Sleeveless trench coat for spring

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wearing: bold gold earrings (on major sale!)  / lipstick / sleeveless trench coat / long sleeve black layering tee / dark wash classic cut jeans / spring nail polish / handbag / snakeskin high heel sandals /

One of my favorite trends of the moment is the trench coat trend. Why have I not worn it until now?? Has it seemed to classic? Is it because the Burberry trench coat I own has sat in the back of my closet for over a decade-unworn? Do I always need to have something something new, no matter how classic and timeless the design? Ugh, I digress. . .

Apparently I do need something new, no matter how timeless! I love this sleeveless trench coat for spring 2019. It is great to layer over jeans on a cool spring day. It can also be worn as a dress when the weather warms up! Can’t wait for that warm weather! It is sooooooooo cold this year!!

A trench coat is such an easy way to elevate an outfit this spring season. It can easily be thrown over jeans and a tee, to create a put-together look which is simple and effortless. I’m loving this trench trend!

I wore this outfit the other day while out with my kids. We enjoyed a fun pizza lunch, and then took my son to the Lego store so he could spend his allowance on a new Lego set from the Lego Movie 2. My son is a huge Lego fan, and the movies are his favorite! So this was a really fun outing for him

This outfit was perfect for walking around, and spending time with my kids. I was comfortable enough to walk around with them, yet felt put together enough to walk around Valley Fair without looking too casual. This trench is my new go-to for casual times I don’t want to look so casual! haha

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What do you think of the trench coat trend? Although it’s a classic, do you feel yourself gravitating towards the trench this season over other styles? Or have you always been a trench fan?

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Boho flow

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wearing: bold golden dangle earrings / lipstick / blue boho tunic / brown train case (see review here) / spring nail polish / jeans / black high heel sandals /

Hello spring! While spring doesn’t officially start until this weekend, these beautiful days with high’s in 70’s, have put some spring in my step!

My kids had a teacher-in-service day on Monday, so I brought them up to Stanford Shopping Center for a yummy lunch at the Neiman Marcus Cafe. In addition to lunch, we made a pit stop at the American Girl store. My youngest daughter loves American Girl. She has a couple of dolls, and every book the company has written. She also enjoys their movies!

In the middle of last year, my daughter set her sights on a new doll from the American Girl store. Since she already had two dolls, I felt like she did not need another one. So, she decided to save up her allowance so she could buy the doll herself. I have to appreciate the financial planning and resourcefulness! She cleaned out a jam jar, and began collecting her cash inside the jar. She kept a sticky note with a tally of how much cash she needed for both the doll and the sales tax. Once she had the cash, I promised her we would visit the store so she could buy the doll.

I had no idea how many coins and pennies she had saved! I would have brought her to the bank to exchange the coins for bills, had I known how many she had. There was roughly $30 in coins in that jar! Oooops! She dumped the jar into her purse before we left the house, and when we arrived at the counter to purchase the doll, she dumped out the purse. I was a little embarrassed at the amount of coins. The sales assistant who helped my daughter was unfazed, and spent time counting out the coins for my daughter. My daughter was so proud of herself for saving up the money! She ended up being $0.21 short, so I threw in a quarter so she could buy the doll. I was so happy she saved up! I was also thankful the American Girl sales assistant was patient with my daughter and her coins!

Although she now has three American Girl dolls, which seems excessive to me, I am happy she learned a lesson about saving money for something she really wanted. Hopefully this lesson will continue throughout her life, so she understands saving money is more important than spending it for instant gratification. Always keep your eyes on the financial prize.

For our shopping excursion, I wore this fun and flowy boho top with my favorite pair of jeans, which my daughter photographed for me. It was perfect with the 75-ish degree weather, and glowing sunshine. What a beautiful day! I love spring!

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Have you ever scrimped and saved for what you really want? What types of financial lessons have you taught your kids?

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Cool spring day go-to outfit

casual spring outfit ideas how to wear pvc tote bag spring 2019 spring 2019 street style san francisco bay area snakeskin sandals spring 2019

wearing: pink resin hoops / lipstick / black long sleeve twist tee / small PVC tote / spring nail polish / jeans (old-also love this pair) / snakeskin high heel sandals /

Now that daylight savings time has started, I feel like spring needs to be here! Thankfully the grey weather has stopped, and we finally have some sunshine in the sky! Despite the sun, the temperatures are still hovering in the 40’s and 50’s. This means we still need to wear warm clothing; so not spring-like! Ugh!

I have decided that I am done with booties! I have been wearing them since September and I feel like it’s time to lighten my footwear. Despite the 40 degree temperatures, I wore these comfy snakeskin sandals the other day. Since I was wearing jeans and long sleeves, I decided sandals would be OK. I won’t tell you how cold my toes were. We can pretend my freezing toes didn’t happen. haha

These snakeskin sandals turned out to be surprisingly comfortable! They have a Velcro fastener at the ankle, which makes them easy to take off in the car for driving; I don’t drive in heels. They are also comfy and easy to walk in. If my toes weren’t cold, I would have walked all over town in them!

I have been clinging to my jeans from the fall season. This spring 2019 season, the denim styles are a throwback to the 1980s and 1990s. I am not thrilled about acid wash, high waisted mom jeans, or cropped flares. None of these styles are very flattering when you have curves; so I will continue my spring denim search and let you know when I find a flattering cut! In the meantime, you will find me in my jeans from last season. Flip hair-don’t care. haha

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What are your thoughts on the jeans this season? Do you like the silhouettes, or are you in my boat?

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