

fall capsule wardrobe for fall 2020

Fall 2020 capsule wardrobe from top left: blue sweater (additional colors here) / black puff sleeve top / green and gold earrings / torn skinny jeans / grey scarf (similar here) / stripe puff sleeve tee / black belt with snake buckle / classic cut jeans / black boxy oversize tee / howlite and silver earrings (current style here) / gold link bracelet / light acid wash patchwork jeans /

Fall 2020 is around the corner, so now is the time to assemble a fall capsule wardrobe! This autumn season isn’t like other fall seasons. A large portion of our economy is closed, which means there are less events and occasions for leaving the house. That being said, I think I can safely say we are all at a point where we want to feel normal; and part of feeling normal is getting dressed in something other than sweatpants.

Nothing feels better right now than putting on an actual outfit. Whether I am going to the post office, the supermarket, or picking up take-out, wearing an outfit makes me feel good; even if I am only wearing it with shoes and a bag for an hour. So for the fall 2020 season, I put together a fall capsule wardrobe which pulls items from my closet such as classic fit jeans and v-neck tees; and combines them with casual yet on trend pieces such as torn skinny jeans, puff sleeve tops, and a pouch clutch. (stay tuned for my handbag capsule wardrobe on the blog in a few days)

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These tops and earrings will work perfectly for video conference meetings, while the jeans or joggers will keep things comfy on the bottom. I mean, aren’t we all mullet dressing for video meeting right now? I know you aren’t in a pencil skirt and pumps!

The casual fall trends this season include 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s influences which you will see in sleeve types, denim washes, and MTV 90’s hip-hop silhouettes. If you wore it then, you can wear it again! I’m loving the puff sleeves, and retro denim styles. They spice up a casual look for the autumn season. Love that!

Fall 2020 casual capsule wardrobe

casual fall 2020 capsule wardrobe

Casual fall 2020 capsule wardrobe from top left: ultra soft charcoal cardigan sweater / black v-neck tee / green and gold earrings / howlite and silver earrings (current style here) / blue v-neck tee / torn skinny jeans / grey scarf (similar style here) / grey v-neck tee / gold chain bracelet / black belt with snake buckle / classic cut jeans / black linen joggers / light acid wash patchwork jeans /

There are days when we just need a casual look, without trying to rock too many trends. On those days, I plan on wearing jeans, a simple v-neck tee, and this cozy cardigan sweater. This is a great casual capsule wardrobe for the fall season since many of us will be doing mostly casual activities such as errands.

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This is also a casual, go-to look that will get a lot of use on a daily basis. Jeans and a tee are the ultimate basic outfit, this cardigan keeps it comfy and cozy, while trendy jeans spice it up just a bit.

Fall 2020 loungewear capsule wardrobe

fall 2020 loungewear capsule wardrobe

Fall 2020 loungewear capsule wardrobe from left: soft charcoal cardigan sweater / blue scarf / grey bamboo pajamas (ultra soft and sustainable!) / black fuzzy slide slippers /

While putting on an outfit feels normal, and is a necessity when leaving the house, there are some days we just want to lounge around and clear our heads. After all, the world is a lot right now! This comfy, cozy loungewear capsule is ideal for a cozy day at home. I love this casual cardigan sweater which can be thrown over jeans and a tee, or loungewear. It’s so versatile!

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I am also living in these fuzzy slip-on slippers. They are great with, or without socks; depending on the weather.

Fall 2020 dressy capsule wardrobe

dressy fall 2020 capsule wardrobe

Fall 2020 dressy capsule wardrobe from left: black and white pleated skirt / soft pouch clutch / black puff sleeve top / green and gold earrings / lapis and gold earrings / howlite and silver earrings (current style here) / gold chain bracelet / black square toe, stamped croc pumps /

OK, there are a few things open! Where I live I can wear something dressy to dine outside at a restaurant. Depending on where you live, you may have more dressy outfit opportunities than I do in California! This fall, it is good to have one skirt or dress for going out. I cannot even begin to tell you how nice it feels to put on pumps once in awhile these days! This outfit is super affordable, the skirt and top together are under $110, and the pumps are under $140. Each jewelry piece is under $100 too. Love that!

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This fall capsule wardrobe combines new and old pieces which create a multitude of outfits. That’s what  makes a capsule wardrobe so good, everything mixes and matches; and also carries over from season to season. There’s no point in buying one season pieces; it is always good to invest in items which can be worn for several seasons. It’s a great way to save money, lower our carbon footprint, and look chic. Love!

Stay tuned for my shoe and handbag capsule coming up over the next week!

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